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On scene for June 24

Autumn Phillips

Bistro buzz

The buzz this week is all about a new place on Yampa Street called Sunpie’s Bistro. In the former location of Yampa Blue, it’s a great place to sit by the raging river and have a brewski. A Four Points writer and crony wandered in Thursday night. It seemed to be the happening spot for the rugby and Paddler Magazine crowd.

Take that as a warning or an invitation.

Guard grouse

Mountain bikers beware: A pugilistic grouse is laying in wait for you on the Emerald Mountain single track. If you come across it, standing in the middle of the trail, don’t expect it to back down. According to eyewitness accounts, the grouse caused one biker to abandon her bike and run away, screaming. The bird also chased — in as close to full flight as a grouse can get while 2 feet off the ground — a pretty burly dude down the trail after said dude (supposedly gently) pushed the in-your-face bird out of the way with his bike tire.

Farewell BCS

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Buzzcut Sheep played its last gig ever at a Saturday afternoon block party. Bass player, front man and all around sick bird Matthew Craig is moving to Tennessee next week, abruptly ending the meteoric rise of Routt County’s favorite cow punk band.

A lot has happened since the band got together three years ago, including one marriage, two babies and a lot of canned beer.

Mid-show, Buzzcut Sheep was joined on stage by Sam Caston on the drums, Andy Pratt on bass and the guy from across the street as guest vocalist.

After sad goodbye applause from the audience, BCS members Russ Duplessis, Craig and Paul Campbell jumped back on stage for a final show by their side project, The Sick Bird Trio. Again, sad applause from the audience.

(Anti-) car rallies

On Saturday afternoon, the act of looking at cars was a lot quieter than driving them. Lincoln Avenue was blocked off for the Mustang Rally. People paced the street, looking under hoods in complete silence like men walking down the halls of a spaceship.

Meanwhile, the cynical gathered in the parking lot at Colorado Mountain College for the anti-car rally — the Subaru Park ‘n’ Boogie. Big Pants played to the attentive ears of about 15 Subarus and a few milling owners. Also, the hot dogs were great.

— Autumn Phillips

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