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Melissa Brungardt:Healthy support

Editor’s note: Following is a copy of a letter sent to Colorado Attorney General John Suthers:

I am writing to inform you of my strong objection to the new legislation that is prohibiting the licensing of Naturopathic Doctors in Colorado.

More specifically. I am concerned with your decision to shut down the practice of Jim Dailey, ND, of Rocky Mountain Integrative Health and Longevity Center in Steamboat Springs. The loss of Jim Dailey and other naturopathic doctors is one that this state cannot afford. I find that the state’s disregard for the people’s right to alternative medicine to be irresponsible and not in the public’s best interest. Having naturopathic doctors protected by the state would be protecting the citizens’ interests.

Taking away this option is only going to force those who choose not to take synthetic or manufactured drugs to fend for themselves. They will buy online, or from a store rather than from or on the advise of a trained professional in the field of natural medicine.

You are putting the citizens of Steamboat Springs into this last-resort position; and it is on your hands if someone buys an unsafe product in the “black-market” world of online drugs.

It is my understanding that a local medical doctor made the complaint to your office in regard to Jim Dailey. I own and operate a women’s fitness club, and in my experience, it is after people take traditional drugs prescribed by their doctors that they turn to alternative medicine. After all, there is only so much masking of symptoms that a person can take before they seek real solutions to their problems.

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I truly hope you never have to watch a loved one suffer the effects of menopause, have problems worsen after being prescribed synthetic hormones, and then have nowhere else to turn because you have rid the state of all the people who might actually be able to help her. How dare legislation allow medicine to become a monopoly.

Since when did a little competition ever hurt anyone? Shouldn’t we consider that having alternative medicine available might make modern medicine better by keeping everyone honest and questioning those who claim to have all the answers? If modern medicine and drugs are the only answer, then why have so many embraced the trend of natural medicine?

The reason is because not everyone is magically cured by the almighty prescription, and some people don’t want a quick remedy; they want to know and understand the cause of their problem and fix the root of it rather than just the symptoms.

In addition, many naturopathic doctors take more time to determine patients’ health problems and possible solutions.

Some people like a “doctor” who actually listens to them and who doesn’t make them wait 35 minutes to have five minutes with them.

Jim Dailey’s appointments are scheduled one hour apart.
When was the last time one of your doctors talked to you for an hour?

In the 1600s, a physician experimented with the concept of blood transfusion. It was not accepted as appropriate by fellow physicians and therefore not tried again for 200 years. In the 1800s, it was experimented with again, and finally in the early 1900s, it was perfected and used successfully.

Obviously, medicine would not be as advanced today if it were not for the blood transfusion.

The definition of medicine must be continually allowed to evolve, or we risk missing the next big medical advance. I want you to take action in keeping Jim Dailey and the Rocky Mountain Integrative Health and Longevity Center Open.

You need to protect the balance of modern and alternative medicine in Colorado.

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