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Our View: The challenge is elementary

At issue

Despite opening a new elementary school in 2008, the school district finds itself short on elementary classrooms

Our view

History teaches us it’s not time to rush to fill the need but step back and involve the community in a careful analysis of best solution

We were as surprised as many of you were Tuesday morning to pick up our electronic devices and read the news that the Steamboat Springs School District is already behind the curve in making plans to build a third elementary school.

Wasn't it just a few years ago that the new Soda Creek Elementary School opened?

Actually, the news that school enrollment is outpacing expectations comes just eight years after voters here voted by a large margin in November 2006 to pass a $29.5 million bond issue to allow the district to replace Soda Creek Elementary School on its historic Old Town site and add classrooms to Strawberry Park Elementary.