No fire, water restrictions in short-term forecast |

No fire, water restrictions in short-term forecast

Water-saving tips

• Do not water outdoors between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

• Avoid watering on windy days when 30 percent can be lost to evaporation.

• When irrigating with a hose, use a spring-loaded nozzle; no free-running hoses.

• Discourage tree-planting and the seeding or sodding of new lawns from June 15 to Aug. 31.

• Encourage the use of native grasses and shrubs or drought-tolerant species on new or redeveloping properties.

• Discourage water-intensive landscapes.

• Encourage cutting lawn grass no shorter than 3 inches to reduce soil moisture loss and to promote deeper roots.

• Limit the filling of swimming pools to one per year, unless draining for repairs is necessary.

— What a difference a year makes in Northwest Colorado.