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Our view: Stick with snow storage spot

The city needs to keep the current snow storage site where it is and not waste any more time debating the issue.

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Our View: ‘But we’ve always done it this way’

On Tuesday, voters in 12 states — including Colorado — will cast the initial ballots that will eventually determine their party’s nominees for president of the United States. Dubbed “Super Tuesday,” it marks the biggest single day in the primary season and offers the largest cache of delegates for candidates of both major political parties.

Our view: Put the brakes on highway bill

We understand the challenges the state of Colorado faces with funding highway projects, but we think the state Senate’s narrow vote this month in favor of a new bill, which would siphon $15 million away from a fund that supports mass transit across the state to provide a modest boost to highway safety projects, is irrational. We call upon the House to let it die a natural death.

Our view: Soroco schools take another hit

In the first two weeks of February, the Soroco School District was hit with two rounds of troubling news.

Our View: Join the community conversation

On Jan. 31, the Steamboat Pilot & Today published an in-depth article on opiate and heroin addiction in Steamboat Springs and Routt County titled “Breaking the silence.” The article brought attention to a national crisis that has hit home, and the information provided in the piece is only the beginning of a larger community conversation we think needs to happen now.

Our View: Pulled over for reckless thinking

We were dismayed to see how easily city and county governments are letting go of the community goal of building a combined police and sheriff’s facility on the west side of Steamboat Springs. It would be a facility that could realize operational efficiencies for the taxpayers and also pay dividends in the form of building cohesiveness between the two largest law enforcement agencies in the county. It’s also a strategy that was the first choice of a citizens committee tasked with leading the former city council out of the wilderness.

Our View: New era for school communications

The Steamboat Springs School District used its new emergency messaging system for the first time last week when it notified parents that students at Strawberry Park Elementary School were being evacuated to the middle school gym due to an unexplained odor of gas at the campus.

Our View: Hayden's budget woes remain

In a special election Tuesday, Hayden voters approved a measure that will allow the commercial cultivation of marijuana for retail and medical uses under limited circumstances.

Our view: Plan critical for Howelsen’s fiscal future

We were encouraged by the constructive tone of Steamboat Springs City Council’s Jan. 18 discussion on the future of Steamboat’s historic skiing operation at Howelsen Hill, which set aside any notion of the city discontinuing skiing there. Instead, city leaders are now looking forward to exploring opportunities to mitigate the city’s exposure to fiscal risk from damaging mudslides on the hill and generate increased revenues from ski operations.

Our view: Council, police department turn corner

One of the most difficult challenges humans beings — particularly those in leadership roles — face is realizing they were wrong, admitting it and reversing course.

Our View: Look for Steamboat’s next CEO

As Steamboat Springs City Council sets out in the New Year with its search firm to find a new city manager, we urge that council members keep in mind the atypical nature of municipal government here.

Our View: The times, they are a changing

We respectfully disagree with members of the Routt County Planning Commission who informed the Board of County Commissioners in late December that its master plan, approved in 2003, doesn’t need an update. That’s similar to saying the local economy, our housing supply, educational and healthcare institutions, diversity of businesses and the social habits of its residents haven’t evolved through the course of more than a decade.

Our View: Get back on digital track

The dispute that erupted in late December between Routt County Treasurer Brita Horn and the Board of Routt County Commissioners over a PayPal account to facilitate online payment of building permit fees need never have happened. But since it has, it’s time for the treasurer to take responsibility for re-building a more collaborative relationship with the commissioners as they continue the work of modernizing county systems for the convenience of their constituents.

Our View: Thanks to unsung heroes

As we embark into a new year, it seems fitting we pause for a moment to express our heartfelt appreciation to a couple of groups of people whose crucial work takes place mostly behind the scenes and is generally greeted by little, if any, public fanfare.

Our view: Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

The Steamboat Pilot & Today is continuing its Christmas tradition of reprinting one of the most famous newspaper editorials of all time, “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus.”