Al Lampe: Protecting our rivers

The Leave No Trace organization has published a list of principles in “Things You Should Know Before You Tube or Float.” Perhaps those seeking solutions to the problems on the Yampa will find therein a pearl of wisdom that will help them to solve at least some of the problems.

Bill and Andrea Hayden: A momentous decison

We have a momentous decision that is going to be brought before us on Election Day, and it is this: Do we continue with the fluoridation of our drinking water in Hayden, or do we discontinue its use?

Linda Lewis: Bike through chemicals

“Bike and hike through toxic chemicals in beautiful Steamboat Springs.” This could be our new marketing tagline to let the public know that we spray 2,4-D on some of our most loved and used trails, Spring Creek and Emerald Mountain.

Carl Nordquist: Steamboat too PC

Regarding the article about the “Courthouse lawn ruled out” in the Aug. 5 edition of Steamboat Today, I was struck with how P.C. we are about how we address the important things in our lives.

Russell Scott: School bond necessary

“Steamboat is my home,” and I am in favor of the Steamboat Springs School District proposed bond measure.

Jim Erickson: EPA rules increase cost

There is no scientific proof that manmade CO2 is the main cause of either global warming or climate change.

Ken Constantine: Hunters are not poachers

Sunday’s political cartoon may have intended to take aim at African trophy hunters but missed its mark and instead took aim at all big game hunters in general. It was plainly insulting and misguided.

Deb Hinsvark: Combine roles

There’s been a miscommunication about the deputy city manager/PIO.

Our View: City needs to hire deputy city manager

The city of Steamboat Springs’ search for a deputy city manager abruptly changed course last week, and the about-face has left us with a case of whiplash.

Kent Vertrees: State water plan

As one of the last states in the west to develop a comprehensive, guiding vision for managing its water, Colorado’s efforts to develop its own state water plan is nearing the finish line. The plan is timely and important, as water has increasingly become a controversial issue, as outdated laws struggle to keep up with new and existing uses and a growing, thirsty population.

Chris Ricks: Lion cartoon disgrace

Your cartoon depicting big game hunters under the caption of “a shame” is a slap in the face to me and probably 99 percent of the hunters, guides and related businesses in our local communities.

Arin Daigneau: Support employees

In recognition of World Breastfeeding Month in August, we want to highlight the challenge facing working moms who want to give their babies the affordable and irreplaceable health benefits of breast milk.

Our View: Bear-ish politics

In early February, five members of Steamboat Springs City Council reversed their initial votes on an ordinance that would have required bear-proof trash containers throughout the community. Instead, council settled for requiring only that owners of commercial dumpsters ensure they are bear resistant. Fines were established, but only a handful have been issued.

Paul Bonnifield: Iran deal criticized

To date I’ve not heard any responsible person comment on the role of England, France, Germany, Russia and China in relation to the Iran Nuclear Agreement; however, the success of any attempt to continue or increase sanctions against Iran depends upon the full cooperation of each of the nations. Russia is of special concern.

Joe Meglen: Militia purpose of law

The Second Amendment — a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.