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The Colorado Surface Coal Mining Reclamation Act of 1979 (34-33-101 et seq.) and the Rules and Regulations of the Colorado Mined Reclamation Board for Coal Mining, and in particular Rule 4.08.3, requires that, “Each person who conducts surface blasting incident to surface mining activities to publish a blasting schedule at least 10 days, but no more than 20 days, before beginning a blasting program in which blasts that use more than 5 pounds of explosives or blasting agent are detonated.”

In accordance with these requirements, the Peabody Sage Creek Mine, located southeast of Hayden, Colorado hereby provides public notice of the planned blasting schedule for the area described below.

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  1. Specific Area:

a. Blasting Site – the center of the blasting area is approximately located

i. State: Colorado

ii. County: Routt

iii. Latitude: 40? 25’38”

iv. Longitude: 107? 07’28”

v. Township: 5N

vi. Range: 87W

vii. Section: 2 & 3

viii. Meridian: 6th

b. The blasting area will encompass an area approximately 1000′ x 1000′ in size in the portal development area

  1. Dates and Times:

a. Commencing on the 17th day of August 2011, blasting in the approved areas shall be accomplished between sunrise and sunset, seven days a week. Operational considerations such as equipment breakdowns, temporary changes in delivery schedules, local strikes, etc… may dictate that blasting not be accomplished on some days.

  1. Control of Access:

a. The general mining area is identified by appropriate signs along all access roads designating it as a mining area and restricting entry to authorized personnel only. The blasting area is posted with signs reading “Blasting Area”. In addition to the signs, all access to the immediate area of the shot is controlled by mine personnel prior to the shot. All areas in which charged holes are awaiting firing will be guarded, barricaded, posted, or flagged against unauthorized entry.

  1. Audible Warning Signals:

a. Blasting will be preceded by five (5) long whistles (air horn) five minutes before detonation and (5) short whistles one minute before detonation.

b. One (1) long steady whistle after the blast shall designate an “all clear” condition.

  1. Emergency Detonations:

a. Safety considerations may dictate detonations at times other than the above-noted time periods. The following conditions, as defined in regulations (30 CFR 77) promulgated under the Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969 and 1977 Amendments, Mine Safety and Health Acts, shall be cause for detonations under emergency conditions:

i. Damaged or deteriorated explosives or detonators;

ii. Misfires and/or undetonated explosives;

iii. Presence of static electricity or stray current conditions;

iv. Weather conditions that may indicate a potential safety hazard;

v. Operator safety or safety considerations for the general public

Published in the Steamboat Pilot & Today

Publication Date: August 7, 2011


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