Our View


Our View: Keeping wheels spinning

After 98 miles and some deceptively taxing hill climbs, the difference between first and 15th place in the opening circuit race of the 2015 USA Pro Challenge bicycle race here Aug. 17 could be measured in a handful of seconds. We think it’s time for the community of Steamboat Springs to scrutinize the measurable results — or “measurables,”

Our View: Take a stand for openness, transparency

No one can argue that it’s not a tumultuous time for the city of Steamboat Springs. Our city leaders are grappling with the resignation of a police chief and deputy chief in the wake of a contentious police department investigation, which has left residents highly dissatisfied due to the limited amount of information that has been released about what the investigation found or didn’t find.

Our View: Evil wins when good does nothing

This November, our electorate will return to the polls. Among other offices, the electorate will choose as many as five new city council members (seven members serve on council), as well as four seats for the Steamboat Springs School Board (out of five). As of last week, only four candidates had picked up petitions for council, and only one candidate had picked up a petition for the School Board.

Our View: Project delay blessing in disguise

It’s never good news when bids come in too high, but in the case of the Central Park Drive reconstruction project, we think it was actually fortuitous. The city received only one construction bid, and it was 25 percent higher than projected costs. In response, the city opted to postpone the road construction project until next year.

Our View: It’s time for the Routt County Fair

Just more than a century ago, on a 37-acre tract of land just south of what is now downtown Hayden, the Routt County Fair was born. And beginning this week — Thursday through Aug. 16 — the fair returns for its 101st year.

Our View: City needs to hire deputy city manager

The city of Steamboat Springs’ search for a deputy city manager abruptly changed course last week, and the about-face has left us with a case of whiplash.

Our View: Bear-ish politics

In early February, five members of Steamboat Springs City Council reversed their initial votes on an ordinance that would have required bear-proof trash containers throughout the community. Instead, council settled for requiring only that owners of commercial dumpsters ensure they are bear resistant. Fines were established, but only a handful have been issued.

Our view: Grassroots initiative shows vision

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, social norms are shifting, young people’s exposure to the drug is greater and our youth are being raised in a new reality where smoking pot, from a legal perspective, is not much different than consuming alcohol.

Our View: The little town that could

When a community of fewer than 900 souls finds itself facing flat population numbers, declining property values and a stretched-to-the-limit revenue stream, it essentially has two options: Give up and allow the prevailing trends to run their inevitable course … or band together in a effort to reverse those trends.

Our View: More questions than answers

Steamboat City Council President Bart Kounovsky and City Manager Deb Hinsvark both predicted the community would not be satisfied with the police investigation summary that was released to the public Tuesday, and their predictions were correct.

Our View: Is tubing too much fun?

City of Steamboat Springs officials are leaning toward hiring river rangers to enforce tubing rules on the Yampa River, and we can get behind that initiative as long as the river rangers approach their job from a customer-service standpoint as opposed to a function of policing. And that’s not intended as a knock on law enforcement.

Our View: Connectivity more than a luxury

Connectivity is the hallmark of 21st century existence. Thanks to the exponential growth of technology during the past several decades, we now live in a world which, a mere 20 years ago, would have seemed like the stuff of science fiction, and today, most of us carry around more computing power in our pockets than existed in the entire arsenal of supercomputers it took to put men on the moon back in 1969.

Our View: How will we grow?

A pair of news stories that broke this week and are related to the city’s ambitions to provide additional workforce housing close to Steamboat Springs have persuaded us it’s time for the community to re-engage the prickly question of how we are to grow.

Our View: If you see something, say something

The news that a young woman was murdered in a quiet neighborhood in North Routt County has shaken our community and left family, friends and area residents stunned. The death of any 22-year-old is tragic, but a homicide leaves people reeling, asking the questions of why and how anyone could so violently take the life of a beautiful young woman in her prime.

Our View: Human dignity and civil rights

As we celebrate our nation’s independence this holiday weekend, we think it appropriate that we all reflect on our system of government that calls for the U.S. Supreme Court to balance the judicial and legislative branches in its role of interpreting the U.S. Constitution.