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Author flies plane with one hand and shoots photos with the other to document Colorado River Basin

Improbably, Garrett Fisher uses the stick and rudder to manipulate his Piper Cub airplane to frame his shots of mountain rivers while he’s looking through the viewfinder of his camera.

Community Ag Alliance: Routt County CattleWomen plan for a busy 2015

The Routt County CattleWoman organization promotes the importance of the agricultural industry in our everyday lives while maintaining our western heritage. We support the beef industry through education, outreach and marketing.

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Tales from the Tread: Semotan legacy lives

What my grandmother, Evelyn Ellis Peavy Semotan, did was put on her hat and boots and go to work. She wanted to ranch and had wanted to since she bottle-fed her first bum lamb as a young girl.

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‘Tele Devo’ youths set sights on the Worlds

When the Telemark World Championships come to Steamboat the week of Feb. 23, it will be a chance to see the world’s best telemark racers right here in our own country, in our own town, on our local hills.

Monday Medical: Understanding knee pain

In a town as active as Steamboat Springs, there is no shortage of individuals who have questions about knee pain, as it’s not always easy to know what type of knee pain or injury you may have.

Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association: Spit it out for good

Being free to enjoy life without the urge to dip is a good reason to quit chewing.

Thoughtful Parenting: Teeth matter

Strong teeth allow a child to chew well and enjoy eating. Healthy teeth and gums support their immune system and help them bounce back from illness and injuries.

Community Connections: Helping parents and children thrive

the Family Development Center. Our mission is to help parents be the best parents they can be, and to grow competent, confident, and caring children.

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Book Review: Great historical World War II fiction

If you are looking for great World War II historical fiction that will keep you glued to your seat and bring you to uncontrollable tears, then consider reading this book by Kristin Hannah.

From the editor: A year of recreational pot

The Steamboat Pilot & Today team is looking back on the past 365-plus days of legalized pot, and we’re publishing a five-part series of articles breaking down the first year and what it means for Steamboat Springs and Routt County.

Ciao from Cortina: Hurry up and wait

In Italy, nothing gets done in two days. In Italy, we wait.

Focus on Fitness: How to get over the plateau

Plateau happens to all of us. From endurance athletes and power lifters to those of us who are trying to lose weight. We get a point in our training where, no matter what we do, we can’t seem to progress. Our first thought is that we’re doing something wrong.

Routt County CSU Extension: When 'fresh' is hard to find

Some complain that they eat less produce during the winter months because fresh produce is hard to find or very expensive. Next time you go shopping consider canned or frozen produce as a convenient and less expensive alternative to well-traveled fresh produce.

Monday Medical: Blueberries, sunshine and marriage

Eat a cup of blueberries, spend some time in the sunshine and get married. Sounds simple enough, but why? Recent studies suggest that each of these lifestyle changes can positively affect blood pressure in certain populations.

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Book Review: Exploring race and immigration

Christina Henriques and Celester Ng have written novels in the past year that explore race and immigration from an intimate perspective: the lives, struggles and emotion of immigrants navigating their complex lives as minorities.