Letters to the editor


Libby Meyring: 4-H youth hard at work

Scattered across the county, Routt County 4-H youth members are busy at work every day getting ready for the Routt County Fair. Many have had their animals since November, feeding and caring for them daily.

Ed Miklus: City must hire smart

Regarding the police investigation, the present presents us with, in my opinion, bogus legal advice that has enhanced stonewalling, obviated transparency, is coupled with a continuum of poor decision making by the city manager enhanced by inane public pronouncements and the release of “Pablum Report 6.”

Rob Douglas: Police report is deficient

Further eroding the public’s trust in the investigation of Steamboat Springs Police Department Chief Joel Rae, Deputy Chief Bob DelValle and City Manager Deb Hinsvark, on Tuesday, Hinsvark released a “Community Summary” of the investigation reports to the public before discussing the reports or the summary with the Steamboat Springs City Council in an executive session scheduled for that evening.

Emily Seaver: No tourney in park

On Tuesday, the Steamboat Springs City Council will again be hosting public comment on the subject of permitting Triple Crown to play at Emerald Park.

Pamela Lane and Trafalgar Drive residents: Park dispute continues

Hidden in the last City Council packet was a request from City Manager Deb Hinsvark to administratively negotiate a contract with Triple Crown to expand their operations to Emerald Park.

John Whittum: Emerald Park dilemma

The only difference is in the number of zeros and the timing: As the Steamboat City Council considers renting space in Emerald Park to Triple Crown in 2016, the U.S. National Park Service is entertaining bids by Scottsdale businessmen to build a cable car network from the top to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in 2018.

Chris Harnden: Fourth of July unifies

Like many people, my wife and I arrived early to claim a spot for the evening’s firework show. The smell of the day’s sunscreen and bug spray filled the air as the relatively open space began to fill to capacity.

Kim Bonner: Appreciate the DMV

The Routt County Motor Vehicle Department’s server crashed some time during the night of July 8 and was down all day July 9 while the Department of Revenue did diagnostic testing from Denver to determine the nature and extent of the problem.

Jim Webster: Green needs support

I read with amusement the recent letter to the editor about “Environmental Religion.” I thought it was very creative writing but, unfortunately, lacked substantive points to contribute to the debate about climate change or sustainability of the planet.

Megan Richard: Triple Crown access needs study

In my opinion, if the city opens up Emerald Park to the Triple Crown through Pamela Lane, in violation of the policy set in 1996, it should hire an independent consultant to conduct a market analysis on the negative impacts on property values in that neighborhood.

Jim Webster: What is city’s vision?

My wife and I raised our family in the city of Mississauga in Canada during a period of about 25 years. Mississauga had a city council led by the same woman mayor continuously for 36 years. Yes, she was re-elected every four years and remained very popular. She retired last year from office at the age of 93.

Jim Engelken: Emerald Park off limits

Nineteen years ago the city of Steamboat Springs set a policy that Triple Crown would not be able to use Emerald Park. This was done out of concern for traffic on Pamela Lane and because Emerald Park was the only park off limits to Triple Crown.

Letters to the Editor: Environmental religion

One of the most ingrained human practices is religion. It is inseparable from all cultures. Whenever suppressed, it re-emerges elsewhere. Environmentalism has become the religion of choice for modern atheists, although recently “upgraded” to “climate change,” conveniently allowing any remarkable weather event to serve as “evidence.” Also, they must be right because climate always “changes.”

Letter to the Editor: Conservation on ranch

Hats off (cowboy of course) to the Adams Family for their decision to place a conservation easement on their ranch — The Flying Diamond Ranch here in Routt County.

Jim Erickson and Mike Schmidt: In reference to EPA plan

We are writing in reference to several past letters concerning the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan and its focus on the burning of fossil fuels — especially coal, which results in the production of carbon dioxide as a byproduct. The EPA has defined carbon dioxide as a poison.