Our View: Upside-down salaries

Disentangling the knotted rope that is Colorado’s set of rules for increasing the salaries of elected officials isn’t easy. If it were, the state Legislature would have long since approved a pay increase for the governor, state treasurer and attorney general, positions that haven’t seen pay raises since 1999.

Our view: Supporting the arts in Steamboat Springs

The Chief Theater has become a community cultural institution so rapidly this winter that it’s almost difficult to recall that it was until recently a small cineplex movie theater. At the end of ski season, the Chief already feels like it belongs to all of us.

Ira Wertenteil: Privatization sensible

Not only does it make sense for Steamboat to contract out the functions currently performed by the Regional Building Department to a private company like SAFEbuilt, but I can’t imagine a rational business-minded argument for not doing it.

Brad Meeks: Statement on district policy

A recent story in the Steamboat Pilot & Today, a few blog comments and a letter to the editor last week may have created some confusion about the school district’s practices in student discipline matters. There are certain procedures and requirements that we follow in all cases.

Our View: Regional building department software update a step forward

We hope the city will remain part of the regional department system as it monitors improvements advanced by the new software. We think many of the concerns voiced by those involved in the building permit process will be addressed by a new, more modern software system.

Our View: What a difference 2 weeks makes

A park at Seventh and Yampa offers the promise of creating public access in a block where there currently is very little. But the prospect of Blue Sage Ventures, the prospective buyer of the YVEA building, redeveloping the property on Yampa between Ninth and 10th streets (without demolishing the building) to offer a mix of commercial and residential is one that commands attention.

Lynn Abbott: 1 dollar, 1 vote?

Well, the Supreme Court has done it again. In the 2010 Citizens United decision, the court allowed corporations and unions to give unlimited amounts to political action committees. The result was, as we all remember, a flood of campaign money that swamped the 2012 election.

Hayden Library Director Ana Lash and library staff: Thanks for support

We would like to express our thanks to the communities of Hayden, Craig and Steamboat Springs for the generous support during our annual Scholastic Book Fair and Book Sale. The fair and sale were a great success due to the many families who came and bought books and other items.

Kate Nowak: A plethora of resources

As an organization that advocates and supports many health and human service agencies in Routt County, I think it is important for the community to know that we have a plethora of free services for parents, particularly with young children. 

Dagny McKinley: Any help for mothers?

The story of Megan McKeon has been haunting me. I feel sick when I think about that child left alone, scared, hurt.

Dr. Russ Fasolino: Expulsion is unethical

I think the vast majority of Colorado residents have made it clear that we are tired of young lives being ruined over marijuana. However, this injustice seems to be the very intent of Superintendent Brad Meeks and the school board.

Our View: Less is not always more

Yampa town leaders sought a legal notice change as a way to save money, but it is our contention that the small cost savings, if any, that Yampa will realize is far outweighed by the greater loss of public accountability.

Our View: Commissioners are locavores, too

Producing food in Northwest Colorado always will be more of a challenge than it would be in milder climates. But there’s no denying that there is a growing interest here in the satisfaction, nutritional benefits and sustainability that comes with growing produce and raising livestock closer to home.

Tease photo

Eugene Buchanan: NHL stars descend on Howelsen for benefit game

Members of the Detroit Red Wings Alumni Association were here for the weekend to play a benefit game for the Steamboat Springs Youth Hockey Association.

Our View: Keeping pot away from kids

As Colorado’s new recreational marijuana industry evolves, changes in how pot businesses operate and how they’re regulated are inevitable. Last week, Gov. John Hickenlooper enacted one of those changes by signing into law House Bill 1122, which requires edible marijuana products sold for medicinal purposes to be packaged in the same way as edibles sold for recreational use.