Letters to the editor


Letter to the Editor: Broadband improves

I have just returned from this year’s Mountain Connect conference in Vail where the theme was developing rural broadband infrastructure through public/private partnerships.

Elizabeth K. Allen: Suspension a problem

I recently found out Officer Kristin Bantle was “in trouble” with the police department and that she has been suspended from her position as school resource officer for teaching a girls safety class at the middle school and at the 2015 Girls to Women Conference held at Colorado Mountain College for eighth-graders.

Kevin Copeland: Goal will destroy area

The propaganda blitzkrieg that Washington and their lock step cronies have created, has morphed into more than a laughable distraction. Our way of life is seriously under threat from a radical environmental agenda, that, if left unchecked and allowed to come to fruition, will cause social and economic chaos for everyone.

Paul Bonnifield: Local effects of mine

The three articles in the June 11 edition of the Today were sobering to say the least.

Bideau and Monger: End won’t justify means

On Tuesday, City Council will look to approve a 25-year downtown Urban Renewal Authority plan.

Scott L. Ford: Pay for it the right way

Infrastructure improvements in downtown Steamboat Springs are needed and long overdue. So why is creating a new district within the Urban Renewal Authority the wrong way to pay for them?

Monteiths: Thank you for support

We wish to express our thanks for all the support, flowers, phone calls and prayers from the whole community during the last few years.

Chuck McConnell: Voters should decide

A committee of local residents has formed to amend the Steamboat Springs Home Rule Charter. We think the important decision of whether Steamboat Springs should use tax increment financing to pay for improvements to an area of downtown should be in the hands of voters and not a simple four vote majority of city council.

Friends of the Yampa Board: Thank you, community

This past weekend, Friends of the Yampa hosted the 35th annual Yampa River Festival. With remarkable weather and great river flows, this was by far the most well-attended Yampa River Festival ever.

Conway: Rain is sign

When I experience and hear about the extremely high rates of rain that Steamboat, and Colorado in general, are experiencing, I cannot help but think about global warming.

Douglas: Newspaper has obligation

On Thursday, the Steamboat Today published an editorial, “Our view: The public deserves to know,” calling on the city of Steamboat Springs to release a public report about its investigation into allegations of misconduct by Steamboat Springs Police Chief Joel Rae and Deputy Chief Bob DelValle once the investigation concludes.

Bob Enever: Show up to comment

The sales tax makes the city council partners with the businesses in town, but this partnership does not always act in ways that non-business residents would prefer.

Anita Hartley: Keep dog under control

Every time I have hiked the Soda Creek Trail on Buffalo Pass I have either seen moose or their hoof prints along the path.

Lee Cox: Sprinklers seem excessive

So, we have just broken the record for rainfall in May. May I ask why people’s sprinkler systems are still turned on?

Bill Hayden: Entertainment of year

The entertainment of the year was enjoyed by all on May 21 in Hayden. It was provided by the elementary students of Hayden School District and included acrobatics, singing, dancing, magic acts, skateboard demonstrations and a special duet with daughter and dad.