Kristin and Tucker Larson: Thanks to Sports Club

I just wanted to give a warm and thankful shout-out to the folks at the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club for welcoming my son and me so warmly to the last Hitchens Brothers Jump Series this past Wednesday night. We drove up from Erie on a whim so my son could give his dream of trying what he saw in the Olympics a try.

Our View: Let the sun shine in

The subject of “work product” has reared its ugly head again with the revelation that Steamboat Springs City Manager Deb Hinsvark recently sent two emails to members of the Steamboat Springs City Council and marked the correspondence as confidential by designating them as work product.

Totally Kids board of directors: Thanks to Hayden

Totally Kids would like to thank the Hayden community. Without people giving their time, we would not be able to provide these programs. Volunteers are the basis of all of our programs.

Cari Hermacinski: Applaud City Council

In a March 6 article on the front page of the Steamboat Today, residents of Steamboat Springs learned that Steamboat Springs City Manager Deb Hinsvark is once again using “work product” communications with the City Council as a means of shielding those communications from the public.

Lora Werner: Almost non-partisan

Regarding Sally Claassen’s letter to the editor titled “Caucuses start Tuesday.” I want to applaud Sally Claassen for her promotion of the caucuses and compliment her on what was almost her non-partisan letter.

Our View: CMC elevates Steamboat’s educational offerings

Colorado Mountain College’s Alpine Campus, which sits high above the western edge of downtown offering spectacular views of Mount Werner and Howelsen Hill, serves as a brick and mortar reminder of the visionary work undertaken by a group of committed community leaders who realized the value of keeping a college in Steamboat Springs and fought hard to save it more than 30 years ago.

Melanie Sturm: Inequality and a tale of 2 Ukrainians

Last week, as Ukrainian emigre-turned-tech tycoon Jan Koum prepared to cash a multibillion-dollar check from Facebook — acquirer of his startup “WhatsApp” — Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich was checking out of his Gatsby-esque estate where he’d cached his stolen plunder.

Lenny Herzog: Disagree with Douglas

I like reading Rob Douglas’s columns. We share a similar philosophy on most topics. However, I was led to wonder about his latest column “Who’s driving city policy?” I have no doubt that there may be some legitimate reasons for being disgruntled with the performance of current city manager Deb Hinsvark.

Alan Steinberg, M.D.: Be thoughtful

I am a part-time resident of Steamboat, who takes great delight in my frequent visits to my home here. It is an absolute pleasure to return here, and be welcomed by old friends, as well as meet new ones.

Our view: Having it both ways

On Feb. 23, the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission adopted stringent new statewide rules intended to reduce the emission of air pollutants from oil and gas wells, and this action stands out as validation of the vigorous stance taken two years ago by Routt County. At that time, county officials engaged and stood up to a couple of state agencies as the county sought to exert more control over air and water quality issues at a time when it appeared Northwest Colorado might be on the cusp of an energy boom.

Rodger Steen: Cleaner air for Colorado

Many of you will have seen the initial articles about updated air emission rules for oil and gas development in Colorado, passed as of Sunday. The real story is that all of Colorado, but especially the Western Slope, won big, and Routt County and Community Alliance of the Yampa Valley played an integral part in the groundwork for that win.

Our View: Summer air service takes flight

Expanded summer air service has been an item that’s been on the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association’s wish list for years, as well as ours, and we view the added air service from late June through early September as a potential boost for summer tourism.

George Hresko: Quo vadis?

Approximately one decade ago I commented to a then-Steamboat Springs city councilperson that I did not see how council was able to make consistent, logical decisions given what appeared to be a random stream of ideas, suggestions, concepts arriving on their desks. That person asked what I meant.

Our View: Building Trust

We think that the highest responsibility of the Routt County Regional Building Department is to protect the consumers who purchase residential, commercial and industrial buildings here. But right after that comes the role of efficiently serving the construction industry that is such an important economic driver in the local community.

Rob Douglas: Who’s driving city policy?

The Aug. 10, 2012, edition of this column was headlined, “Will Roberts rise to Magill’s challenge?” The column examined complaints about then-Steamboat Springs City Manager Jon Roberts primarily raised by three members of the Steamboat Springs City Council — Walter Magill, Kenny Reisman and Sonja Macys — during that week’s City Council meeting.