Monday Medical: What’s cooking in the lunchroom? |

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Monday Medical: What’s cooking in the lunchroom?

South Routt School District Food Service Manager Charlotte Whaley

Healthy lunch options

■ Let your child help. Children often are more willing to eat foods they help choose or prepare.

■ Find creative ways to include fresh vegetables. Pack bite-size veggies and a low-fat dip. Sneak veggies on sandwiches. Fill celery with peanut butter.

■ Use whole-grain breads. Cut into fun shapes with cookie cutters. For variety, add whole wheat crackers instead of bread.

■ Choose lean meats: turkey, chicken, water-packed tuna, lean ham and roast beef.

■ Include one serving of fruit. Prepackaged fruit and applesauce cups are popular with children.

■ Limit sweets. Graham crackers, fat-free pudding, sugar-free flavored gelatin and oatmeal cookies loaded with raisins are good lunch-box treats.