Monday Medical: Weigh and Win rewards health |

Monday Medical: Weigh and Win rewards health

Christine McKelvie / For the Steamboat Today

If you are planning to lose weight this year, LiveWell Northwest Colorado has an amazing deal for you. The Weigh and Win program is free, fast and easy. Plus, it actually pays you to lose weight.

That might sound too good to be true, but Barb Parnell, community coordinator of LiveWell Northwest Colorado, explains that it is for real.

"LiveWell Northwest Colorado's mission is to reduce obesity in Routt County by introducing healthy eating and active living choices and empowering residents to select them," Parnell said.

"Weigh and Win is a free program that will help you to incorporate healthy eating and active living into your daily routine."

This online program provides cash rewards to individuals who continue to lose weight until they have achieved a healthy body mass index. People who already have a healthy BMI can benefit by setting fitness and nutrition goals and receiving coaching.

"We are fortunate to bring Weigh and Win to the region to help our community be aware of BMI, to understand the implications of unhealthy BMI and to provide resources for those who desire to make lifestyle changes to improve BMI," Parnell said.

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The sign-in process may be done at, but you must go to a Weigh and Win kiosk to complete enrollment. Starting today and continuing through July 31, the kiosk will be located at Yampa Valley Medical Center.

"The kiosk will be near the main lobby, in the hall outside our Community Health Resource Center and across from SportsMed," YVMC Wellness Director Lisa Bankard said. "Look for a kiosk and scale located behind a bright-colored banner, which serves as a privacy screen."

Yes, weighing in is required if you want to take advantage of the incentives. The scale will measure an accurate weight and your photo will be taken. The process should take about one minute. You then will receive an email prompting you to enroll in Weigh and Win and identify your health goals.

After you are fully enrolled, you will begin to receive daily emails with helpful advice and coaching tips tailored to your personal health goals. You also can receive optional text messages and/or talk with a health coach.

You can track your progress through weekly computer entries into your personal success journal. To qualify for cash rewards, you must get weighed at the Weigh and Win kiosk every three months.

Starting in May, the kiosk has been in Hayden, Oak Creek, Yampa, Walden and Craig. Now Steamboat Springs will have its turn.

"Northwest Colorado is one of the first rural areas in the state to get this program," Bankard said. "YVMC is excited to be involved in this wellness initiative that aims to reduce obesity, increase physical activity and get people engaged in healthy behaviors."

The kiosk will continue to travel throughout Northwest Colorado on a regular three-month schedule that will be updated on the event calendars in local newspapers. YVMC again will host the kiosk in October, as well as in January and April 2013.

As of June 29, nearly 20,000 individuals in the state — including 90 residents of Northwest Colorado — were enrolled in Weigh and Win. Their collective weight loss is more than 44,000 pounds.

Let's make those numbers go up. I'll race you to the kiosk.

Christine McKelvie is the public relations director of Yampa Valley Medical Center. She can be reached at

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