Letters to the editor


Ken Constantine: Hunters are not poachers

Sunday’s political cartoon may have intended to take aim at African trophy hunters but missed its mark and instead took aim at all big game hunters in general. It was plainly insulting and misguided.

Deb Hinsvark: Combine roles

There’s been a miscommunication about the deputy city manager/PIO.

Kent Vertrees: State water plan

As one of the last states in the west to develop a comprehensive, guiding vision for managing its water, Colorado’s efforts to develop its own state water plan is nearing the finish line. The plan is timely and important, as water has increasingly become a controversial issue, as outdated laws struggle to keep up with new and existing uses and a growing, thirsty population.

Chris Ricks: Lion cartoon disgrace

Your cartoon depicting big game hunters under the caption of “a shame” is a slap in the face to me and probably 99 percent of the hunters, guides and related businesses in our local communities.

Arin Daigneau: Support employees

In recognition of World Breastfeeding Month in August, we want to highlight the challenge facing working moms who want to give their babies the affordable and irreplaceable health benefits of breast milk.

Paul Bonnifield: Iran deal criticized

To date I’ve not heard any responsible person comment on the role of England, France, Germany, Russia and China in relation to the Iran Nuclear Agreement; however, the success of any attempt to continue or increase sanctions against Iran depends upon the full cooperation of each of the nations. Russia is of special concern.

Joe Meglen: Militia purpose of law

The Second Amendment — a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Libby Meyring: 4-H youth hard at work

Scattered across the county, Routt County 4-H youth members are busy at work every day getting ready for the Routt County Fair. Many have had their animals since November, feeding and caring for them daily.

Ed Miklus: City must hire smart

Regarding the police investigation, the present presents us with, in my opinion, bogus legal advice that has enhanced stonewalling, obviated transparency, is coupled with a continuum of poor decision making by the city manager enhanced by inane public pronouncements and the release of “Pablum Report 6.”

Rob Douglas: Police report is deficient

Further eroding the public’s trust in the investigation of Steamboat Springs Police Department Chief Joel Rae, Deputy Chief Bob DelValle and City Manager Deb Hinsvark, on Tuesday, Hinsvark released a “Community Summary” of the investigation reports to the public before discussing the reports or the summary with the Steamboat Springs City Council in an executive session scheduled for that evening.

Emily Seaver: No tourney in park

On Tuesday, the Steamboat Springs City Council will again be hosting public comment on the subject of permitting Triple Crown to play at Emerald Park.

Pamela Lane and Trafalgar Drive residents: Park dispute continues

Hidden in the last City Council packet was a request from City Manager Deb Hinsvark to administratively negotiate a contract with Triple Crown to expand their operations to Emerald Park.

John Whittum: Emerald Park dilemma

The only difference is in the number of zeros and the timing: As the Steamboat City Council considers renting space in Emerald Park to Triple Crown in 2016, the U.S. National Park Service is entertaining bids by Scottsdale businessmen to build a cable car network from the top to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in 2018.

Chris Harnden: Fourth of July unifies

Like many people, my wife and I arrived early to claim a spot for the evening’s firework show. The smell of the day’s sunscreen and bug spray filled the air as the relatively open space began to fill to capacity.

Kim Bonner: Appreciate the DMV

The Routt County Motor Vehicle Department’s server crashed some time during the night of July 8 and was down all day July 9 while the Department of Revenue did diagnostic testing from Denver to determine the nature and extent of the problem.