Robert P. Baker: Recognize origins

First, let’s be clear that the idea of a decorated tree at solstice does not come from any of the theistic religions but is a pagan tradition that predates all of those religions. As a practicing pagan, I am quite happy that Jews, Christians and even Muslims recognize paganism by putting decorated trees in their houses and on their lawns.

Steven Hofman: Government spin on a holiday display

It would seem that unlike public officials in Routt County, neither the president of the United States nor the speaker of the House, and all the legal minds at their beck and call, sees any church-state problems with multireligious displays and activities.

Our View: There is no free bus

We think it’s good news that the Steamboat Springs City Council is receiving blowback about cost-cutting measures this winter that have resulted in changes and reductions in Steamboat Springs Transit routes.

Our View: A celebration of unity and good will

In a show of unity and ecumenical support, the United Methodist Church of Steamboat Springs is now home to a modern menorah created by Randy Salky, a member of Har Mishpacha, Steamboat Springs’ Jewish community.

Brodie Farquhar: Decoration decorum

Thank you so much for protecting the delicate sensibilities of your readership Friday, regarding the front-page article about dog zapped, Christmas tree lights turned off.

Our View: Putting parking in gear

We like the plan announced by the city of Steamboat Springs in November to convert the Eighth Street parking lot from a maximum of four-hour parking to eight hours.

Marguerite Salazar: Questions to ask when insurance shopping

The clock is ticking. For folks that do not get their health insurance through their employer, Monday is the deadline to enroll in a health plan that starts Jan. 1. Jan. 15 is the deadline for coverage that starts Feb. 1, and open enrollment ends entirely Feb. 15.

Our View: A proactive approach to Proposition 104

We think the School Board was wise to show its support for a more open employee contract negotiation process in advance of the election. Ultimately, voters across the state approved Proposition 104 by a three-to-one margin, which is evidence that the public has a strong interest in open meetings and making sure government business is conducted transparently.

Omar M. Campbell: Remember Pearl Harbor

Dec. 7 marks the 73rd anniversary of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese — also our entry into World War II.

Our View: United Way holiday tradition needs you more than ever

One of the most rewarding traditions of the December holidays in Routt County long has been the United Way’s heartwarming program to match families who cannot afford much of a Christmas with generous people who get in touch with their own holiday spirit by meeting their needs.

Colby Townsend: Deciding to shop local

As a local retailer, I like to compare notes with other business owners whenever I get a chance. While talking to another retailer, I was disheartened to hear her say that she will be closing her store in the near future. The theme of our conversation was that the traditional store front retailer quickly is becoming a thing of the past.

The Friends of Crossan’s M&A Market: Thank you for support

At this time of year, I think of all the wonderful businesses and individuals that have helped the Crossan’s M&A Market in Yampa. This year, we have been successful in our First Call of The Wild Auction, which included an authentic Heritage Out House as our signature offering.

Teresa Audesirk: Why are we so wasteful

I’m doing some laps at Old Town Hot Springs. It’s unseasonably warm; nice, but not great for a “Champagne Powder” economy.

Randy Kelley: Protect our resources

As a seasoned river runner, I can tell you nothing compares to the experience of floating a wild river through wild lands. Preserving that experience depends on a lot of factors, not least of which is ensuring we keep enough water in our rivers to support recreational use.

Our View: Food on the go

In our opinion, food trucks don’t compete with traditional restaurants but enhance Steamboat’s growing reputation as a culinary destination. They have the potential to complement downtown’s quaintness and its easygoing ambiance by offering visitors and locals even more epicurean options.