Letters to the editor


Michael Osterman: Imagine a safer Yampa

If the city were to make Yampa Street one way from Fifth Street to 12th Street, there would be numerous benefits.

Ken Collins: Mi casa e su casa

“The browning of America.” Wow. Of all you wrote, Omar, that line stood out (“Omar Campbell: Thoughts about Mexico,” Tuesday’s Steamboat Today).

Omar M. Campbell: Thoughts about Mexico

Mexico — a good neighbor? By comparison to our Canadian ally — no. The latter participated in WWII and the Mideast affairs.

Sureva Towler: 1970s were ‘groovy’

The 1970s were “groovy” and so where the kids who grew up here. Steamboat Springs was a sleepy town, boasting 2,340 residents when the decade began, and “boom town” 10 years later when the population had doubled from the gondola opening Mount Werner to skiers, condominiums and watering holes.

Dr. Andi Kohler and Dr. Craig Stanton: Decision to close AHC

It is with a heavy heart that Craig and I (Andi) have decided to close the Animal Healing Center. Craig and I want you all to know that this decision was not made lightly. We both have enjoyed taking care of our patients and developing wonderful relationships with our clients. Owning the AHC has been a rewarding experience for us, and we have deep gratitude for all that we learned and for this special community of animal lovers.

Gardner Flanigan: Thank you, community

On behalf of the Steamboat Springs Soccer Club, I want to give a big thank you to the community of Steamboat Springs for your support and patience during our just completed 30th Steamboat Mountain Soccer Tournament.

Gary Reynolds: Rules need to be made

I walk the Yampa River Core Trail almost every day and this week, just east of Mount Werner Circle, there has been a cow and calf moose hanging around on the other side of the river most of the week bothering no one.

Ken Collins: Fountain of knowledge

I think we Americans should be happy for the future of our country. In this time of many problems with many depths, there may be hope out there. It seems that many Republican members of Congress have stumbled onto something profound.

Bob and Ardyth Triplette: Accidental helpers

We were involved in an accident June 29, and while being involved in any accident is never a pleasant experience (especially when you are hundreds of miles from home), we could not have asked for better care and service from everyone.

Jenette Settle: Problem is dog owners

Way to go dog owners! You have caused the separation of a cow elk from her calves. The calves are unaccounted for, and odds are that they will not survive.

Chris Ricks: Why punish the elk?

A cow elk is tranquilized and forever separated from her newborn.

Gary Hofmeister: 'Live not by lies'

This was a mantra of one of the greatest men of the 20th century, Alexander Solzhenitsyn. As an intellectual who refused to be bullied by Stalin, he accepted the requisite punishment of the gulag (as memorialized in “The Gulag Archipelago”) and ultimately was banished from his beloved Russia. Communism was built on lies and requires incessant ones to perpetrate its bizarre and brutal system.

Libby Foster: Community effort

The Routt County Bridges Initiative, a collaborative effort between the Routt County Department of Human Services, Routt County United Way and LIFT-UP of Routt County, recently crafted a vision statement for our local Bridges Out of Poverty Initiative. After quite a bit of contemplation and wordsmithing, the executive committee members and I agreed that: “We envision a vibrant community united to improve the lives of people living in poverty.”

Peggy Weaver: Regulate fireworks

We humans take it to the limits until after midnight with no considerations for all the creature that inhabit this beautiful place we live in. Why do humans have to be so self-absorbed and inconsiderate of other living beings on this earth? Does anyone ever think about the terror the wildlife and our pets are enduring on the Fourth?

Frank Roetzel: Dear Ms. Dowd

I would like to answer your question from your editorial, “Who do we think we are?” Before I do, I would like to comment on some of your posed questions. I am sorry you are so disappointed in America that you see July Fourth as a “commiseration of American disappointment.”