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Omar M. Campbell: Smoke and mirrors

The first yard sign for the Nov. 6 election has appeared: "Romney & Ryan." A bumper sticker proclaims "The tooth fairy exists; Santa Claus is coming; and Obama will fix everything."

Interpret the latter as you like. To me, it means the smoke and mirrors of "Hope" and "Change."

Earlier this year, President Barack Obama met with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. An unintended recording of their conversation occurred. It included a statement from Obama that he would need some space on some issues on his agenda until he was elected to a second term — after which he would not need to worry about re-election.

We can only speculate what these were, but there are a couple issues that could be attempted by dictatorial executive fiat (bypassing the legislative branch and disdain for the constitution). Both would cause outrage among the people:

■ General amnesty for illegal aliens, most of whom vote Democratic. This virtually would assure dominance for Obama's party far into the future.

■ Require gun registration as a first step to confiscation, also by executive fiat.

Nov. 6 is the time to choose which fork of the political path we take. The left-hand fork leads to European-style socialism and probably to a failed state like Greece. The right-hand fork hopefully leads back to the representative republic and constitutional guidance our forefathers intended.

Omar M. Campbell

Steamboat Springs