Kathy Goudy: Incumbent wants to continue service

Colorado Mountain College needs trustees with energy and vision. As a taxpayer-subsidized institution, trustees must be accessible, listen to the communities comments and understand fiscal responsibility. I have done this for the past four years as the sitting trustee for Eastern Garfield County and hope for your vote for re-election.

Jon Warnick: Experience duration to benefit board

I have always had a passion for education and have been directly involved with CMC the past 15 years. This includes serving seven years on the CMC Foundation Board, where I headed the finance committee, served as treasurer and was the board chairman for four years.

Mike Morris: Vote yes on 3A, 3B

As a former teacher, 14-year resident, business owner, residential and commercial property owner and father of two elementary kids, I chose to get involved with the Facilities Master Plan, because I knew this decision would affect my family on many levels.

Steamboat Springs Middle School teachers: Stuck in middle

In the past few weeks, we have seen a lot of information printed about the need for more space at the elementary level. Some residents have suggested that building a third elementary would alleviate all of our problems with overcrowding and a new high school is unnecessary.

Stephanie Smith: Bigger isn't better

Though my family and I have lived in this town for 12 years, we still consider ourselves new to the area. We’ve always appreciated how incredibly friendly the people are and how well-designed the town is as a whole — carefully and thoughtfully planned and developed.

Citizens for a Better Plan Committee: No on 3A, 3B

As election day approaches, we hope everyone will take the time to look carefully at both sides of the school bond issue. Although we are passionate supporters of Steamboat’s schools, we cannot support this bond proposal.

The Yes 2 Steamboat School Committee: Yes on Referendums 3A, 3B

Steamboat Springs is a great place to live, with schools that rank in the top 1 percent of Colorado. This has caused student enrollment to grow every year for over a decade, putting both elementary schools and the middle school overcapacity.

Scott Blair: Run Rabbit Run

I wanted to thank everyone I made contact with during the set up, movement and take down for this running race.

George Hresko: Thanks for prudence

A sincere thank you to the board of education and all who have attempted to sort out the school investment needs in Steamboat Springs. The community needs folks like yourselves willing to give your time to improve the quality of our discussion.

Our view: Vote ‘yes’ on broadband referendums

In the 21st century, the Internet is vital to how we do business, how we learn and how we communicate with each other and the rest of the world. It’s become a necessity, as critical to our daily life as electricity, and recent outages in the area proved just how underserved Routt County is when it comes to reliable, redundant and affordable broadband service.

Robin Schepper and Eric Washburn: School needs help

With one son in fourth grade and another in eighth grade, we are closely following the debate about the high school bond issue. Reading the Sept. 29 front page article about that topic, we were struck by the following three facts.

Our view: Say ‘yes’ to Proposition BB

The state of Colorado owes its taxpayers a refund, and the first Tuesday in November, those same taxpayers will tell the state how they’d like to receive that refund — as a little cash now, or as a substantially larger return on a collective investment in the future.

Todd Musselman: Thank you volunteers

On behalf of Yampa Valley Fly Fishers/Trout Unlimited Chapter and the Yampa Valley Stream Improvement Charitable Trust, we would like to extend a special thanks to the volunteers, fly-fishing guides, fly shop owners and landowners who donated their time and property to support the 17th annual Golf Trout Tournament throughout the weekend of Sept. 12 to 14.

Deirdre Macnab: Make correct plan

Public education is the promise America makes to its children. It is the common denominator of a thousand cultures, languages and histories — it is what binds us as a nation.

Robert Ball: Support 3A, 3B, future

After living in Steamboat Springs for 15 years but not raising any children here, we were presented with the opportunity to visit the high school with a retired teacher as our host. This was mid afternoon but seemed fairly representative. The traffic was its usual mess at Third and Fish Creek Falls, fortunately not at peak time.