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On Scene for June 10

No more joshing around

Another page in the annals of aprÃs ski memory has been written and turned. Josh’s Back Alley Bar opened in December and kept us entertained for a season in a local’s atmosphere. Alas, Josh’s will not reopen in November. Josh’s regulars will have to find another reason to ski.

Listen up, grads

This was the weekend of graduation parties — trays of finger sandwiches and Pepsi in wine glasses. Good luck to the Steamboat Springs High School Class of 2005.

My advice: Don’t carry a stranger’s luggage. Look people in the eyes, and keep your mouth shut. Don’t serve hot hor d’oeurves in the summer.

R.I.P. Dog-town U.S.A.

Check out this month’s issue of the “Mountain Gazette.” Steamboat Springs is featured in the obituary section. “The deceased: Dog-town USA, in Steamboat Springs, CO,” it begins. Written by Linda LeBallister, the full-page article recounts the effects of leash-law enforcement on the friendliness of our town. In her account, she mentions that an off-leash golden retriever (the mascot of Steamboat) was shot dead last summer on Emerald Mountain when it got close to some grazing sheep in the area.

“The drive is getting longer for a little peace from the Leash Nazis,” she wrote. “How did it catch up with me so quickly?” Read it for yourself. Free at newsstands.

Rack ’em up at OTP

The talk of the town is the new pool table at Old Town Pub.

After Sabre’s closed in April, there was one less place to play pool downtown. Until July 1, OTP is the only place to play pool if you don’t want to be coated with a layer of cigarette smoke.

This could be your chance

Musicians have one more chance to get on the list.

Bar owners regularly call the 4 Points staff looking for last-minute recommendations for local bands to fill unexpectedly empty slots.

To be fair, 4 Points is putting together a call list of local bands for just those calls. If you are a member of a local band and are interested in playing bar gigs, call Autumn Phillips at 871-4210 or e-mail aphillips@steamboatpilot.com with your band name, musical style and contact information.

— Autumn Phillips