Debra Hinsvark: Celebrate Howelsen Hill

I would like to “second” the voice of the editorial board’s written celebration of Howelsen Hill that appeared in last Sunday’s paper. Howelsen is indeed a community gem – one that residents, city employees and Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club members have taken great pride in for years and one with a long history.

Our View: Empty inns get new life

Imagine this scenario — the community of Steamboat Springs establishes a goal to build an affordable, transitional workforce housing facility. The building must have the capacity to house 60 to 90 people for several months until they can secure permanent housing.

Jim Boyne: The value of a $10 button

As most of us know, the purchase of a $10 Winter Carnival button is the official entry pass to viewing or participating in all of the Winter Carnival events, including the street events and the Night Extravaganza, which are signature events during the festivities.

Michael Bennet: States that stood up need to be repaid

Coloradans, perhaps more than anyone, appreciate the beauty and adventure of the great outdoors, the innovation and job creation that comes with a $600 billion recreation economy, and the importance of preserving our national treasures. Nearly one-third of our state is federal land, and we have more national parks than 46 other states. 

Karen Vail: To area dog owners

I met a young woman at the corner of Third and Maple streets walking two dogs recently. The conversation went something like this: Me: Do you need a bag? Woman: No, I don’t. A long pause.

Our view: Howelsen sets us apart

Howelsen Hill Ski Area may be tiny by modern standards, but it undeniably looms large in the history of competitive skiing in North America.

Koye Carlstrom: Encourage right projects

In response to the Jan. 20 article, “Routt County Building Department studying possible cut in permit fees,” I would like to propose another option that would be in all of our interests.

Lynn Abbott: For the classical fans

Classical music fans, we have a special treat coming our way Friday at 10 a.m. Just tune in to WWFM at 91.1 on your FM dial to hear Live from Steamboat, a broadcast from the Strings Music Festival of 2013.

Our view: Still free, still driving tax receipts

If there is a perennial part of Steamboat Springs’ summer scene that is more beloved by a broader swath of both the local community and our visitors than the Free Summer Concert Series at Howelsen Hill, it’s difficult to imagine what it might be.

Joe Meglen: Lincoln’s birthday

“History is written by the victor ...” Feb. 12, the anniversary of Lincoln’s birthday, is an appropriate time to examine some uncomfortable facts.

Our View: Responding well to kerfuffle

We commend Steamboat Springs city officials for acknowledging, and more significantly, correcting a mistake they made last year when they cut back transit service in a way that made it impractical for residents of Steamboat Springs’ west side to take the free-to-rider bus to work and skiing.

Bill Pass: Steamboat sets example

The following is a description of a situation we encountered Thursday night at the Steamboat Springs Transit Center. In light of highly publicized stories of ineffective government (both nationally and in our own City Council) and disrespectful/combative police confrontations nationwide, this exemplifies how citizens, government and police should act on a daily basis.

The Routt County RedneX Committee: RedneX Games on hiatus

You may or may not have heard about a little gathering known to many as the Routt County RedneX Games (aka Routt County Redneck Olympics).

Matthew Grasse: Missing the point

I guess I’m one of the first new shuttle riders to the west end. The shuttle is very pleasant; it has that new shuttle smell, the driver is happy to have a new job. I’m glad the city has addressed this very important issue.

Our View: School board should avoid rush to polls

The hiring of a pre-bond engineer by the Steamboat Springs School Board a week ago Monday could set the stage for a bond issue election in November.