Omar M. Campbell: Thoughts about Mexico |

Omar M. Campbell: Thoughts about Mexico

Mexico — a good neighbor? By comparison to our Canadian ally — no. The latter participated in WWII and the Mideast affairs. They suffered considerable casualties as did the U.S. and NATO countries. There have been very few problems with our northern good neighbor and border.

I cannot remember hearing that Mexico ever helped the U.S. militarily in any way from WWI to the present. I do know from personal experience that U.S. citizens of Mexican descent served well and honorably in WWII. This text is no disparagement whatsoever of them.

In contrast to Canada, the corrupt third-world Mexican government gladly has accepted our corporations (cheaper labor force) and generous financial and other aid. In return, it has done nothing whatsoever to stem the tide of its citizens and other illegal immigrants from the rest of South America from crossing our border.

In fact, it actively has promoted and assisted the flow. How? By a ministry that provided advice about the easiest and best places to penetrate the border. Then there is the ongoing arrest and holding for more than three months of an innocent American serviceman in a Mexican jail.

It recently has come to light that drug cartels have taken over in northern Mexico and are extorting money from coyotes and border hoppers. It appears that we need the National Guard, well supplied with live ammo, on the scene.

After the Mexican war in the late 1840s, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas were ceded to the U.S. One suspects that event still is embedded and festering in the Mexican psyche.

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It is very probable that the government of Mexico wants, and indeed already has, considerable hegemony (political influence) in the U.S. and seeks more through its export of surplus population and the chance that a weak U.S. president will grant them amnesty by executive fiat. Hispanic names are increasing in both Houses of Congress. It is probable that their ethnicity will affect their objectivity in immigration matters — especially amnesty.

Demographers predict the "browning of America" in a few decades. Probably so, as our society has been invaded and amply seeded with anchor babies — and now with child "refugees." The anchor babies are citizens automatically by the unfortunate 14th Amendment, meant to give children of black slaves citizenship. The founding fathers inadvertently shot us in the foot.

I have twice proposed City Council and county commissioners hire a bi-lingual officer to the All Crimes Enforcement Team or the Sheriff's Office. His job, among others, would be to check employers of aliens to ensure that they are documented legally.

We are a nation of complacent pollyannas to have looked for decades the other way and allowed this subtle invasion and threat to our sovereignty to take place. Shame on us.

Contact your national congress people and tell them to shut off aid and trade with Mexico until it shapes up and become a good neighbor.

Omar M. Campbell

Steamboat Springs

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