Community Agriculture Alliance: State of the Upper Yampa River Watershed

We drink it, we grow food with it, we play in it — the Yampa River Watershed provides for our community in a way that the early settlers recognized when they built Steamboat Springs at the confluence of the Yampa River and six tributary streams.

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Jimmy Westlake: Auriga, the Charioteer

What’s that flashy, golden star hovering over the northeastern mountains as darkness falls in late November? It’s Capella, the third-brightest star visible in Colorado skies and the brightest star in the constellation of Auriga, the Charioteer.

Focus on Fitness: Just for parents: Get back in shape

Raising children is an exciting, amazing and exhausting job. It requires a great amount of sacrifice, which often includes us giving up time for ourselves in order to put our children first. This is why finding time to exercise can be so challenging.

Monday Medical: Fitness helps prevent ski-season injuries

To prepare for ski season, experts recommend focusing on legs and the fast twitch muscles around your core, but including cardio as well.

Thoughtful Parenting: Marijuana realities

One topic that resonated for me was the use and production of butane hash oil, a high-potency marijuana extract known for causing extreme “highs” and dangerous explosions. Haven’t yet heard of BHO? Here’s a breakdown for concerned parents and community members.

Book review: 2 engaging, powerful novels

"The Undertaking" is a debut novel by Audrey Magee that features a love story set during World War II, and "The Bone Clocks" is a mystical, surprising novel written by David Mitchell, who wrote the bestseller "Cloud Atlas."

Community Agriculture Alliance: Environmental Literacy Program helps school districts implement objectives

Nationally, studies have shown that elementary school students spend less than 20 minutes per day in science education. Thankfully, Routt County schools are doing much better than that.

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The Bock’s Office: ‘Interstellar’ a great space film undone by Hollywood black hole

By now, announcing that you’re boldly going where no man has gone before barely even warrants a shrug from movie audiences. That doesn’t stop the maker of “Interstellar” from going a step beyond, even if he quickly takes two more steps backward.

Eugene Buchanan: Surviving the 1st skate

The first skate ski of the season, which occurs on Bruce’s Trail atop Rabbit Ears Pass, happens earlier than it does anywhere else in the country,

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Tales from the Tread: Pioneer Christmas memories

We hope that everyone has had a chance to experience the light and the magic of this year’s Festival of Trees at the Tread of Pioneers Museum. The event features 20 uniquely decorated holiday trees on display through Monday.

Ciao from Cortina: What hockey means to me

It took me a long time to figure out what hockey means to me. When I first sat down to write this, it was the beginning of October. Hockey can be so many different things: for some people, it’s dropping kids off for practice every afternoon and watching weekend games. For others, it’s a hobby. For some it’s a job. Some people think it’s just a game and some people don’t even know who Joe Sakic is.

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Jimmy Westlake: Looking down on the universe

Our Milky Way is flat, like a pancake made of star batter. It’s a spinning disk of stars about 100,000 light-years across but only 3,000 light-years thick. During the early evenings of late spring, we are positioned so that we can look straight up out of the top of our Milky Way pancake and into the intergalactic space that forms the rooftop of the sky.

Thoughtful Parenting: Financial aid for students and parents

Next to retirement, the financial aid process can be the most daunting of all transitions facing a family and their college-bound student(s). This also includes families anticipating sending their child to a private university, trade and or technical school.

Monday Medical: Enrollment underway

Are you one of the 150,000-plus individuals or businesses who used Connect for Health Colorado for health insurance in our state last year? Well, it’s that time of year again. The state health insurance marketplace opened for business Saturday.

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Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association: Program supports grieving children

Children and teens who have lost a loved one often feel alone and overwhelmed in their grief, not realizing there are others who understand and can help them through this difficult process.