Letters to the editor


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Loren Wood: Great athlete will represent U.S. at Rio

"So go for the gold in Rio, Jenn Suhr, and hopefully we will see you carrying the American Flag, leading the American athletes, at the opening or closing ceremonies in Rio." — Loren Wood

Patty Theobald: CMC leadership solid

"The Colorado Mountain College board must commit to move forward in a timely and competent way in order to grow and to change with new populations and needs of our communities in an uncertain economy." — Patty Theobald

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Linda Pendexter: Bullying, sharing not the same

"Bullying little kids and sharing are not one and the same." — Linda Pendexter

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Dr. Rosanne Iversen: Patient care declining

"We can passively allow the insurance industry corporations to dictate quality of care, or we can stop complaining and choose the cooperative model that is available to us through ColoradoCare (Amendment 69)." — Dr. Rosanne Iversen

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Laura Case: Shame on dog owner

"While enjoying breakfast with my son at The Shack, we noticed a beautiful, yellow lab locked in a black Honda Pilot." — Laura Case

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Robert B. Stevenson: Shame on Steamboat Today, Sturm

"I have been confused for some time now at the prominent inclusion, which is repeatedly accorded by Steamboat Today, to Melanie Sturm." — Robert B. Stevenson

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James Moritz: Concern is disingenious

"As a frequent visitor to Colorado, I find the City Council's concern about substance abuse a bit disingenuous given your legalization of marijuana." — James Moritz 

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Brita Horn: Clarifying recent article

A letter to the editor from Routt County Treasurer Brita Horn

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Elaine Dermody: Leave no trace

"Even without the bighorns, climbing Mount Zirkel is a high (pun intended) worth putting on your bucket list if you are capable of the somewhat strenuous hike." — Elaine Dermody

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Andrew Stoller: Lucky to live here

"We are a special breed that has made Steamboat and places like it our home." — Andrew Stoller

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Taffy: Who let the dogs out?

"I firmly believe we can come together and find a mutual workable solution for all: pet owners, non pet-owners and the wildlife that shares our community." — Taffy, a border collie

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Lu Etta Loeber: Photographer's work appreciated

"Thank you, John for your excellent work. Keep the photos and great journalistic writing coming our way." — Lu Etta Lobber

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Davises and Williamsons: Best laid plans

"By negating our Mountain Plan, the Viceroy, Planning staff, commission and City Council have sown the dragon’s teeth." — Paul and Bonnie Davis, Randy and Kathleen Williamson

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Eric Washburn: SSWSC clearly benefits the community

"The city of Steamboat Springs and the Winter Sports Club are both part of 'us,' the community of Steamboat Springs, and Howelsen Hill is a central part of our shared history." — Eric Washburn

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Tinker Tiffany: Animal control officers appreciated

"I am glad we have hardworking animal control officers who I think are doing a fantastic job." — Tinker Tiffany