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Thoughtful Parenting: April marks Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child maltreatment is manifested in different ways. The National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System defines child physical abuse as “non-accidental trauma or physical injury caused by punching, beating, kicking, biting, burning or otherwise harming a child.”

Book review: New novel offers intimate voice

"My Name is Lucy Barton," offers readers intimate, realistic look into narrator's life.

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Septuagenarian logs 100 days on skis in memory of husband

Septuagenarian logs 100 days on skis

During a celebration of life for Ross Theadore in July 2015, his ski clothing was spread out on a table and guests were invited to help themselves to an article of clothing on the condition they occasionally take it out for a spin.

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Community Agriculture Alliance: Every day is Earth Day

Since Earth Day always falls during our season-ending spring break week, Yampa Valley Sustainability Council is dedicating a month to celebrate “Every Day is Earth Day” and raise awareness of local sustainability efforts.

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Tales from the Tread: 'The Tread of Pioneers'

The Tread of Pioneers Museum was named after the book, “The Tread of Pioneers,” copyright 1945, by Charles H. Leckenby, longtime editor and publisher of the Steamboat Pilot. A man of the written word, Leckenby was compelled to record the facts and stories of the first 75 years of history in Steamboat Springs through his bird’s-eye-view publishing the newspaper.

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Eugene Buchanan: Finagling powder

Holy Tuesday through Thursday storm cycles, Batman. This past week made three in a row when storms have walloped the Yampa Valley in that three-day time frame, dumping 35, 30 and 25 inches, respectively, atop Mount Werner for a March to remember after a February to forget. With another on tap for this Tuesday, El Nino is keeping a schedule as tight as that of any daycare-attending, soccer-playing toddler.

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Livewell Northwest Colorado: You are what you eat

Kids are pretty good at identifying which foods are good for them and which are not. However, when it comes to selecting which foods to eat, kids generally opt for what they already know that they like. Telling kids about how foods go to work in different parts of their bodies can be a good strategy to get them to try new healthy foods.

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Monday Medical: World-class medical resources close to home

Your local doctors might be based in Steamboat Springs, but they have world-class medical resources available at their fingertips.

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Thoughtful Parenting: Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill were pursuing the same goal, which they never achieved. What happened?

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Book review: Magical coming-of-age story

"I'll Give You the Sun" pays tribute to the healing power of art, the transforming power of words and the importance of family.

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Janet Sheridan: Prize-winning research brings head scratching thoughts

In September of 2015, ten scientists won the satirical Ig Nobel Prize for scientific studies of questionable worth. When I read about the tongue-in-cheek prize and the dubious research it rewarded, I felt better about my failed attempts to participate in an extra-curricular science fair in seventh grade.

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The Bock’s Office: ‘Batman v Superman’ — Expectations are the greatest kryptonite

There are few superhero clashes that every comic book fan has wanted to see on the big screen more than that of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” a youthful eagerness kept in check by a steadfast decision to hate the outcome before even seeing it. The casual film viewer should never trust a fanboy’s assessment on anything within pop culture, but yes, there are good reasons for the negativity you’ve already heard.

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Community Agriculture Alliance: Lessons learned

The cool thing about history is that is allows us to learn from our mistakes. By studying what went wrong, we can take action to make it right.

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Thoughtful Parenting: The importance of reading

Read to your young child every day. The importance of taking time each day to read with your young child may not be evident right away, but by reading with your child, you are preparing him or her for a successful future in school and life in general.

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Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association: Programs help youth experiencing loss

The Youth Resiliency program at the Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association uses creative expression — drawing, painting, writing, storytelling, poetry and music — to help preschool through college-age students process many different types of loss.