Nine close-knit Christian Heritage graduates found it necessary to one-up anyone |
Melinda Mawdsley

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Nine close-knit Christian Heritage graduates found it necessary to one-up anyone

Christian Heritage School Class of 2007

Christian Heritage School teacher Mary Ann Cutter was surprised to learn the 2007 graduates of Christian Heritage were scattering around the country after high school.

“We all expected them to go to the same school and live in the same house,” she said.

Nine graduates will receive diplomas in a 6 p.m. ceremony Tuesday at Christian Heritage, and although nine is a large class for Christian Heritage, the Class of 2007 is extremely close, valedictorian Kevin King said.

“We are all unique in our own way, but we all get along,” he said.

Nearly the entire graduating class has been together since seventh grade.

Rachel Van Baak, Marc Hall and Tyler Houston attended Christian Heritage from kindergarten through their senior years, which Cutter said the school is particularly proud of. Van Baak, Hall and Houston included their Christian Heritage longevity in their self-penned bios, indicating how proud they are of that fact, as well.

Cutter, who taught literature to most of the Class of 2007 for the past 3 1/2 years, said the graduates as a group, including her son Lewis Cutter, would be remembered for their personalities than anything else.

“This group’s middle name is ‘fun,'” Mary Ann Cutter said.

After trying to think of a story to share with Routt County readers, salutatorian Lewis Cutter was proud to recount the day when his classmates, as sophomores, pulled a prank on the seniors while the seniors were pulling a prank at the school.

“We snuck in and scared them,” he said.

“We Saran Wrapped and Vaselined their car,” continued King. “We flashed the lights and got into the cellar and stomped around.”

Mary Ann Cutter said no one should be surprised the Class of 2007 found it necessary to one-up anyone.

“It usually works out that way,” King shrugged.

When asked to name the one thing he will remember about Christian Heritage, King, who has narrowed his college choice to two, said there wasn’t a thing he didn’t love about Christian Heritage.

“I’ve enjoyed being here,” he said.

Lewis Cutter, who is attending Gonzaga University, said he’ll remember everything the Class of 2007 did together, such as spiritual retreats and trips to Europe.

Mary Ann Cutter said in addition to the fun-loving attitude the graduates all have, she is pleased to see they all have post-secondary aspirations.

“I’m so proud everyone is going to college or has a plan with hopes and dreams,” she said. “And this group will meet every one of them.”