Omar M. Campbell: Let’s vote on pot |

Omar M. Campbell: Let’s vote on pot

My respect for and admiration of the Steamboat Springs Police Department only increased when I read the April 6 Steamboat Today. Capt. Joel Rae had the audacity and courage to say what a lot of us more timid folk are reluctant to talk about — banning the so-called medical marijuana industry. Increasing DUIDs and reselling by licensed users to others was predictable. Kudos also to Dr. Harrington and two other local doctors who have spoken out on the adversities of this issue in the past.

"Industry" is a handy euphemism for camouflaging and dignifying the sale of an addictive drug. I wish the Steamboat Pilot & Today would stop using that term. How about drug centers, shops, emporiums, bazaars, traders, peddlers or such?

Then the April 7 Steamboat Today contained a follow-up article discussing a public vote on banning pot. As with the Steamboat 700 annexation, this is a great proposal. Let all the people of the county decide. Like the 700 thing, this is too big and important a matter to leave to the respective majorities of the City Council and Routt County Board of Commissioners. A ban should be countywide.

Like a lot of other conservatives, I was shocked spitless in 2000 when medical marijuana was legalized in Colorado by a small majority (54 percent) of "yes" votes. I think the vote was pushed over the 50 percent mark by younger liberals who tend to come together and vote perversely on traditional or established values and issues.

The long-term strategy of the present-day "caregivers" is, of course, to eventually see pot legalized. Think of the big bucks rolling in to pot peddlers if any adult could walk in and buy it over the counter.

Let your city and county representatives know how you feel about voting on a countywide pot-selling ban; and also the mixing (infusing) of pot into candy, cookies, soft drinks, etc. — as cottage industries yet!

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