Letters to the editor


Barb and Jim Gregoire : VNA makes difference

Our family would like thank the Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association, especially the folks connected with Hospice Care.

Ben Beall: Soccer Club says thanks

On behalf of the Steamboat Springs Soccer Club, I want to take a moment to thank the community of Steamboat Springs for their continued support of the Steamboat Mountain Soccer Tournament.

Dave Peregoy: Statement needs proof

In his recent letter to the editor, Jim Erickson makes a simple statement asserting there is no proof that man made CO2 is responsible for climate change. His only basis for this claim appears to be that he is one of the founders of the Steamboat Energy Group.

Renee Patterson-Gaerlan: Reunion well done

There are a few milestones brandished at a young age that Americans are familiar with — first word, first day of school, first kiss, moving out of mom’s, marriage and dun, dun, dun … the 20-year high school reunion. The gathering ritual of this event is often greeted with the lingering thought 40 is around the corner, you may not have become the president of the United States, a glamorous night out is a night in sans kids and sleeping until 8 a.m.

Lay and Painter: Thanks, community

The Bud Werner Memorial Library extends our deepest gratitude for the community’s outpouring of enthusiasm and support for our recent residency by the Drepung Loseling monks while they created a stunning Green Tara sand mandala in Library Hall. As the monks’ staggeringly beautiful artwork emerged, we witnessed an outpouring of respect and admiration for the intricate process and the message of compassion and abundance signified in the mandala’s completion and imminent destruction.

Mark Hartless: Co2 not dangerous

Colorado’s marijuana growers use a “secret substance” to make their plants grow bigger and faster; a substance the EPA has said is “dangerous” and “threatens public health.” Nevertheless, Colorado’s growers continue pumping this colorless, odorless, acidic gas into their crop at more than quadruple natural levels, to increase yields of marijuana.

Rob Douglas: Disgusted voter writes

As an individual who believes in libertarian and conservative principles and usually votes for the Republican presidential candidate, I am embarrassed and disgusted that the first presidential election my two goddaughters will be old enough to vote in has Donald Trump as a recognized Republican candidate.

Al Lampe: Protecting our rivers

The Leave No Trace organization has published a list of principles in “Things You Should Know Before You Tube or Float.” Perhaps those seeking solutions to the problems on the Yampa will find therein a pearl of wisdom that will help them to solve at least some of the problems.

Bill and Andrea Hayden: A momentous decison

We have a momentous decision that is going to be brought before us on Election Day, and it is this: Do we continue with the fluoridation of our drinking water in Hayden, or do we discontinue its use?

Linda Lewis: Bike through chemicals

“Bike and hike through toxic chemicals in beautiful Steamboat Springs.” This could be our new marketing tagline to let the public know that we spray 2,4-D on some of our most loved and used trails, Spring Creek and Emerald Mountain.

Carl Nordquist: Steamboat too PC

Regarding the article about the “Courthouse lawn ruled out” in the Aug. 5 edition of Steamboat Today, I was struck with how P.C. we are about how we address the important things in our lives.

Russell Scott: School bond necessary

“Steamboat is my home,” and I am in favor of the Steamboat Springs School District proposed bond measure.

Jim Erickson: EPA rules increase cost

There is no scientific proof that manmade CO2 is the main cause of either global warming or climate change.

Ken Constantine: Hunters are not poachers

Sunday’s political cartoon may have intended to take aim at African trophy hunters but missed its mark and instead took aim at all big game hunters in general. It was plainly insulting and misguided.

Deb Hinsvark: Combine roles

There’s been a miscommunication about the deputy city manager/PIO.