Our View


Our View: Cultural and heritage tourism

Just this month, Steamboat Springs’ main street was granted honorary status as a National Historic District. We hope local governments, cultural and tourism organizations will work to capitalize on these recent developments to reach travelers who are drawn to our cultural heritage.

Our View: The challenge is elementary

We were as surprised as many of you were Tuesday morning to pick up our electronic devices and read the news that the Steamboat Springs School District is already behind the curve in making plans to build a third elementary school.

Our View: Steamboat bear regulations falling short

The large number of photographs of urban bears being shared by the readers of Steamboat Today this summer confirms that the potential for human/bear encounters here is on the rise. But if you want to get a sense of how prevalent garbage bears have become in Steamboat Springs, you need to walk the length of Old Town via its alleyways.

Our View: Don't worry, be happy and share the road

When a trip through town that usually takes 10 minutes turns into a 20- or 30-minute waiting game, it’s easy to understand that tempers will flare. We encourage motorists to plan ahead, give themselves some extra drive time and simply take a deep breath when, inevitably, they find themselves stopped by the flag crew.

Our View: Unsung heroes

Events of Aug. 9 and 11, two of them tragic and a third harrowing, reminded us of how much the greater community relies apon the 30 volunteers with Routt County Search and Rescue.

Our view: Slow down but don't stop

And while we respect the council’s desire to gather all the information they need before taking action, we believe it’s important they continue to push forward on the project. It’s OK to slow down the process to thoroughly research the TIF and its effects on other taxing entities, but we urge the council to avoid letting the project come to a complete halt.

Our View: Routt County Fair's 100th a birthday worth celebrating

Hitting the century mark is an accomplishment for any person or business, and when a volunteer-driven event turns 100, it’s a huge milestone worth celebrating. This week, the Routt County Fair is marking its 100th birthday, and the annual event, which now spans a week, is already off to a great start.

Our View: Pavilion is a symbol of peace

Progress is being made at the Peace Pavilion at Rotary River Park structure now under construction at Rotary Park along the Yampa River Core Trail. On Tuesday, wooden trusses were placed by crane onto the foundation to create the structure’s main shell, which now is visible from U.S. Highway 40 south of Mount Werner Road.

Our View: Shifting out of neutral

After reading the recommendations of parking consultant Scot Martin in the July 30 Steamboat Today, can we all agree that we won’t be building a $2 million-plus parking structure in the first half of this century?

Our View: Turning a negative into a positive

Yampa Valley Electric Association’s purchase of 15 acres of TIC’s now-empty campus in West Steamboat as the site for its new headquarters made headlines all last week. Like many other business and community leaders, this editorial board views the real estate deal as a smart business decision and a win-win situation for the local electric cooperative and the community as a whole.

Our View: Service with a smile

Steamboat Springs is enjoying a restaurant renaissance, and visitors and locals alike are reveling in the new dining choices. New restaurants have opened in record numbers across downtown, and while the new venues are drawing diners, it’s important for owners and managers to remember that it is excellent service that brings customers back.

Our View: Raising awareness about a serious subject

This past week, a woman contacted us directly after reading an article the Steamboat Pilot & Today published on July 16 titled, “Police still offering drug detection kits.” The young woman told us about being victimized by someone using a date-rape drug. She did not want to be identified or interviewed for a news article, but she did want us to know about her experience to validate the problem and possibly save other women from the trauma she experienced following a normal night out with friends.

Our View: Let’s not give up on field house

As appealing as we find the proposal by Kevin Sankey and Mark Lynch to raise donations for a large athletic field house adjacent to the Strawberry Park schools, we understand why a majority of the Steamboat Springs School Board decided Thursday night against assuming ultimate financial responsibility for the facility. The purpose of the Steamboat Springs Athletic Center would only be tangential to the school district’s core mission of providing our youngsters with the best academic education we can afford.

Our View: Howelsen has real and symbolic value

As the city of Steamboat Springs continues its new master planning process for Howelsen Hill, it’s a good time for the community to reassess the value and importance of the park and weigh in on its future.

Our View: When more than just the lights go out

We’ve found multiple reasons to praise Yampa Valley Electric Association since Diane Johnson took the reins as general manager in June 2013. However, we think our rural electric cooperative needs to modernize the way it informs customers about power outages.