Letters to the editor


Jim Webster: What is city’s vision?

My wife and I raised our family in the city of Mississauga in Canada during a period of about 25 years. Mississauga had a city council led by the same woman mayor continuously for 36 years. Yes, she was re-elected every four years and remained very popular. She retired last year from office at the age of 93.

Jim Engelken: Emerald Park off limits

Nineteen years ago the city of Steamboat Springs set a policy that Triple Crown would not be able to use Emerald Park. This was done out of concern for traffic on Pamela Lane and because Emerald Park was the only park off limits to Triple Crown.

Letters to the Editor: Environmental religion

One of the most ingrained human practices is religion. It is inseparable from all cultures. Whenever suppressed, it re-emerges elsewhere. Environmentalism has become the religion of choice for modern atheists, although recently “upgraded” to “climate change,” conveniently allowing any remarkable weather event to serve as “evidence.” Also, they must be right because climate always “changes.”

Letter to the Editor: Conservation on ranch

Hats off (cowboy of course) to the Adams Family for their decision to place a conservation easement on their ranch — The Flying Diamond Ranch here in Routt County.

Jim Erickson and Mike Schmidt: In reference to EPA plan

We are writing in reference to several past letters concerning the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan and its focus on the burning of fossil fuels — especially coal, which results in the production of carbon dioxide as a byproduct. The EPA has defined carbon dioxide as a poison.

Letter to the Editor: River our responsibility

I will try to make this letter short and simple. I initially posted a nasty letter to tubers on Facebook, but then I realized that, truth be told, we are all responsible for trashing the river. As the season has progressed, so has the amount of trash on the Yampa’s banks.

Letter to the Editor: Affordable impact

When it comes to climate change, I’m neither a denier, an industry apologist nor an ideologue. Even so, I couldn’t help but notice a recent letter touting the benefits of EPA’s Clean Power Plan completely ignored any mention of what those benefits might actually be, instead offering self congratulatory horn-blowing about past successes of the renewable energy lobby in Colorado, and a reminder that we’re fortunate to live in such a progressively trending state.

Letter to the Editor: Fireworks upset goats

Please eliminate your pagan tradition of explosives this coming Fourth of July. The blasts are terrifying. The crazy colors and patterns in the sky are worse.

Letter to the Editor: Gay marriage clarity

The purpose of this letter is to try to bring some clarity to the issue of gay marriage. This issue becomes easier to understand if one divides marriage into two components and does not try to make it a single issue.

Steven Ross: THC harmful to babies

During this week’s Children’s Hospital of Colorado’s sixth annual Neonatal Advanced Practice Conference, it was mentioned that next month the American Academy of Pediatrics is releasing its recommendations for young mothers, who are considering using marijuana products during their pregnancy and consuming marijuana while breast feeding their infant.

Letter to the Editor: Punishing and taxing

In what is usually the worst day of someone’s life, when they find themselves behind bars, only a family member or close friend coming to visit can provide solace. That practice is scheduled to come to an end for Routt County residents.

Baker: Writing is on the wall

Well, the good folks of Craig are upset at New Belgium Brewing for supporting an environmental group that is suing the Colowyo Coal Mine. Coal miners are afraid — and rightly so — of losing their jobs.

Kotowski: Take focus off weapons

We are all aware of the horrendous carnage at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston last week, resulting in nine dead at the hands of a 21-year-old sociopathic killer. It was sadly reminiscent of another attack not too long ago somewhat closer to home.

Salky: Not enough trash cans

I am thoroughly disgusted and embarrassed by the amount of trash that is heaping over the trash cans on Main Street.

Troeger: Plans clean up the air

In regards to EPA’s Proposed Clean Power Plan: No matter how much the deniers, industry apologists and ideologues try to twist the facts and attack science, health-robbing air pollution and manmade climate change are real.