Omar M. Campbell: Changing America |

Omar M. Campbell: Changing America

Presidential candidate Barack Obama declared that his goal, if elected, was to transform America. Apparently, most of us jumped to the conclusion that he meant for the better.

Although suspicious of a graduate of Illinois politics and his association with ACORN and "community organizing," I assumed he meant a positive transformation for the good of the country. I wished him well (at the time).

How wrong can one be? A talking head on TV said that the only thing Obama has bettered in five-plus years in office was his golf score. I have to agree with that.

Our president is an affable, charismatic celebrity, gifted in giving inspirational speeches promoting his party and soliciting funding for it.

It is difficult to find any positives he has done for the country. He literally has thumbed his nose and given the one-finger salute to the Constitution, the Congress and public opinion.

"Progressive" is a term coined by his party to camouflage a gradual drift into a socialistic welfare state. The approach is catering to the politically unaware and loyalists who vote a party line regardless of merit or content. Their votes count just as much as those of the politically aware. And there is a lot of them.

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Although Obama cannot run for another term, his ideological goal is to maintain liberalism and control of government by his party.

The litany of scandals and executive letter fiats is too long to list here. However, the more egregious ones are "affordable" health care, IRS, Bengazi, the Dream Act and other executive fiats, advising Atty. Gen. Holder which laws to enforce and flip-flops on gays and gay marriage to gain their votes.

We have to put up with the situation for nearly two and a half more years. Hopefully, voters will replace the Senate majority and strengthen the existing House majority this November at the midterm elections.

The key to getting our country back on track is to elect someone with managerial and statesmanship abilities.

Omar M. Campbell

Steamboat Springs

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