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Barbara Miller Lyon

Barbara Miller Lyon passed peacefully Sept. 30, 2011.
She was born Nov. 21, 1918, in Chippewa Falls, Wis., the first of five children to Arthur and Gladys Miller, of Cornell, Wis.
She attended Carleton College in Northfield, Minn., for two years before marrying Charles G. "Chuck" Lyon Jr. in July 1939 in Basin, Wyo. They eventually settled in Steamboat Springs, where they owned and oversaw daily operations at Lyon's Drugstore for the next 20-plus years. In that interim, they raised three boys: Charles Rich (1940), Jon Gardiner (1945) and Kent Miller (1950).
Throughout those Steamboat Springs years, Barb dedicated herself to motherhood and was a prolific reader and hiker of nearby U.S. Forest Service trails. In 1964, they relocated to Boulder, where Barbara returned to college and completed a degree in elementary education. She never taught but instead worked alongside Chuck in a Hallmark card and gift store near the campus of the University of Denver for the next 20-something years.
In 1984, they retired to Chuck's boyhood home in Coldwater, Kan., a small rural farm town in the south-central sector of the state where she lived out the remainder of her life. Born of a German father and a Norwegian mother, she sported more of her father's qualities: fastidious about home and yard, opinionated and perhaps a bit outspoken at times but ultimately focused on trying to be honest, fair and kind to all.  
Barb is survived by Jon Gardiner Lyon and Marge Blanc, of Madison, Wis.; Matthew, Katie and Laura Lyon, of Denver and Boulder; Sandon, Chris and Maria Lyon, of Corpus Christi, Texas; Bill and Rita Miller, of Moran, Wyo.; Jeanne Gitlin, of Round Rock, Texas; and Susan George Barnett, of Broomfield. She was preceded in death by her husband, Charles Lyon Jr.; two sons, Charles Rich Lyon and Kent Miller Lyon; and two sisters, Sally Carlson and Jane Sturgeon.

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