Letters to the editor


Thomas Hart: Thank you for letter

Thank you for printing the letter from Jeff Peters on Feb. 11.

Ross Fasolino: Need new cop station?

I admit to not being involved and therefore uneducated about the need for a new police station. However, from reading this newspaper's articles, it seems that the need for a new $10 million police station has been established. Has it?

Karl Koehler: Lawmakers dismissive

When catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) proponents resort to using the term "denier" to discount the views of those with whom they disagree about the urgent criticality of climate change, it’s a reliable signal that they’ll be unwilling to open-mindedly exchange thoughts on the topic.

Ken Collins: See it before judging

A man named Ryan kayaked the whole Colorado and wrote about what he saw first hand in Wednesday’s Steamboat Today. And he gets railed at by a bunch of locals who I wonder; have they done that, seen what he saw?

Ryan Spaustat: A global crisis

Last weekend, while we celebrated our winter sports heritage on Lincoln Avenue and cheered on our Olympic athletes in Sochi, Russia, the United Nations confirmed that 2013 was the sixth-warmest year on record. In fact, 13 of the 14 warmest years on record have occurred since 2000.

Jim Boyne: A world-class event

As I reflect on the 101st Winter Carnival weekend, I am awed by the way that my colleagues and the community came together to pull off what I believe was a "world-class" event in this special mountain town.

Jeff Peters: Erroneous letter

Mr. Moloney's letter was nothing more than an attempt to besmirch Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush with a list of Republican talking points. 

US Sen. Mark Udall: PILT and Colorado's priorities

Colorado’s mountains, rivers and open spaces form the very foundation of our way of life in the Centennial State. I know I am not alone in treasuring the experience of rafting the Yampa River and summiting Mount Zirkel in the Routt National Forest.

Dave Moloney: ‘Bipartisan’ representation

Throughout the past month or so, our current state representative has been meeting with constituents and providing commentary to the local paper. I have read the articles and attended two of these recent meetings — one with the Routt County Board of Commissioners and one with the Steamboat Springs Board of Realtors. In both of these meetings, Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush touted her bipartisan achievements and her effectiveness as a legislator. I have to take exception with the picture that Mitsch Bush is painting of her “legislative accomplishments.”

Ken Collins: A truly American ad

Coca-Cola’s “It’s Beautiful” was an ad that silenced the room as soon as it started. That song always does. You didn’t know whose ad it was, and it didn’t matter. To hear one of the most beautiful songs ever written, sung in so many languages, was a true tribute to the greatness of this country. 

Steve Lewis: Yampa trust broken

I do not understand recent articles wherein a committee is deciding how Yampa Street should spend their $900,000 in proceeds from the accommodations tax. I think Yampa Street should do what they told the voters they would do.

Darren, Carroll and Bodie Zamzow: Thanks for support

The thoughtful cards and prayers with such sincerity, love and loss are personally touching. All of which are helping us heal daily and the days ahead. Thank you for all the gracious donations to the Ben Zamzow Memorial Fund. The North Routt Community Charter School’s music and outdoor programs are humbled by the contributions.

David R. Moss: Military pay cap

During the State of the Union address, President Barack Obama repeatedly expressed his support for the military and ended the address with a well-deserved tribute to a wounded soldier and his father sitting next to the First Lady. This tribute was very moving for both the assembled audience as well as myself and the millions of others watching the speech.

Lucy and Pat Gavin: Thanks for help

We are writing this letter in sincere thanks to everyone in Steamboat that was involved in searching and rescuing our son Keegan Gavin. We are extremely grateful and thankful for all your efforts. We were in Jamaica during this terrifying ordeal. This was an extremely helpless situation for us.

Scott Bideau: 2 goals for district

As your first Steamboat Springs Board of Education at-large director, I want to thank my constituents for their support of my nomination as well as the current board and district staff for their assistance thus far. I also want to recognize the other individuals who volunteered to fill this open position — each of whom I hope to see on the 2015 ballot.