Letters to the editor


Steve Mendell: Threat to sustainability

The biggest threat to “sustainability” is the so-called “sustainability” movement promoted by Sarah Jones in her March 11 letter to the editor. Why? Because only a centrally planned allocation of resources can ever (through government mandates and subsidies) result in the complete depletion of any resource. More on that later.

Arin M. Daigneau RD, CDE, IBCLC: Healthy foods, healthy families

March is National Nutrition Month, and we’re celebrating the great work being done through the Special Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for Women, Infants, and Children. WIC is a nutrition education, breastfeeding support and supplemental food program. The program serves low-income pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women, infants and children to age 5.

John McHale: Barkey attitude unfair

It was with special interest that I read your article about Brett Barkey, the Routt County district attorney, and his hard-line, my-way-or-the-highway attitude that any crime will be prosecuted to the fullest extent and making this community his personal Gulag.

Omar M. Campbell: Immigration mess

I sense a reluctance nationally and in our own community for discourse or publicity on the illegal situation. Media seem reluctant to say anything. The last local commentary or editorial I can recall was about a decade ago, when readers were asked to accommodate the illegals.

Sarah Jones: Sustainability matters

Last week, I attended the March 4 Steamboat Springs City Council meeting and was alarmed by comments made by City Council members that “sustainability does not even rank in the top-five goals for the council at this time.”

David A. Lien: Hunters and anglers celebrate and plan preservation

Ten years ago, a group of seven hunters and anglers, standing around a fire in U.S. Army veteran Mike Beagle’s backyard, set in motion a series of events that would lead to the Backcountry Hunters & Anglers (BHA), the sportsman’s voice for our wild public lands, waters and wildlife. This year marks BHA’s 10th anniversary, which we’ll celebrate in Denver during our annual BHA North American Rendezvous (March 21 to 23).

Kristin and Tucker Larson: Thanks to Sports Club

I just wanted to give a warm and thankful shout-out to the folks at the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club for welcoming my son and me so warmly to the last Hitchens Brothers Jump Series this past Wednesday night. We drove up from Erie on a whim so my son could give his dream of trying what he saw in the Olympics a try.

Totally Kids board of directors: Thanks to Hayden

Totally Kids would like to thank the Hayden community. Without people giving their time, we would not be able to provide these programs. Volunteers are the basis of all of our programs.

Cari Hermacinski: Applaud City Council

In a March 6 article on the front page of the Steamboat Today, residents of Steamboat Springs learned that Steamboat Springs City Manager Deb Hinsvark is once again using “work product” communications with the City Council as a means of shielding those communications from the public.

Lora Werner: Almost non-partisan

Regarding Sally Claassen’s letter to the editor titled “Caucuses start Tuesday.” I want to applaud Sally Claassen for her promotion of the caucuses and compliment her on what was almost her non-partisan letter.

Lenny Herzog: Disagree with Douglas

I like reading Rob Douglas’s columns. We share a similar philosophy on most topics. However, I was led to wonder about his latest column “Who’s driving city policy?” I have no doubt that there may be some legitimate reasons for being disgruntled with the performance of current city manager Deb Hinsvark.

Alan Steinberg, M.D.: Be thoughtful

I am a part-time resident of Steamboat, who takes great delight in my frequent visits to my home here. It is an absolute pleasure to return here, and be welcomed by old friends, as well as meet new ones.

Rodger Steen: Cleaner air for Colorado

Many of you will have seen the initial articles about updated air emission rules for oil and gas development in Colorado, passed as of Sunday. The real story is that all of Colorado, but especially the Western Slope, won big, and Routt County and Community Alliance of the Yampa Valley played an integral part in the groundwork for that win.

George Hresko: Quo vadis?

Approximately one decade ago I commented to a then-Steamboat Springs city councilperson that I did not see how council was able to make consistent, logical decisions given what appeared to be a random stream of ideas, suggestions, concepts arriving on their desks. That person asked what I meant.

Jan and Bill Dring: Poem for Steamboat

Our friends Guy and Arlene Lothian come to Steamboat every year for some good skiing. Often a particularly fine run will inspire Guy to write a poem: