Our View: Say ‘no’ to Buffalo Pass partying

U.S. Forest Service law enforcement officer Nick Walters said he hoped the community was “appalled” by recent partying at Buffalo Pass that caused damage to the popular outdoor destination, and on behalf of local residents, we are. Forest Service officials report that partying on the pass is an ongoing problem, especially during holidays, and we are disturbed by this trend for a number of reasons.

State Rep. Randy Fischer: Having a voice in water planning

Our goal for the water plan is to provide a path forward for providing Coloradans with the water we need in the future while seeking to maintain such divergent values as healthy watersheds and environment, robust recreation and tourism economies, vibrant and sustainable cities and viable and productive agriculture.

David Moss: Response to EPA letter

The purpose of this letter is to provide three counterpoints to Jeff Troeger’s letter to the editor entitled “EPA Confusion” in Steamboat Today on Friday.

Our View: Council makes common sense decisions

The Steamboat Springs City Council has been busy over the past few weeks, working with staff to review budget requests and prioritize an extensive and expensive list of capital projects. During this process, the council made a pair of decisions that we believe are fiscally smart and make sense.

Gary Hofmeister: History redux

By sheer serendipity, I have been immersed in World War II as of late. I awoke a few days ago noticing it was Sept. 1 and, being a history buff, remembered this was the beginning of WWII when the Nazis invaded Poland (and the Soviets a few weeks later, lest we forget.)

Veronica Bea McMahon and Connie Smith: Hayden’s kindly firefighter

Recently, we had the absolute pleasure of meeting “Simon,” one of the firefighters stationed at the Yampa Valley Regional Airport in Hayden.

Judy Gunthorpe: Be courteous on roads

This is in response to Terri Willliamson’s letter, “Impact of Words,” published Thursday regarding the use of bicycle bells. During one of my regular summer visits about five years ago, I wrote in the same vein.

Jeff Troeger: EPA confusion

Dennis Webb’s recent article chronicling the Environmental Protection Agency’s visit to Craig to discuss their new carbon pollution safeguards illustrated some common misunderstandings about the pollution limits.

Terri Williamson: The impact of words

Steamboat Springs generally gives a warm welcome to the many visitors who come to enjoy the community events and outdoor activities here. Most restaurant servers are very friendly.

Molly Waters: Let nonprofit operate shelter

May I call attention to a serious proposal facing our community? The city of Steamboat Springs is proposing to spend $146,000 worth of work at the animal shelter next year to install a new stem wall and snowmelt system. These improvements are needed, but why should the city pay for this when a volunteer organization, the Routt County Humane Society, has offered to take over operations from the City?

Tony Seaver: Wilderness walk success

Many thanks to the more than 200 participants in last Sunday’s Walk for Wilderness, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Wilderness Act. We hope that everyone gained a deeper appreciation of America’s more than 700 Wilderness Areas and especially our local favorites: the Mount Zirkel, Sarvis Creek and Flattops Wilderness areas.

Harriet Freiberger: Looking forward to looking back at 9/11

Anniversaries speed by, the pain less acute. On this Sept. 11, 2014, those of us who remember a morning 13 years ago do not need a replay on our television screens to recall the impact of four airplanes.

George Avgares: Thanks for help

Every year, our back-to-school supplies drive and fundraiser seems to grow exponentially. Our community’s giving tied to this event speaks volumes to the need that we are fulfilling.

Steven Hofman: Editorial misses point

The Steamboat Pilot & Today’s Sunday editorial, “Conservation and oil wells,” completely missed the main public policy point that is central to the purpose of Routt County’s purchase of development rights program.

Peter “Mike” Yurich: Changing the rules

I was interested in ViewPoints expressed in Wednesday’s newspaper on Oak Creek, “Staying the course,” and approving the latest marijuana business license. I think the opposition to the new marijuana business is not the license but the location where they intend to build.