Omar M. Campbell: Ship of state |

Omar M. Campbell: Ship of state

Omar Campbell

Our national ship of state is rudderless and bound to go aground sooner or later. Party politics, mostly about the next presidential election, seem to dominate the ship's course. The current captain, and also the previous two, have set a treacherous course through domestic and foreign shoals and reefs.

Popular and lavish entitlement and retirement programs, here as well as in Greece and a half-dozen other European countries, are leading toward national financial disasters. We are not far behind with Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and a host of miscellaneous welfare and social programs. The aging native population and the welfare and law enforcement burden of millions of illegal aliens is outstripping tax revenue.

The crunch is coming. We need to act ASAP, but the social liberals would rather kick the can down the road, borrow from China and let the national debt (already $15 trillion) grow.

Our current ship's captain appointed Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles as a committee to chart a course to cope with the coming shipwreck. He then summarily deep-sixed it because it threatened his European-style socialist agenda.

The tide needs to turn in 2012. Hopefully, a new captain at the helm of a refitted ship will lead the country to an austere program of reforms. "Hope and change" has not worked the past three years. The new slogan should be "Hope and getting back to traditional values."

On Nov. 6, 2012, please vote for the sustainable long-range good of our country. Do not be sidetracked by lesser personal issues — such as abortion, religion, gun control, gay rights, etc. These are minor distractions that will be contentious and with us indefinitely.

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