North Routt landowner asks Routt County commissioners to allow short-term rentals |

North Routt landowner asks Routt County commissioners to allow short-term rentals

Michael Schrantz

— When the housing market tanked in Routt County at the end of the past decade, Dave and Michelle Barnes already had moved to Steamboat Springs, but their home in Hahn's Peak Village languished on the market.

As Dave Barnes explained Tuesday to the Routt County Board of Commissioners, financial difficulties related to the property and the inability to sell it left him looking to short-term vacation rentals through the website to keep making his mortgage payments.

Unfortunately, short-term rentals run afoul of zoning regulations that prohibit such use across the county except in commercial districts, of which there are few, and Barnes has been approached by the Routt County Planning Department about the violation multiple times.

Barnes was before the commissioners Tuesday asking for a zoning change that would allow his short-term rentals to continue. The commissioners unanimously directed the county attorney to pursue enforcement of the current zoning regulations.

Complaints by Scott and Michelle Denniston, Barnes' neighbors, detail the short-term rental of the property after the Planning Department states it had sent an enforcement letter to Barnes.

A Planning Department document states that it was understood Barnes would stop renting the home, but Barnes said he told the department that it was unfair he was being singled out when many other homes in Routt County were advertised on the vacation rentals website and would continue to rent the home.

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Planning Department Director Chad Phillips said a scan of the website a few months ago found about 45 properties in unincorporated Routt County that were advertising for short-term rentals.

Paul Hoffman during public comment took exception with what he said was Routt County's method of only enforcing regulations when a complaint was made. Commissioner Doug Monger said the cost of enforcing regulations such as this through legal proceedings are prohibitive.

"Maybe we start taking things on," Monger said, adding that he would welcome further discussion about advertising for illegal activities. Monger also said he would not support zoning changes that allowed short-term rentals in the Hahn's Peak Historical Zone, where Barnes' house sits.

Commissioner Tim Corrigan said there is potential for the county to be more aggressive in enforcing zoning regulations.

While stating that he understood the financial pressures Barnes was under, Commissioner Steve Ivancie said that was not an excuse to knowingly violate the rules.

Barnes and his attorney told county staff after the meeting that the advertisement would be taken down the same day. If Barnes ceases short-term rentals at the property, the need for further enforcement would abate.

If not, Ivancie said during the meeting, there will be court action.

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