Paula Salky: Go see Joseph

During the past few weeks I’ve read in the Steamboat Today about countless winners from our area on various podiums across the world. The youth in our town excel in so many sports, and I love the spotlight they receive in our local newspaper.

Community Ag Alliance: Talking Green program excels

Yampa Valley Sustainability Council announces a stellar line-up for the upcoming adult educational series.

Sen. Michael Bennet: Hold Congress accountable for shutdown

In October of 2013, Congress shut down the federal government for 16 days putting the U.S. economy at risk and leaving 800,000 people out of work nationwide — 40,000 in Colorado. Estes Park sales tax revenue alone dropped 18.2 percent, two of our national parks lost more than $2 million in revenue each, and the city of Colorado Springs had one of the top percentages of workforce effected by the shutdown.

Duane Koukol: Train poem

The train runs to a ski resort. Nine-hundred tickets sold, in 14 hours!

Scott Bideau: URA frustrations

As a member of the Steamboat Springs School Board, I’ve had an opportunity to publicly express my personal frustrations with the proposed downtown Urban Renewal Authority and its impact on school funding. I’d also like to point out two significant concerns I have as an individual citizen of our community.

Scott L. Ford: TIF is a bag of snakes

There are many infrastructure improvements planned for downtown. I agree many of these are warranted and long overdue. Also overdue is a discussion about options on how to pay for them.

Our View: Integrity of investigation compromised

The investigation into police misconduct allegations against Steamboat Springs Police Chief Joel Rae and Deputy Chief Bob DelValle began Monday. City Manager Deb Hinsvark chose former police chief Heather Coogan, who runs her own company that offers workplace investigations, management coaching and human resources, to conduct the investigation. Coogan was recommended to Hinsvark by the city’s insurance company, and in our minds, that connection compromises the integrity of the investigation from the very start.

Curtis J. Comeau: Bear myopia won’t do

Though I applaud the City Council’s decision regarding commercial dumpster bear proofing, why do they continue to ignore the same solution for residential?

Elaine Dermody: Investigation questions

The city is hiring a former police chief whose department under her leadership was accused of having a harsh work environment and staff faced allegations of sexual harassment. This person is now going to fairly investigate similar charges against the Steamboat Springs Police Department leadership. Really?

Thomas W. McMahon: Full disclosure needed

The actions of the city of Steamboat Springs staff thus far have the appearance of a wish to 1) “Maintain control of the investigation” and 2) “To maintain control of the release and manner in which information is released.”

Our view: Consistency is a virtue

Routt County’s ability over the past 20 years to protect the open hay meadows in the Yampa Valley immediately south of Steamboat Springs from sprawl has been a remarkable success story.

Lori Keefe: Arnis benefit a success

Last Friday we had a little get together to help out Chris Arnis and his family. It was an overwhelming success.

Sam Jones: Facts about URA elusive

As I read through the discussions regarding the proposed downtown URA, I find myself making that same twisted face when something seems a bit crazy.

Meg Bentley: Letter was ‘un-American’

This letter is actually to the “formers” — former City Council members, former council presidents, former council president pro-tems. I am one of you: a former City Council member.

Laura Case: Environmentalism and hypocrisy

While I applaud the students and their writing abilities, my family and I will be turning every single light on in our house, as has been our tradition for many years now.