Our view: Plan critical for Howelsen’s fiscal future

We were encouraged by the constructive tone of Steamboat Springs City Council’s Jan. 18 discussion on the future of Steamboat’s historic skiing operation at Howelsen Hill, which set aside any notion of the city discontinuing skiing there. Instead, city leaders are now looking forward to exploring opportunities to mitigate the city’s exposure to fiscal risk from damaging mudslides on the hill and generate increased revenues from ski operations.

Allen Hischke: Clear snow off roofs

We have had quite a bit of snow this winter so far — more than we have had here in recent years.

Katherine Cain: Selah offers services

Each year at this time, the nation turns its attention to the issue of crisis pregnancy and choice, as we mark the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in 1973 to legalize abortion in the United States.

Dennis D. Brust: Reader shares research

American peace officers are currently under attack. The mainstream media, which rely on hot topic stories that often incite emotional responses that help bolster their polls, along with ill-informed, ignorant politicians looking to support a sensitive topic for political gain, bear a lot of responsibility for this horrific situation.

Friends of the Yampa: Group helps Yampa

The board of the Friends of the Yampa is pleased to announce its new officers for 2016. Friends of the Yampa is the preeminent river advocacy group located in Steamboat Springs and dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the recreational and environmental integrity of the Yampa River and its tributaries through stewardship, advocacy, education and partnerships. Charlie Preston-Townsend has been elected president for 2016, with Eugene Buchanan as vice president. Kent Vertrees will fill the role of secretary, while Greg Henion will continue as the board’s treasurer.

Our view: More connected community

One of the first major news stories of 2016 was the announcement that Routt County had been awarded a $748,000 grant from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs to fund construction of nine miles of fiber optic trunk line between east and west Steamboat this year.

Jennie Lay and Betsy Blakeslee: Snow drawings return

A pair of community snow drawings has once again taken the Yampa Valley landscape during the past two weeks — first a rendition of the historic Yampa River flow on Lake Catamount, then a mirage of across a winter wheat field next to the Hayden airport.

Fred Auch: Thanks for response

On behalf of the owners and guests of the Edgemont Condominiums where the chimney fire occurred Friday, I’d like to express our appreciation to the members of the Steamboat Springs Fire and Police departments and the Routt County Sheriff’s Office that responded to the alarm.

Sam Jones: Community wants clarity

To all of the members of the Local Marketing District: As you begin your campaign to renew the 0.25 percent airline sales tax, I think we, the community, would love some clarity and real data regarding the results of the past five years.

Paul Bonnifield: Gas cheaper than coal

I understand the deep emotional concern expressed in Gary Burkholder’s letter, “Coal miner speaks out.” The same concern and fear is expressed by many residents in Routt County.

Our view: Council, police department turn corner

One of the most difficult challenges humans beings — particularly those in leadership roles — face is realizing they were wrong, admitting it and reversing course.

Noreen Moore: Resident praises council

As we go through the steps to bring light to our community’s agencies and leadership, I want to praise the current City Council. I had the pleasure, and I use that word with purpose, of sitting through a council meeting when dealing with the issue of further clarification and disclosure of the police report.

Gary Burkholder: Coal miner speaks out

I was a coal miner. I worked at the Twentymile coal mine for 23 years and 10 years at other mines here in Colorado before that.

Brandi Dudley: Holidays bring reflection

During the holidays, most all tend to reflect on memories, bask in festivities and dole out good cheer. I, for one, have enjoyed our winter wonderland — the lights all aglow and the living Nativity. It is a time of remembrance of the life-changing gifts we have received and those whom have given them. We all eagerly await a new year and desire it to be better than the previous, and that is my hope for all of us.

Benjamin Cole: Take care of us 1st

It seems as of late, and particularly in Colorado, that everyone is concerned with Syrian refugees and whether they should be accepted into our country and state.