New bike counter quantifies summer cycling behavior on Yampa Street |

New bike counter quantifies summer cycling behavior on Yampa Street

Breyanna Waldsmith rides her bike along Yampa Street in downtown Steamboat Springs on Wednesday afternoon. A new bike counter on the street detected an average of 606 bike trips daily from June 20 to Tuesday.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect that July 20 did not coincide with Art in the Park and Hot Air Balloon Rodeo.

If you guessed that Saturday was the most popular day of the week to take a bike ride this summer on Yampa Street, the new bike counter in downtown Steamboat Springs would prove you right.

The counter also confirms the USA Pro Challenge finish downtown generated more than 1,200 cycling trips on Yampa Street, making Aug. 21 the third-busiest biking day of the summer for Yampa.

The most traffic came July 20, when 1,646 trips were counted, and July 4, when 1,285 bike trips were detected.

With the counter, the city can home in on cycling behavior downtown.

From June 20 to Tuesday, the bike counter detected an average of 606 cycling trips daily and an average of 12,564 trips monthly.

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Saturdays were the busiest biking days this summer, attracting an average of 17 percent of the bike traffic in a week.

The peak time periods coincide with the traffic seen at the Mainstreet Farmers Market.

Traffic grows steadily from a low of 12 percent Mondays to the peak Saturdays.

On weekdays, peak traffic on the street comes at about 5 p.m., suggesting the counter is detecting some commuter traffic.

Mainstreet Steamboat Springs Manager Tracy Barnett said the numbers don’t come as a surprise.

From her office on Yampa, she said she can tell that bike racks in front of places like Sunpie’s Bistro are full on any given day of the week.

"Even if we don’t have all the infrastructure, people are coming already," she said. "I’m not surprised. There are just more bikes in general."

She said the city should continue making it easier for people to ride their bikes downtown.

The counter was installed in June by the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Bicycle, Pedestrians and Byways Unit.

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Reverse-angle parking coming soon

The city of Steamboat Springs is just about ready to launch the new reverse-angle parking spaces on Yampa Street. City Engineer Ben Beall said Wednesday that the city is just waiting for the newly paved parking area near 10th Street to be dry enough to paint the new spaces. Drivers can read more about the spaces here.

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