Our View


Our View: To invest in solar energy or not?

Last week, the Steamboat Today reported on the Routt County commissioners' hesitation to invest in the community solar garden that is being constructed in Craig, and that response by the commission left us a little mystified.

Our View: Welcoming a new chamber leader

We urged the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association Board on July 5 to move swiftly in finding a successor to outgoing Chamber CEO Tom Kern, and that’s just what Chamber President Kerry Shea and his search committee accomplished with the Sept. 12 hiring of Jim Clark.

Our View: Say ‘no’ to Buffalo Pass partying

U.S. Forest Service law enforcement officer Nick Walters said he hoped the community was “appalled” by recent partying at Buffalo Pass that caused damage to the popular outdoor destination, and on behalf of local residents, we are. Forest Service officials report that partying on the pass is an ongoing problem, especially during holidays, and we are disturbed by this trend for a number of reasons.

Our View: Council makes common sense decisions

The Steamboat Springs City Council has been busy over the past few weeks, working with staff to review budget requests and prioritize an extensive and expensive list of capital projects. During this process, the council made a pair of decisions that we believe are fiscally smart and make sense.

Our View: URA timeout: If not now, when?

We remain convinced that the proposed downtown URA in Steamboat Springs represents the community’s best chance in three decades to realize the goal of elevating downtown Yampa Street into one of the most appealing urban spaces of any of the mountain towns. However, we also think the City Council’s decision to call a brief timeout in the process was wise and will give the council the opportunity to continue its due diligence until beyond the November elections.

Our View: Conservation and oil wells

After hearing Routt County Commissioners Doug Monger and Tim Corrigan express reservations about the latest ranch conservation easement using tax dollars to protect the natural and working landscape of the valley, we think it’s time for a public educational program.

Our View: Oak Creek needs to stay the course

Marijuana businesses in Oak Creek made headlines this past week with the announcement that the town’s Planning Commission would be considering a land-use change that could pave the way for a fourth marijuana-growing operation to open in town followed by another news story about state inspections at two existing marijuana businesses there.

Our View: Cultural and heritage tourism

Just this month, Steamboat Springs’ main street was granted honorary status as a National Historic District. We hope local governments, cultural and tourism organizations will work to capitalize on these recent developments to reach travelers who are drawn to our cultural heritage.

Our View: The challenge is elementary

We were as surprised as many of you were Tuesday morning to pick up our electronic devices and read the news that the Steamboat Springs School District is already behind the curve in making plans to build a third elementary school.

Our View: Steamboat bear regulations falling short

The large number of photographs of urban bears being shared by the readers of Steamboat Today this summer confirms that the potential for human/bear encounters here is on the rise. But if you want to get a sense of how prevalent garbage bears have become in Steamboat Springs, you need to walk the length of Old Town via its alleyways.

Our View: Don't worry, be happy and share the road

When a trip through town that usually takes 10 minutes turns into a 20- or 30-minute waiting game, it’s easy to understand that tempers will flare. We encourage motorists to plan ahead, give themselves some extra drive time and simply take a deep breath when, inevitably, they find themselves stopped by the flag crew.

Our View: Unsung heroes

Events of Aug. 9 and 11, two of them tragic and a third harrowing, reminded us of how much the greater community relies apon the 30 volunteers with Routt County Search and Rescue.

Our view: Slow down but don't stop

And while we respect the council’s desire to gather all the information they need before taking action, we believe it’s important they continue to push forward on the project. It’s OK to slow down the process to thoroughly research the TIF and its effects on other taxing entities, but we urge the council to avoid letting the project come to a complete halt.

Our View: Routt County Fair's 100th a birthday worth celebrating

Hitting the century mark is an accomplishment for any person or business, and when a volunteer-driven event turns 100, it’s a huge milestone worth celebrating. This week, the Routt County Fair is marking its 100th birthday, and the annual event, which now spans a week, is already off to a great start.

Our View: Pavilion is a symbol of peace

Progress is being made at the Peace Pavilion at Rotary River Park structure now under construction at Rotary Park along the Yampa River Core Trail. On Tuesday, wooden trusses were placed by crane onto the foundation to create the structure’s main shell, which now is visible from U.S. Highway 40 south of Mount Werner Road.