Benjamin Cole: Take care of us 1st

It seems as of late, and particularly in Colorado, that everyone is concerned with Syrian refugees and whether they should be accepted into our country and state.

Rodger Steen: Climate change for real

There appears to still be a public debate regarding climate change and whether human-caused increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide are damaging for human habitation. The important related facts are irrefutable and lead to the conclusion that humans are causing climate change that already has and will continue to have a serious impact on our environment.

Our View: Look for Steamboat’s next CEO

As Steamboat Springs City Council sets out in the New Year with its search firm to find a new city manager, we urge that council members keep in mind the atypical nature of municipal government here.

Our View: The times, they are a changing

We respectfully disagree with members of the Routt County Planning Commission who informed the Board of County Commissioners in late December that its master plan, approved in 2003, doesn’t need an update. That’s similar to saying the local economy, our housing supply, educational and healthcare institutions, diversity of businesses and the social habits of its residents haven’t evolved through the course of more than a decade.

Brodie Farquhar: Issue based on biases

Later this month, Hayden voters will vote whether the town can have a commercial marijuana-growing operation in the town’s industrial park. Or, the vote will be whether Hayden descends into druggie decadence with the aroma of pot so strong that passers by can get high, simply by driving through.

Garret W. Ehrick: Working on snow day

As I sit here in my office, Sending another email, checking another document, The snow gets deeper, and my soul sinks ever lower. The computer screen is dim, the Internet slow And the snow is ever rising.

Our View: Get back on digital track

The dispute that erupted in late December between Routt County Treasurer Brita Horn and the Board of Routt County Commissioners over a PayPal account to facilitate online payment of building permit fees need never have happened. But since it has, it’s time for the treasurer to take responsibility for re-building a more collaborative relationship with the commissioners as they continue the work of modernizing county systems for the convenience of their constituents.

Erin Light: Why measure, record water you divert

Water in Colorado is not owned by people, but rather people own a water right, which entitles them to use a portion of the public’s water (referred to as a usufructuary right). A water right is limited by the amount of water that can be diverted for a beneficial use without waste.

Bennet: Break in gridlock for highway bill

Almost every day, we travel on our roads and bridges, hop on our transit system to go to and from work and rely on our railways to transport goods across the country. The quality of our infrastructure and the ability to move people and products directly affect our economy. A deteriorating infrastructure puts our safety and the safety of our families at risk.

Our View: Thanks to unsung heroes

As we embark into a new year, it seems fitting we pause for a moment to express our heartfelt appreciation to a couple of groups of people whose crucial work takes place mostly behind the scenes and is generally greeted by little, if any, public fanfare.

Randy Baumgardner: Focused approach to transportation needs

As your state senator, I have been very busy this fall and early winter. The Colorado Assembly’s formal session begins every January and lasts into the first part of May but the work of the critical committees that make up the structure of your state government go on year around.

David Lien: Hunters, anglers seek access to state lands

Currently, in Colorado, only about 20 percent of state lands are open to public use (access paid entirely by sportsmen through hunting license and gun sales), while the other 80 percent are leased out to the highest bidder.

Our View: Pause project, don’t pull plug

Routt County commissioners have called a “time-out” on plans to build a shared law enforcement facility with the city of Steamboat Springs, and we hope that pause is not permanent.

Bob Frank: Thank you for patience

The Yampa Valley Housing Authority, the city of Steamboat Springs and Connell Resources would like to say, “thank you” to residents of Fish Creek Mobile Home Park and the Yampa River Botanic Park for their patience, endurance and, mostly, for friendly cooperation during the months of the water and sanitary sewer improvement project that affected their lives and homes.

Sam Buchanan: Article appreciated

Nice article on snowblowing. So far so good with my own blower. I broke a bolt on the left rotor my first time out, but then I popped another one in, and it started spinning again.