Jenette Settle: Problem is dog owners

Way to go dog owners! You have caused the separation of a cow elk from her calves. The calves are unaccounted for, and odds are that they will not survive.

Chris Ricks: Why punish the elk?

A cow elk is tranquilized and forever separated from her newborn.

Gary Hofmeister: 'Live not by lies'

This was a mantra of one of the greatest men of the 20th century, Alexander Solzhenitsyn. As an intellectual who refused to be bullied by Stalin, he accepted the requisite punishment of the gulag (as memorialized in “The Gulag Archipelago”) and ultimately was banished from his beloved Russia. Communism was built on lies and requires incessant ones to perpetrate its bizarre and brutal system.

Our View: When more than just the lights go out

We’ve found multiple reasons to praise Yampa Valley Electric Association since Diane Johnson took the reins as general manager in June 2013. However, we think our rural electric cooperative needs to modernize the way it informs customers about power outages.

Thinking About Health: Quiz — Will next year's insurance rates go up or down?

It’s now the silly season for insurance rates with government agencies, consulting groups and the media all speculating about next year’s premiums. Will your insurance premiums go up or down this fall? Never before have I seen such intense interest in insurance rates, which editors have usually considered a snoozer of a story.

Libby Foster: Community effort

The Routt County Bridges Initiative, a collaborative effort between the Routt County Department of Human Services, Routt County United Way and LIFT-UP of Routt County, recently crafted a vision statement for our local Bridges Out of Poverty Initiative. After quite a bit of contemplation and wordsmithing, the executive committee members and I agreed that: “We envision a vibrant community united to improve the lives of people living in poverty.”

Peggy Weaver: Regulate fireworks

We humans take it to the limits until after midnight with no considerations for all the creature that inhabit this beautiful place we live in. Why do humans have to be so self-absorbed and inconsiderate of other living beings on this earth? Does anyone ever think about the terror the wildlife and our pets are enduring on the Fourth?

Rob Douglas: Journalists to Obama: ‘Stop the spin’

On Tuesday, as President Barack Obama winged his way to Colorado to hold a fundraiser for Sen. Mark Udall who was — wink, wink — too “busy” in Washington, D.C., to attend, the Society of Professional Journalists, the Colorado Press Women and 36 other journalism groups sent a letter to Obama castigating his administration for being a major source of the national frustration that is “breeding cynicism about democratic government.”

Our View: A move in the right direction

The Steamboat Springs City Council voted last week to enter into negotiations to purchase a small piece of residential property at 603 Yampa St. with plans to develop the parcel into a riverside pocket park. The action followed a recommendation made to council by the Yampa Street lodging tax committee, which is tasked with helping decide how the lodging tax dollars earmarked for the project (as much as $900,000 throughout two years) are spent.

Frank Roetzel: Dear Ms. Dowd

I would like to answer your question from your editorial, “Who do we think we are?” Before I do, I would like to comment on some of your posed questions. I am sorry you are so disappointed in America that you see July Fourth as a “commiseration of American disappointment.”

Our View: Finding a fit for Steamboat’s changing economy

Soon after we recovered from the surprise this week over Chamber CEO Tom Kern’s announced decision to resign his position in order to be closer to elderly parents in Michigan, we were reminded that the search for his replacement begins now.

Debbie Ratliff: Special thanks

On Monday morning, June 23, I played tennis, went grocery shopping and drove to the library. I parked the car in front, got out and promptly fainted. Thanks to a young woman with two children in tow who helped me into the library, where a library staff member put a compress on my head wound. As is the library’s policy, EMTs were called and arrived quickly. After administering an EKG, they knew I had a problem.

Cookie Lockhart: Fourth of July magic

Ahhh, the magic of Fourth of July. To some it is barbecues, picnics, family get togethers, whatever they do best. Fireworks, ball games and though most off work, very little rest. Flags flying in the air, Red, white and blue everywhere.

Rob Douglas: Not as free, but still brave

This Independence Day, Americans are feeling less free than they have in years. Meanwhile, here in the Yampa Valley, we have a shining example of why the United States is still the home of the brave.

Karl Koehler: Change would bring relief

A few weeks ago, I was called to jury duty — again — in Routt County. Invariably, the timing of the summons is inconvenient, and there’s a tinge of immediate reluctance coupled with the urge to squirm off of the civic responsibility hook. But with short reflection, I recognize the responsibility as part of the small price we pay to live in civil society and I dutifully report for jury duty, committed to provide the best judgment I can.