Letters to the editor


Deirdre Macnab: Make correct plan

Public education is the promise America makes to its children. It is the common denominator of a thousand cultures, languages and histories — it is what binds us as a nation.

Robert Ball: Support 3A, 3B, future

After living in Steamboat Springs for 15 years but not raising any children here, we were presented with the opportunity to visit the high school with a retired teacher as our host. This was mid afternoon but seemed fairly representative. The traffic was its usual mess at Third and Fish Creek Falls, fortunately not at peak time.

Bruce Carta: Trust deserves credit

During the past few weeks, water secured by the Colorado Water Trust has been augmenting natural flows of the Yampa River.

Ben Beall: Land use rules help all

The Routt County Board of Commissioners are on the verge of destroying, in perpetuity, the rural agricultural Routt County that is the reason that so many of us decided to live and raise our children in this place.

Nancy Merrill and Barbara Hughes: Heartfelt thanks

As coordinators for the fourth annual Yampa Valley Crane Festival, we want to thank the Steamboat Today for excellent coverage of this year’s events and local residents for their support of the cranes and the crane festival.

Jenn Warren: Support new school

I am in full support of the proposal for a new high school on the west end of town in the proposed location. The proposal makes sense and makes good use of existing space.

Molly Lotz: Alternatives matter

As of yet, I have heard little about the smaller schools that will be affected by the upcoming education mill levy.

Laura Peterson: Support for the bond issue

I have been a proud member of this community since the mid ’90s. We now have two young children who are beginning their journey into our public school system, which we have advocated even before their birth.  

Jamie Baird: Response commended

I wanted to pass on some thoughts about the charm and professionalism of small mountain towns such as Steamboat Springs and Hahns Peak.

Kevin Sankey: Before vote, know facts

The Steamboat Springs School District and a political action group chaired by one of the current school board members has crafted a campaign to try to convince the voters to support a new school construction plan that includes the construction of a new high school on the far west end of town.

Dick and Dianne Kane: Kids worth plan’s cost

We are new residents of Steamboat Springs. We chose Steamboat because our children are here, and we love the sense of community we felt every time we visited.

Ken Collins: GOP puzzles resident

A big puzzler right now is there are 16 people (at this writing), 15 men and one woman, who are demanding that the federal government stop funding health care to almost three million American women. For most of those three million, it is the only affordable, easily attainable and most important health care they receive.

Lisa Brown: Thanks for support

Nearly 1,500 rubber ducks bobbed along the Yampa River during the Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association’s Steamboat Rubber Ducky Race on Sept. 12. It was our first time hosting the event, and it was a success, raising important funds for our hospice and palliative care program.

Mary Anderson: 1st enhance programs

While I don’t dismiss the merits of an early childhood education, I think as a “village” we need to thoroughly think through the idea of having Steamboat Springs School District provide preschool.

Sarah Bradford: Family against 3A, 3B

My husband and I uprooted our family and moved from Winter Park to Steamboat Springs a little more than a year ago so our twin boys, now 8, could grow up in a community with neighborhood schools.