Letters to the editor


Stuart Handloff: Area supports cookout

Thanks to all who supported the free community cookout at the Routt County Courthouse to learn more about the programs that Reaching Everyone Preventing Suicide provides to the greater Yampa Valley area. The music by Christensen and Friends was entertaining, the barbecue from the Excel Energy Power Smokers was mouth-watering and desserts from the Drunken Onion and Freshies topped it off.

Jeff Peters: Republicans call shots

After reading Gary Kalow’s response, “Rob is right but wrong,” to Rob Douglas’ letter to the editor in Steamboat Today Aug. 25, I must agree that he is right. However, he is also wrong. 

Janet Zacher: Traffic directors: Thanks

The community service officers who had the task of directing traffic during the four days of the USA Pro Challenge would like to thank the community and visitors for their patience and cooperation with the street closures and detours.

Eric S. Morris: Let's not pass debt on

As I help my eldest color a picture, watch my middle child on the monitor during nap time and watch my baby master pre-crawling, I can’t help but think about the kids.

Paula Stephenson: What new schools mean

Whether or not we want to invest in our public schools is one of the most significant questions voters will be asked to answer this fall. To date, the public discussion has focused on the figures and their impact on taxpayers, but the bottom line should be about how this project will impact our children.

Diana Simon: Race may not be worth it

I agree with your concern about the value of the USA Pro Challenge biking races. I was excited to have them come to Steamboat again.

Gary Kalow: Rob is right but wrong

I agree with Rob in that Donald Trump would be a terrible GOP candidate for president. That said, for the Republican Party to exclude him from the field of candidates would be doing what liberal Democrats have been doing for years.

Kevin Copeland: Response to earlier letter

As I read Thursday’s Steamboat Today’s letter to the editor, “Statement needs proof,” written by Dave Peregoy in response to Jim Erickson’s previous letter, I had to reflect back on the original letter of Aug. 13.

Laura Schrettner Corriveau: Issues divide Hayden

As a resident of Hayden, I am sorely disappointed in the citizens of my town. As the debate rages on (marijuana manufacturing), finger pointing, accusations of lack of Christianity, war on the town officials and many other negative ideas can be heard all across town.

VNA’s Community Health Center team: About local VNAs, CHCs

Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association’s Community Health Centers in Craig and Steamboat Springs are among nonprofit CHCs throughout the U.S. providing affordable health care to individuals of all ages and incomes.

Ken Mauldin: On overcrowded schools

As a parent of three children who attended Soda Creek Elementary School last year, I have personally witnessed the consequences of overcrowding.

Jim Engelken: Apology to Hinsvark

I owe an apology to Steamboat Springs City Manager Deb Hinsvark. On July 7, the day a continuation of a public hearing on Triple Crowns access to Emerald Park was supposed to occur, I went before City Council and criticized the city manager. Not only had the item been removed from the agenda, but a report on staffs negotiations with Triple Crown had been hidden in the city manager’s report.

Barbara Hughes: Thanks blood donors

I’m writing today to recognize and send a big thank you to all Steamboat blood donors, especially those of you who came in at the last minute after receiving a call from Bonfils Blood Center on Aug. 6 about a patient in need.

Ken Collins: Now is time for peace

On Jan. 4, 1961, three U.S. Marines, James Tracey, Mike East and Larry Morris, walked out of the U.S. Embassy to the flagpole and lowered the flag.

Scott Wedel: Public deserves to know

Any remaining doubt that the decision to terminate City Manager Deb Hinsvark was made during Tuesday’s executive session was removed by City Council’s discussion on the separation agreement in Friday’s meeting.