Dennis D. Brust: Illegal immigration carries high cost in U.S.

A commentary on illegal immigration in the U.S. submitted by Dennis Brust.

Mary Anderson: 1st enhance programs

While I don’t dismiss the merits of an early childhood education, I think as a “village” we need to thoroughly think through the idea of having Steamboat Springs School District provide preschool.

Sarah Bradford: Family against 3A, 3B

My husband and I uprooted our family and moved from Winter Park to Steamboat Springs a little more than a year ago so our twin boys, now 8, could grow up in a community with neighborhood schools.

Family of Mary Jo Barnes: Family expresses thanks

The family of Mary Jo Barnes would like to express their sincere thanks and gratitude for the many expressions of sympathy, prayers and support during and after the loss of our mother.

Susan Strong: Celebrate credit unions

On Oct. 15, credit unions worldwide will come together to celebrate International Credit Union Day and the role financial cooperatives play in improving the communities they serve and the lives of their members the world over. This year’s theme, “People Helping People,” encapsulates the long-standing credit union philosophy.

Bill Wallace: Raise pressure, add fines

A few days ago, Steamboat Springs lost much of its Internet and telephone service again. Like the last time this happened, a construction contractor doing excavation work carelessly cut the fiber-optic cable that provides our telecommunication services. The response so far is, “Oops.”

Nancy Stahoviak: Pay change unnecessary

I just read the article in the Steamboat Today about the potential substantial increase in the pay for Routt County elected officials. While there are some elected positions that should be filled with individuals with specific training and expertise (sheriff, treasurer, assessor and clerk), and it is important to attract candidates to run for those positions that have the expertise to adequately perform their duties, I do not feel that is the case for the position of Routt County commissioner.

Letter to the editor: Writer wants opinions

Routt County is now considering the revision of county residential zoning to include short-term house rentals. Short-term is defined as a few days up to 30 days. These are generally known as “vacation house rentals” (VHRs) and mostly rented through the Internet (VRBO, AirB ‘n’ B, etc.).

Letter to the editor: Family thanks friends

We live in one amazing community. Our family was amazed by the overwhelming love and support we received during this most difficult time in our lives.

Kyle Case: Thanks to 9/11 donators

Thank you to everyone who donated and helped with the 9/11 Never Forget project.

Diana Simon: Area not much changed

This letter is in response to your poll asking for our opinion on the overall effect of legalized pot on the Steamboat community.

Ann Ball: Love community schools

Love your Steamboat community? Then love our schools, because they greatly influence quality of life in the ’Boat.

Our view: Welcome to the 'Sharing Economy'

We think the Routt County Commissioners and planning staff are moving cautiously down the correct path as they investigate the possibility of legalizing short-term rentals outside commercial areas in the county in order to better regulate them.

Welcome to the ‘Sharing Economy’

As residents of Steamboat Springs, we are sensitive to the disturbance that rural Routt County residents have experienced from the use of nearby residences as vacation homes. After all, they likely chose their properties for the relative peace and quiet they offer.

Harriet Freiberger: Remembering Sept. 11

What happened in New York City 14 years ago now flashes on and off screens amid all the rest of our daily digital bombardment. The past, some say, is over and done, but the numbers speak otherwise. Even as far away as Routt County, we can hear what they say.