Book Reviews: Books to check out for children

Great children's books to check out for a range of ages.

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Exploring Steamboat: A peaceful paradise right in town

The Yampa River Botanic Park awaits exploration and is described best as peaceful and serene.

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The Bock’s Office: ‘Sex Tape’ arouses little interest

Three hours, one minute and 42 seconds sounds lengthy enough for a feature film. When you consider this is the span of the piece of the accidental amateur skin flick causing all the problems in the comedy “Sex Tape,” it seems downright infinite. And while the movie itself is only half this duration, it somehow seems even longer.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Wilderness opportunities abound in Routt National Forest

Wilderness: What does the word mean to you? Special emphasis is being directed to the term this year, as 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson signing into law the Wilderness Act.

Dog's Eye View: A latte and a bully good time

It’s summer, so it’s time to sit at an outside cafe with friends. This, of course, means with your wonderful doggie companion, as well. This always has been a goal and a special pleasure to share with my bull terrier, Stuart.

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Learning to Ride: Set yourself up for success

As with any sport, having the right equipment and learning from a professional make all the difference.

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Gardening with Deb Babcock: Waterwise gardening

The growing season this year started out cool and wet followed by a June with very little rain, and now a July with some wonderful rain storms. How do you manage your garden so plants survive through the dry and rainy spells?

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Spoke Talk: Fun facts about the Tour de France

To many cyclists and fans, July is the month of the Tour de France, one of the largest sporting events. Here is a collection of interesting facts and figures about the world’s most famous bicycle race.

Mary Walker: Cruel ironies

There are some cruel ironies about empowerment. As good as it sounds, empowerment means nothing to a marginalized girl or young woman in a developing country unless it leads to economic well-being, the ability to independently care for oneself or to provide food, shelter and medical needs to one’s family.

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Jimmy Westlake: The teapot at the end of the Milky Way

When the last rays of the summer sun fade from the evening sky, the misty star clouds of the Milky Way come into view, arching high overhead like a colorless rainbow.

Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association: Do you want to be tobacco free?

Only about 4 percent of smokers are able to quit smoking without assistance. If you are ready to quit tobacco, this could be your chance to give it up for good.

Healthy Eating: Roy Mazzola’s Meatballs

This recipe was submitted by the daughter of Roy (of Mazzola's Italian Restaurant fame), Kris, who serves them daily at her restaurant in Meeker, Ma Famigilia.

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Strings Music Festival: Tape talk

Let’s talk about tape. I don’t mean regular Scotch tape, packing tape or even duct tape. As useful as those items are in everyday life, they just don’t cut it backstage, where we stock several industry-specific types of the sticky stuff.

Monday Medical: Chinese medicine for children

Kids respond very well to acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Most of them actually look forward to coming in for their treatments. In fact, Chinese medicine can be used for babies and children of any age as there are many different modalities to choose from.

Community Connections: An opportunity you don’t want to miss

At the heart of Partners in Routt County is our tag line: “Become a mentor, change TWO lives.” In our One-to-One and School-Based Mentoring programs, we are positively impacting several hundred Routt County youths each year through caring and intentional mentoring relationships.