Letters to the editor


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Jim Erickson: Letter based on false premise

The letter to the editor titled “Innovation is the answer” is obviously based on the premise that climate change has been scientifically proven to be the primary cause of global warming and climate change. This is not the case.

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William Sawer: Some Howelsen history

I notice that Howelsen Hill has been in the news a lot lately.

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Jim Webster: Innovation is ultimate answer

The only option is for the federal administration to address greenhouse emissions by adopting regulations that promote more efficient fossil fuel use in industries such as power generation and transportation.

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Jeff Peters: Elections have consequences

David Ihde’s letter to the editor "Ihde responds to letter," published Feb. 19 in Steamboat Today, deserves a response.

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Katherine Cain: Collins' callous letter

I too wanted to respond to Ken Collins’ letter to the Steamboat Today regarding the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Chuck McConnell: Get educated on energy

Your federal government is asking — no, wait, demanding — that you lower your standard of living. This fact has never been so evident than at the recently completed United Nations-sponsored COP21 climate talks in Paris. The regulations they would institute in America would make your electric bills skyrocket while allowing new, low-cost, coal-fired electricity to come to billions of people in other countries.

David Ihde: Ihde responds to letter

I would like to respond to the letter written by Ken Collins in Steamboat Today dated Feb. 17. It seems to me, Ken, that not only was it you who missed his history classes, but you also missed the last two mid-term elections.

Ken Collins: People need voice

Justice Antonin Scalia has left the Supreme Court. Thank you for your service. America now has the chance to raise the shades and even open the windows a bit to bring in some clean, fresh air.

Jeff Fry: Ask questions of board

The Routt County Board of Commissioners has recently added one more level of government bureaucracy with their 3-0 vote to hire an assistant county manager. This was done at their regular meeting Jan. 26.

Elizabeth Kirt: Calls go unanswered

I am writing this letter as a result of the “dog issue” in South Routt and, more specifically, in Stagecoach. Dogs run throughout the neighborhoods unleashed at all hours of the day and night.

Our View: Keep your distance from wildlife

Close encounters between humans and wildlife are on the rise. On Feb. 9, a man carrying a baby in a backpack was chased by a moose on Spring Creek Trail, and during the past week, there have been nine different entries in The Record involving local residents calling police to report a moose or a family of moose hanging out in their neighborhood.

Mary Melius: Thanks medical center

What a great team of professionals. High marks all around.

Jan and Bill Dring: Town visitor gets poetic

Guy Lothian always ends his annual ski trip to Steamboat Springs with a paean to our mountain.

Jim Webster: Seek creative solution

Common sense dictates that these two police forces (county and city) would benefit from working more closely together and saving everyone money as well.

Mary Brown: Group focuses on water

As the new chair of the Yampa-White-Green Rivers Basin Round Table, I’m writing today to give an update on some of the water issues being addressed both in Northwest Colorado and throughout the state.