Thoughtful Parenting: Provide positive environments this holiday season

Grand Futures Prevention Coalition would like to reiterate the importance of limiting youth access to alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and other drugs and expound upon the Social Host Ordinance. If you don’t permit it, you don’t promote it. Think smart this holiday season, and don’t allow your child to underage drink.

Book reviews: Stevens' Coil mysteries bring intrigue to Flat Tops

This autumn, we were delighted to discover the Allison Coil Mysteries, an environmental thriller series by author Mark Stevens. The Allison Coil mysteries take place in the Flat Tops Wilderness and follow Allison Coil, a hunting guide who often seems to find herself on the trail of a killer and outside the purview of the law.

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The Bock’s Office: Final ‘Hunger Games’ nails it

In any fantasy or science fiction series, there are bound to be weak portions in the unfolding of a lengthy story. Fortunately, unlike the movie that preceded it, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2” is right on target.

Jim Clark: Transition to Steamboat offers much to be thankful for

Yes, it’s that time of year when many of us express thanks for the blessings in our lives. A little more than a year ago, my dream of living and working in Steamboat Springs came true.

Dog's Eye View: Your attention, please

When teaching our companion dog new behaviors, we often start mid-sentence by saying what we want them to do before we ask for their attention. In our classes and consultations, one of the first things we teach the dog is what his name actually means.

Community Ag Alliance: Connecting with nature

With winter upon us, it’s tempting to hunker down inside where it’s cozy and warm. But did you know people of all ages experience enhanced health and creativity when they connect with nature?

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Stories from Scotland: The biggest fans

One of the biggest changes in making the transition from Italy to Scotland was the hockey. Not the game — hockey is hockey everywhere — but the atmosphere surrounding it.

Tales from the Tread: Historical films; historical theater

Back by popular demand, the Tread of Pioneers Museum and the Chief Theater are partnering up to show professionally produced historical films as well as rare local home movies from the museum’s collection in our winter-time historical film series.

Monday Medical: Allergic to penicillin? Probably not

At every doctor’s visit, you’re asked to report allergies to medications. Maybe you remember your mom saying you had a rash while taking penicillin, so you diligently mark that down as an allergy. But if you’re not actually allergic, you may end up dealing with unnecessary negative consequences.

Thoughtful Parenting: Transition to parenthood

Several major transitions often occur in adult life: leaving home, first major employment, marriage, empty nest, retirement. All these events create both excitement and challenge, however the transition to parenthood ranks as the most exhilarating, but also the most challenging of all.

Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association: Take advantage of help enrolling in health insurance

If the thought of finding health insurance makes your blood pressure rise, it’s understandable. The process can be confusing and complex.

Book Review: 'The Microbiome Solution' asks, 'are you too clean?'

“Live Dirty, Eat Clean,” is the mantra of Dr. Robynne Chutkan, gastroenterologist, in her new book “The Microbiome Solution: a Radical New Way to Heal Your Body from the Inside Out.” Interestingly, this has not always been her perspective.

Community Connections: Support for Integrated Community

Integrated Community started around 2004 at a local bookstore, and at that time, it was actually the only place in town Spanish-speakers could communicate. Since then, our town has continued to grow and change, and this flexible non-profit has grown and changed with it. Last year, Integrated Community served 753 clients from 24 different countries.

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Festival of Trees event to kickoff the holidays

It's that time of year again; the Tread of Pioneers Museum's annual Festival of Trees fundraiser event gets underway today.

Dog's Eye View: A once in a lifetime dog

Having a “once in a lifetime” doesn’t mean that no work is involved or that no effort has to be put forth.