Letters to the editor


Donetta Davidson: Voting in 2014 will be more convenient and secure than ever

As ballots are arriving in mailboxes across Colorado leading up to the June 24 primary election, we’re confident voters will find a more convenient and more secure election than ever before.

Brick Root: Solution is suggestion

Perhaps having more room on the river side of the street by eliminating some parking spaces is an idea worth considering.

Elaine Dermody: Solution is a problem

I’m at a loss to understand the amount of press Kenny Reisman’s ludicrous idea of removing some of the parking on Yampa Street is receiving. Does anyone really think removing parking spaces will help to resolve a parking problem?

Chris Ricks: Parking problems

From the June 4 Steamboat Today the headline reads, “Council to vote on parking.” A second headline reads, “Casey’s Pond parking an issue.”

Victor E. Renuart Jr.: Safe Routes improves armed forces

This week, Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill that will provide $700,000 for Colorado’s Safe Routes to School program. This is great news for our children’s health and also important for our future national security.

Jill and Dave Ruppel: Hearts full of gratitude

My husband and I want to thank all the Steamboat Springs School District staff and teachers from elementary through high school who have committed themselves to making a difference in the lives of our youth on a daily basis.

Ken Collins: History repeats itself

With midterms coming, we have the GOP, trying for the umpteenth time to find something from the four killed in Benghazi to nail on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and maybe even impeach Obama. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, today’s GOP. 

Artie Weber: Thanks for the eggs

A word of thanks to a little grocery store in Oak Creek (Select Super)! Every year, the South Routt School District has an Elementary Field Day. It’s great fun for everyone who is involved. We have 10 to 13 stations where the students rotate through. We also have relay races to kick the day off.

Harriet Freiberger: Marking a path toward freedom

On this Memorial Day, we shall drive up the hill to the cemetery and leave behind the noisy street, past the towering old pine and tender young aspen. Seeing their new green leaves, we know that summer awaits, but we pause for a moment of remembrance, a recognition of those buried here who have served in the military forces of our country.

Gary R. Smalley: Lessons on weeds

When my wife and I bought property in Routt County a while ago, I thought, “Great, now we have some elbow room and maybe, if we are lucky, a retirement nest egg.” What I didn’t realize at the time was that we were taking on another major responsibility: weed control.

Verleen Tucker: Remembering WWII

When my 94-year-old aunt, Edith Foster May, recently died, I inherited the family photos. While going through them, I unexpectedly came across photos taken of my uncle, Norman Foster.

Maria Bidgood: Spelling bee success

The 2014 Community Spelling Bee Committee would like to thank all who made the 2014 Community Spelling Bee possible.

Betty Leipold: A nickel for reusable bags

In regards to using plastic bags instead of reusable bags, I think it would be more effective to reward the use of reusable bags.

Omar M. Campbell: Advice about aspen

Aspen (Populus tremuloides) commonly are called trembling aspen, quakies or quaking aspen. The fluttering nature of the leaves is caused by the flattened leaf stems, which allow twisting back and forth in the wind.

Lane Schrock: Leave Rita Valentine Park alone

Rita Valentine, a former council member, dedicated this park to the Anglers Drive area. It’s a beautiful 37- to 40-acre recreational area and dog park. There have been many suggestions throughout the years of changes that could be made. It always goes back to being appreciated as it is.