Letters to the editor


Linda D'Aquila: Ornament sales ended

Although it is bittersweet to see a local tradition fade away, it is always exciting to accept change and a challenge. The Kiwanis Club has decided to let the commemorative Christmas ornaments become a thing of the past. We look forward to developing new ways to raise funds in support of the growing needs of our community.

Laura, Kyle and Ian Case: Relentless givers

Have you ever met someone who makes you a better person?

Tina Kyprios, Kay Weinland and Catherine Carson: Exercise your right to vote

The 2014 General Election is a mail ballot election. Mail ballots were sent to all eligible voters to the address on their voter registration, beginning Oct. 14.

Last Call Productions: Oaktoberfest thanks

Oaktoberfest’s Last Call Productions wants to thank those who participated in the event, including Butcherknife Brewing Co., Kate’s Café, One Man Bandito, Jay Roemer, Top Shelf Entertainment, Clay Gherrity with the hay ride, Campfire Productions, Dave Moran singing on the ride and Brand Spankin’ Used.

Gayle Trotter: Regulators and bureaucrats vs. the Soup Nazi

The Soup Nazi freely chose what to serve and how to serve it. His customers voted with their taste buds. Good cooking trumped bad manners. Life recently imitated art when, in San Francisco, a restaurateur lost it in response to customers who could not order right. James Chu’s restaurant offered old-fashioned, conventional fare, and he got “fed up with trying to satisfy every single patron’s particular demands.”

Kenny Reisman and Kristen Race: Grazie, Ciao!

We would like to offer a big helping of gratitude toward Lynne, Massimo and their family for all they have provided to our community throughout the past five years through Ciao Gelato.

Mary Anne Fairlie: Appreciating Ciao

It is upsetting and sad that Ciao Gelato will be closing its doors this week. Ciao is one of those beautiful places that bring a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart, even aside from the comforting satisfaction to my taste buds.

Brad Church: Tragedy awaits

My wife and I love Steamboat, and in general, we love all that Routt County has to offer. We love it so much that we are slowly transitioning our lives from South Florida to our home in Stagecoach.

Cindy DelValle: Shelter clarity

In response to the Routt County Humane Society’s articles regarding taking over the Steamboat Springs/Routt County Animal Shelter, the Routt County Sheriff’s Office would like to address some points made by the RCHS.

Abel Tapia: How a problem solver solves problems

Long before I was a state senator, before becoming a small-business owner but right after I had started my own family, I became a licensed professional engineer. I was motivated by the opportunity to better my wife and children, and I loved the opportunity to fix things and to solve complex problems. Along the way, I became inspired by the Engineer’s Code of Ethics.

Scott Tipton: Bringing common sense to DC

Throughout the past four years, it has been an honor representing Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. We have seen our economy marginally improve during the past four years, but as you know, we still have a long way to go.

Wayne Williams: Ensuring Colorado elections run fairly

My name is Wayne Williams, El Paso County clerk and recorder and candidate for Colorado Secretary of State. Seventeen years ago, I first served on the Canvass Board overseeing elections. I saw firsthand the importance of fair and accurate processes.

Joe Neguse: Empower citizens with right to vote

My name is Joe Neguse, and I am running for secretary of state for a very simple reason: I believe that the right to vote is sacred. My parents came to this country more than 30 years ago from a war torn country in East Africa.

David Ihde: 27 amendments

Maybe if you watched Fox News or listened to Rush Limbaugh and the others you mentioned, instead of disparaging them you would learn something, Mr. Farquhar. There are 27 amendments to the constitution, not 33.

Amy Bollinger: Chances to learn

The Northwest Board of Cooperative Educational Services organized and hosted a professional development day Oct. 10 on behalf of its six members and one associate member districts.