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Janice Carol Turnbull

Janice Carol Turnbull — wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother — now is with the Lord. My wonderful wife of 48 years and nine months passed away peacefully in her sleep at 5:30 a.m. Sept. 30, 2012 at our home in Phippsburg. This was an unexpected passing. Let me tell you how she lived.
She was born Janice Carol Ard on Jan. 14, 1944. Her beauty captured the heart of Martin Lee Turnbulll, and we were married Jan. 9, 1965.
Jan's legacy is too long to be listed here. She reached more souls than we can imagine with the salvation message of healing, joy and hope. As a warrior who believed in family first above all else, she fought a daily spiritual battle for her family and others in her prayer time.
Her favorite sayings were "take joy," "let the world take care" and "all is well in the household of faith."
Janice was my North Star throughout our marriage. She was the ballast that kept our family on even keel. She was the magnet that held us together. She was the rudder that guided us through the stormy waters of life. Her compass always pointed us toward the Lord.
At the prompting of the Holy Spirit, she reached out to many people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. She led the Swans delivery man to the Lord, and he, in turn, led his wife to the Lord. She touched many other people with her faith and love. She saw a grandmother in the store who could not afford apples for her granddaughter, and so she provided the apples and the money for the apples. A lady on food stamps in a checkout line did not have the money to cover her needed purchases and told the clerk to remove items until she could pay the bill. Janice told the clerk she would cover the lady's purchases and to put the overage on her bill. A lady verbally admired her earrings, and Janice blessed her with them. She coached young women through childbirth.
Throughout our marriage, we never slept apart, even when we disagreed.
Janice was the finest cook I have ever known.
Her heritage, our family, is a legacy of hope built on prayer, faith and healing.
She is survived by her husband, Marty; children Martin (Kristina) Turnbull, Samantha (Tom) Martz, Aimee (Dennis) Bryan and Joseph (Jami) Turnbull; grandchildren Kristi (Kenneth), Benjamin, Elizabeth (Timothy), Amanda, Jarrod, Isaac, Tessa, Andrew, Melanie (John), Emily, Savannah, Micah and Ashlynn; adopted grandchildren Justin, Chloe, Noah and Miley; and great-grandchildren Hunter, Nicolai and Eli.
Janice presently is with Jesus. Her body rests facing the rising sun in the Yampa Valley Cemetery awaiting that final trumpet call.
As a family, we thank all our neighbors who reached out to the new people in the neighborhood with food, words of encouragement and prayer. I personally thank the Oak Creek Fire Department, the paramedics, the Routt County Sheriff's Office and Mitch Locke, of the Yampa Valley Funeral Home, for their kindness.

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