Letters to the editor


Karen Burley: Fundraiser a success

Due to the generosity of sponsors, silent auction donors and bidders, in-kind donors and the attendance of 250 individuals, The Haven’s fifth annual BBQ, Barn Dance and Silent Auction grossed over $10,000 for much needed maintenance and repairs at The Haven.

Nathan Fey: Balance energy development and river health

Oil and gas development are important economic drivers, but there is a right way and a wrong to go about it. There are places where it makes sense to drill and others where far more discretion is needed.

Lisa Brown: Hospice thanks you

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate Hospice on June 9 at Catamount Ranch and Club golf course and The Larson Barn. More than 300 supporters of the Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association’s Hospice and Palliative Care program joined us to golf and celebrate.

Jack Trautman: Now is the time for action

One of our biggest needs as a community is affordable housing. Who in this community would put additional open space ahead of affordable housing? We have plenty of open space, trails and parks. We have little affordable housing.

Diane Mitsch Bush: Working across the partisan divide

I am honored to work for you. I am running for re-election on my record and on promises kept. I promised you I would work effectively across the partisan divide and the Continental Divide for practical, fiscally responsible solutions to build a better future for all Coloradans. My record shows that I have done that.

Dave Moloney: Understand the challenges

I was excited to receive the Today’s invitation to submit an op-ed piece about my candidacy for the House District 26 seat in the Colorado House of Representatives. I know that my experiences have prepared me well to serve as your representative, and I am thankful for the opportunity to earn your support.

Chuck McConnell: Focus is on citizens

As your representative, I will devote much of my time listening to your concerns and your goals so that I vote in the interests of the citizens of our district. My focus is your agenda. I will not be dictated to by outside interests. I will represent you with honesty, openness and integrity.

Paul Brabenec: Put stop signs on Yampa

If the city wants to change the feel of Yampa Street, one thing it can do is stop routing through traffic from the highway (Lincoln Avenue) onto Yampa. This has been done by creating a stop-less route from 12th all the way to Fifth Street that avoids the several stoplights on Lincoln. Putting stop signs on the Yampa intersections would make this a less attractive alternative and remove some of the motor traffic from Yampa Street.

Tammy Stewart, Shilah and Ryan: Thanks for support

I want to thank the community of Steamboat for the continued love and care I have received since the death of my 16-year-old son Ryan about 4 1/2 years ago.

Tom Schantz: Explainable, not seismic

While in Steamboat for a softball tournament, I saw the letter from Joe Meglen in which he celebrated the triumph of the Tea Party candidate in the Virginia primary, calling it a “seismic event.” Now, as a Democrat, I enjoy seeing Republicans knock each other out, but I can’t help but be amused when people call this a shocking or seismic event.

Tom Simmins: Relay against cancer

I wanted to reach out to each one of you to ask your support of a very important cause, the fight against cancer.

Gary Hofmeister: Really, really, really…

One of the syndicated pundits wrote recently that the Republicans really, really, really don’t like President Barack Obama.

Joe Meglen: Restoring Republic

A seismic event occurred in Virginia on Tuesday when grassroots, outsider economics Professor Dave Brat soundly defeated the GOP House Majority leader Eric Cantor in the Virginia 7th District Republican primary.

Donetta Davidson: Voting in 2014 will be more convenient and secure than ever

As ballots are arriving in mailboxes across Colorado leading up to the June 24 primary election, we’re confident voters will find a more convenient and more secure election than ever before.

Brick Root: Solution is suggestion

Perhaps having more room on the river side of the street by eliminating some parking spaces is an idea worth considering.