Letters to the editor


Scott Wedel: Consider solutions

The editorial “The true cost of recycling” falsely states that the closest materials recovery facility is in Denver. That is the closest MRF owned and operated by Waste Management. 

Willow Post: Noting locals’ kindness

I am proud to call Steamboat Springs home and incredibly grateful for the people who make up this amazing town. Not often enough are they applauded for their caring spirit and service to others.

Dave Peregoy: Well said, Mr. Douglas

I just read Rob Douglas’ reply to the gentleman from Texas concerning legal marijuana.

Joe Mattingly: Still kid friendly?

Recently, I came across an article indicating that Steamboat had been granted nine marijuana dispensary licenses.

Omar M. Campbell: Put growth up to vote

Some three decades ago, at a public forum on growth, a speaker said “Grow or die. Perish.” Growth is the Holy Grail of business and governments from federal to local. The more people to spend and make the cash registers ring, the better.

The Moeller Family: Thank you, YVMC staff

I wish to thank all the nursing staff, hospice and doctors at Yampa Valley Medical Center for the compassionate care given my husband in our greatest time of need. 

Rev. Tim Selby: Methodist church welcomes all

I have read with sadness the recent news of trials occurring within the United Methodist Church.

Michael Turner: Not seeing the signs

How many years now, since our Steamboat Springs City Council passed the no smoking ordinances? I’ve yet to ever see a “No Smoking” sign at one of our bus stops. At some point, I’d recommend that every City Council member actually spend some time riding the bus.

Paul Brabenec: No smoking at stops

Riding the city bus to work takes my car out of Steamboat’s traffic every day. It’s a nice way to commute and a great benefit. Why smoking is allowed at the bus stops isn’t clear to me.

John Morrison: Think critically about gay Olympic athletes

I was not surprised at the Dec. 20 Rob Douglas commentary slamming President Barack Obama for appointing openly gay delegates to the U.S. delegation for the 2014 Olympics.

Denise Gardner: Upbeat post office spirit

Yesterday I dashed to the post office at 4:30 p.m. to mail my Christmas packages just under the deadline. There was a long line winding out into the hallway.

Meg Bentley: Another side of story

First, instead of more, more, more, we — the Steamboat Pilot & Today Editorial Board, the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association and the Steamboat residents — need to take a broader, more long-term look at the big picture of Steamboat’s very diverse economy.

Kyle Brown: Factor in tax credits when buying insurance

Before you shop for health insurance for the coming year, take the time to find out whether you are among the one-third of Routt County residents who may be eligible for financial assistance to help you pay for health insurance.

Jack Kiely: Opposing Triple Crown

My opposition to Triple Crown in the park and the machinations of the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association to make that happen is based on my understanding of what the town’s kids’ sports need. I say this from long experience with local kids’ sports.

Bob Enever: Differing opinions

Regarding your Triple Crown editorial, your readers should bear in mind that the Steamboat Pilot & Today is targeted at the general public of, and visitors to this area, but it completely is funded by the businesses that advertise.