Our View


Our view: Realizing the dream of connectivity

The news this week that a nondescript room in the Steamboat Springs School District administration building is about to be turned into a communications technology hub could someday help the larger community realize the holy grail of connectivity.

Our View: A game changer

Just a few months ago, this editorial board challenged the Steamboat Springs City Council to be legacy thinkers — to move beyond general objectives and set big, important goals and follow up with action that will make a difference for local residents.

Our View: Sharing the harvest

When we learned this week about the new “Grow a Row” for LIFT-UP of Routt County program initiated by the Northwest Colorado Food Coalition, we were intrigued with its simplicity and potential.

Our View: Playing a bigger role in recreation

The Steamboat Parks and Recreation Commission wants to be more active in the decision-making process, and the City Council needs to give these commission members a voice.

Our View: Intrawest looking forward

Intrawest didn’t tell us everything we wanted to know during its third-quarter earnings call this week, but the insights CEO Bill Jensen chose to share were enough to encourage us that the company’s recent stock offering, while modest in the amount of money it raised, will be used well.

Our View: Tackling tough issues

Steamboat Springs High School recently hosted an important and timely program titled “Going Out Tonight,” which focused on dating violence and sexual assault. The program involved upperclassmen and sparked a conversation among students that centered around awareness of the problem and steps that could be taken to prevent it.

Our View: Recycle like you mean it

The next four months could turn out to have been a critical test in the future of recycling in Routt County. And that ratchets up the importance of households in Steamboat Springs demonstrating their willingness to put more effort into recycling more responsibly.

Our View: Edibles popularity fuels talk of new regulations

As more and more people choose to eat recreational marijuana rather than smoke it, there are increasing reports of individuals getting sick or experiencing severe side effects after eating too much pot too quickly. And according to a recent report from The Associated Press, there have been two deaths linked to edible marijuana in Colorado since Jan. 1, when the sale of recreational pot became legal in the state.

Our View: That's not how we roll

We think Steamboat residents should be willing to abide by a sidewalk ban on wheeled vehicles in the historic commercial district.

Our View: City of Steamboat Springs, area fire district better together than apart

The city of Steamboat Springs and the Steamboat Springs Area Fire Protection District, which at times have been at odds, have decided they function better together, and we think this renewed sense of partnership benefits the city and the area of Routt County surrounding Steamboat that the fire district serves.

Our View: Upwardly mobile

More and more readers of the Steamboat Pilot & Today are migrating to mobile devices every month, so for us, the news this week that Steamboat Springs Transit soon will place tablets on every city bus to allow precise tracking by cellphone is a logical next step.

Our View: From dreaming to doing

We applaud the Steamboat Springs School District’s efforts to plan more effectively for the future, and we support the district’s hiring of an outside facilitator to help guide the long-range planning process and implement a detailed strategic plan, which can serve as a blueprint for where the district is headed and how to get there.

Our View: Lessons learned

The Steamboat Pilot & Today published an in-depth article April 13 about the circumstances surrounding a lawsuit pending against the city of Steamboat Springs on behalf of a resident alleging excessive use of force by police officers. We will not, in any way, take a position at this time on the merits of the civil suit. However, while preparing the story for publication, we concluded some changes should be made at the police department regardless of the outcome of the civil matter.

Our view: Supporting the arts in Steamboat Springs

The Chief Theater has become a community cultural institution so rapidly this winter that it’s almost difficult to recall that it was until recently a small cineplex movie theater. At the end of ski season, the Chief already feels like it belongs to all of us.

Our View: Regional building department software update a step forward

We hope the city will remain part of the regional department system as it monitors improvements advanced by the new software. We think many of the concerns voiced by those involved in the building permit process will be addressed by a new, more modern software system.