Stephen and Michelle Caragol: Let's look for solutions

The Iron Horse debacle is very confusing to say the least. The property provides much needed housing for residents of this community who are unable to own a home or even rent or live in a trailer, which seems to be one of the few housing options for the less fortunate.

Kaufman, DeVincentis: Avoid repeating history

Will the school district repeat history? Steamboat School District discussed the need of a new elementary school in the 1990s. It was decided to build a new high school. That bond failed because it intended to move the high school out of the core of our community. Later, a bond passed because the plan kept the high school at its current site.

Emily Barnhart: Desire, expect best results

Parents, teachers, coaches, advocates and countless others contribute to creating and encouraging the growth of students within our community. However, often, it is within the walls of schools that much of this growth takes place.

Connor Glynn: Elicit students’ opinions

An interesting phenomenon has arisen. Neither side of the argument to either build a new high school or to make due with the status quo have seemingly elicited the opinions of current or recent graduates from Steamboat Springs high school.

Bud Romberg: Real leadership needed

The headlines on page 1 of the Steamboat Today on Oct. 14 said the city council is opposed to the RE-2 school bond because of unknown financial impacts. Not so long ago, RE-2 and the county were opposed to the proposed URA downtown proposed by the city because of possible negative financial impacts due to loss of property tax.

Our view: Stop horsing around

We find a lot to like, at least on the surface, about the city of Steamboat’s pending sale of the Iron Horse Inn for $3.05 million to local investors, and in the best of circumstances, we’d be commending council on its work this week. But there’s a problem. We and the rest of the public know very little about the eight proposals for the Iron Horse received by the city, and in particular, we know nothing about the seven proposals that have been rejected.

Principals from across the district: Achieving potential

The tools of the teaching profession are constantly changing, but the outcome remains constant — helping all children achieve their individual potentials. Our success is measured one precious child at a time.

Ed Miklus: Views will change

No matter how qualified an interim city manager, his view of the city of Steamboat Springs will be in his rearview mirror a few months after having made the critical decision to hire our next chief of police. For you NFL fans this is akin to hiring a head coach before the general manager.

Main Street Steamboat Springs, Board of Directors: Bond issue opposed

MainStreet Steamboat Springs board of directors, representing concerns of downtown property and business owners, would like to state unequivocally that we support quality education for the students of our community. We know the community is growing and additional elementary school space is already necessary; however, we question the logic and scope of current plan as proposed.

Jill Limberg: Vote 'no' on school bond

I have lived in Steamboat since the early 1980s and have three kids who have either gone through the Steamboat Springs schools or are presently there. I have been active as a parent on various committees and activities and I believe in our schools and in our kids and want to give back to the community that has given so greatly to my children.

Brian T. Kelly: Pull 3A, 3B off ballot

I guess we should support the “big picture” when all the underlying facts fail to support the premise.

Humane Society of Moffat County: A special thank you

The Humane Society of Moffat County would like to thank the Heeling Friends of Steamboat Springs.

Joseph “Joey” Andrew: Continuing hard work, commitment pledged

Growing up, one thing my parents always advocated was the importance of diversifying my skill set. Not only would it make me a well rounded adult, but in times of hardship, I could always return to a past skill for employment.

Michelle Dover: Candidate promises to protect public education

My name is Michelle Dover. I am a parent of a student in our excellent district, I work at Bud Werner Library and I am running for school board.

Margaret Huron: Every district student deserves quality education

Great school districts don’t just happen — they require a concerted effort from the community, which is why I decided it’s time for me to be a part of that effort.