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Dean Tresner

Dean Tresner was born Dec. 29, 1960, in Chandler, Ariz., to Yoryeah and Jere Tresner. He was a sensitive, inquisitive, inventive soul who also had a brilliant mind. His fascination was with modern technology, especially aviation and electronic devices. Dean would take things apart to find out how they worked.
Dean was an avid reader, poet, photographer, journalist, scuba diver, sailor, polo player, pilot and certified Tai Chi instructor who also played the piano and violin. Dean received bachelor's degrees in computer science and physics from Metropolitan State College in May 1985.
Dean built his own airplane, which included the forging of the bolts. He loved flying the airplane he named "pitsiriki," which means "little one."
Dean loved traveling, especially enjoying cruises and diving expeditions, and he found the Bikini Island dive the most daring and the Galapagos Island dives the most fascinating. He loved Greece, calling it his "patritha" (homeland), and at one time considered moving there. Dean spoke Greek, and at one time, he said to his mother "the Greek language was the best gift you have ever given me." Dean also was so fond of Yianni that he called him "Dad."
He loved his home, which he called his "lufa," and had it immaculately furnished and immaculately clean. 
Dean has friends all across the world. In his short life, he lived life to the fullest. Our hearts have a hole that only Dean can fill.

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