Letters to the editor


Richard Lowe: Conflicts raise questions

During the Nov. 23 meeting of the Steamboat Springs School Board, I tried to point out what I think to be some inherent and obvious conflicts of interest that, left unchallenged, would have put the school board in a precarious position in the future.

Vicki Barron: Hospice volunteers care

If you know a hospice volunteer, you know they are exceptionally caring, compassionate and dedicated people.

Jim Webster: Resistance to change

There is an aspect of human behavior that resists change, even when there is overwhelming evidence that circumstances have altered.

Robin Stone: Views not understood

I am having some difficulty understanding the views of the school administration and some school board members as presented in the Nov. 5 Steamboat Today front page story, “Board discusses bond.”

American Legion Post No. 44 and VFW Post No. 4264: Legion thanks paper

As we approach Veterans Day, local American Legion Post No. 44 and VFW Post No. 4264 express their gratitude to the Steamboat Today for adding an obituary option to include a veteran insignia at no extra cost to family and loved ones.

Jenna Knowles: Apply golden rule

The leaves have mostly fallen, and snow is cresting our highest mountain peaks. Bikes are headed for storage, and winter boots are quickly replacing hiking shoes. Skis and boards are already tuned, and sleds are gassed and ready to go. The days are shorter, and town has been enveloped in a sleepy calm.

Nancy B. Kramer: Steward of arts necessary

I had the pleasure of attending the annual membership meeting of the Steamboat Springs Arts Council this past Thursday. For the past few years, this valued organization has been in disarray: poor leadership, lost vision and accountability.

Sarah Jones: Disagree with editorial

I am writing to voice my disappointment in your opinion piece published Saturday, “Our View: Clean Power Plan bad deal for state.”

Elaine Dermody: Rethink prime property

Yes, we need affordable housing. The project being planned for near the intersection of U.S. Highway 40 and Elk River Road is perfect, not our valuable city property on the Yampa River.

Laura Case: Vote no on 3A, 3B

I vote no on 3A and 3B. Originally, I was for it and have since changed my mind after learning the following facts.

Tom Cody: Support 2F, health

This is my experience with Hayden’s fluoridated water.

Fujita, Schoch, Pogline, Johnson: Support fluoridation

We the following are writing to express our support for retaining community water fluoridation in Hayden. Colorado is where researchers first discovered the benefits of fluoride in preventing cavities, and we are proud of this legacy. The people of Hayden have had the benefits of fluoridation since 1960.

Roger Burton: Letter ‘very interesting’

It was interesting for me to read the letter from Van Fletcher attacking me in the Thursday edition of Steamboat Today. Interesting because contact with me has been by Kathryn Fletcher, not Van Fletcher.

Dylan Roberts: CU, state were used

How is this possible? On Thursday night, 10 leading candidates for the Republican nomination for president of the United States participated in a nationally-televised debate on the campus of our state’s major public university, and only one of them got asked about the number one issue facing college students across our state and country?

Sherri Sweers: Embrace change

As a school board member, I thought it important we conduct thorough research and explore every option in addressing the issues of needed school repairs and overcrowding.