Kody May: Enough about pot

As a fourth generation native of Routt County and a father of three young children in our community, I would like to take a brief minute to express my displeasure of the topics, especially the front page of the Steamboat Today.

Hazelbaker family: Thank you so much

Thank you so much to everyone who provided support and compassion after Conrad (Conch) passed away so suddenly.

Kenneth Finn and Bob Doyle: Pot policy harmful

In response to your recent editorial, “Pot experiment seems to be working,” we are concerned that the general public is unaware of the numerous and growing problems since marijuana commercialization began in Colorado five years ago under the guise of medicine.

Our View: City, Yampa Valley Housing Authority partnership a win

It won’t come as a surprise that we view collaboration between government agencies as a common-sense approach to tackling projects when possible. There are cost efficiencies that can be realized in shared projects, which saves taxpayers money and demonstrates good government planning.

Dave Peregoy: Historical atrocities

As a country, we have spent far too much and lost too many American lives on military campaigns in places where oil is the primary motive and have little to show for it. At some point we should have the wisdom to say, “Enough.”

David Moss: Presidents as idiots

This letter is written in response to Bob Stevenson’s letter published in Thursday’s Steamboat Today. Mr. Stevenson properly takes offense to the Cal Thomas editorial published Wednesday, in which Thomas implied that President Barack Obama was an idiot using a quote from Shakespeare.

Tom Willman: Media and Big Pharma

Our ability as individuals to opt-out (the exemption) of complying with what many people in Colorado consider to be draconian-statist wishes is, after all, granted by law. The notion that “rolling up your sleeve” is in the greater community interest, “come on dude, just do it for the collective,” is in my opinion borderline Marxist, if not medical tyranny in nature.

Tease photo

Thrift Store Challenge: Vote for the best thrift shop find

In the true spirit of thrift shopping, the Steamboat Pilot & Today news team set out on a mission to see what treasures they could unearth at area second-hand stores. Each staff member was given $10 and then were challenged to comb local thrift shops in search of one-of-a-kind items. Vote here for the best thrifted treasure.

Our View: Pot experiment seems to be working

After the first full year of legalized retail sales of marijuana in Steamboat Springs, we’ve seen that even in its infancy, it’s a multi-million dollar industry that will only grow. And we’ve been unable to detect any alarming signs that weed is going to undermine Steamboat’s stature as a wholesome place to live and visit.

John Mertz: Suffering with dignity

As of Feb. 6, Colorado House Bill HB1135, which will legalize physician-assisted suicide, has been postponed indefinitely by the House Committee on Public Health & Human Service; however, most indicators suggest the issue is far from behind us.

Bob Stevenson: Criticisms unfounded

Cal Thomas criticizes President Obama as not measuring up in Thomas’ war-monger contest (Wednesday’s Steamboat Today). Thomas seems to prefer the right’s Cheney/Bush “let’s make up and sell wars to America” approach.

Linda Lewis: Questions to answer

How many of those affected by the recent measles outbreak were vaccinated? How many were unvaccinated? Was the virus identified as the wild virus or the measles vaccine virus?

Nick Rowse: Annual visitor

On Saturday, while visiting my family here on Laurel Lane just below the Steamboat Ski Area, a fireworks display was shooting off for about 20 minutes or so. Regardless of the spectacle of lights and noise, which many people enjoy, I wanted to let your readers know of negative impacts to other people and to the environment.

Guy Lothian: Poem about Storm Peak

Poem about Storm Peak

Our View: Roll up your sleeves, please

We were taken aback by the news last week that roughly 10 percent of students in the Steamboat Springs School District have claimed exemptions from immunizations, as allowed by state law.