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Our view: What are we waiting for?

The level of public opposition to the Routt County Board of Commissioners’ exploration of the possibility of allowing more rural property within 5 miles of cities and towns to create secondary housing units makes us wonder how committed our community is to creating workforce housing.

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Our view: Marijuana education matters

Our view: Young people deserve to know the facts about how marijuana will affect them, and it’s up to the adults in their lives to educate them.

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Our view: Don't overlook opportunity

"Given the steps that have already been taken, we think prime use for the Overlook site would be as a residential subdivision." — Editorial Board

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Our view: Fix the planning, bidding process

We encourage the city to learn from this experience and review its policies and procedures for initiating such capital projects. This is particularly important in terms of a project such as Central Park, in which delays will almost certainly have a negative impact on residents and businesses alike.

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Our view: Change in campaign finance reporting law needed

We commend the Steamboat Springs Board of Education for its unanimous endorsement of a new bill working its way through the state legislature that is intended to increase transparency and reporting of spending on odd-year elections — most notably, local school board elections in Colorado.

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Our view: Rangers to the rescue

The newly approved park ranger program should help protect the Yampa River and ensure the river and the Core Trail remain wholesome places for people to play.

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Our View: Kindergarten cut a poor plan

The Steamboat Springs School District plans on dropping its all-day kindergarten program only a year after instituting it, and to say we were disappointed by this development would be an understatement.

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Our view: Will people pay to play?

Our view: City leaders must evaluate current parks and recreation assets and come up with a tax-neutral plan that details how funds generated by a new tax would be spent.

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Our view: Up Fish Creek, no need to paddle

The news this week that the city of Steamboat Springs expects to begin construction in autumn 2017 on a new U.S. Highway 40 pedestrian underpass alongside Fish Creek is the most welcome development for cyclists and people on foot in our community since the city installed manually operated blinking pedestrian crossings at 10 locations around the community in 2014.

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Our view: Get involved, get informed

The time to get involved is now, and we encourage community members to attend one of the three forums this week.

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Our View: Just do it

There can be little argument that the long-discussed and soon-to-begin construction project on Yampa and Oak streets will ultimately benefit everyone, from visitors to residents to the numerous businesses that call the riverfront stretch of Yampa Street home.

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Our view: Public left in the dark by council

City business involving taxpayers' money must be conducted openly and transparently, and we hope the council, moving forward, will think long and hard before it uses its executive session privilege. Decisions made in secret leave the public in the dark.

Our View: Density key to vibrancy

The margin was narrow, but we think the preliminary approval by Planning Commission of developer/brothers Eric and Brent Rogers’ planned 60-unit 1125 Lincoln Apartments at the corner of Lincoln Avenue and 12th streets this month is a positive sign of a new outlook in city government.

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Our view: Howelsen heralded as Steamboat's heart

The outpouring of support for Howelsen witnessed at last week’s meeting put to rest any thoughts that the historic hill is not worth the city’s investment in it.

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Our view: Communication essential

A recent issue between county school districts and the Education Fund Board could have easily been averted by open communication.