Maynard Short: Oak Creek pot sham |

Maynard Short: Oak Creek pot sham

Maynard Short

— The opening paragraph of Sunday's article about medical marijuana in Oak Creek ("Oak Creek medical marijuana debate continues") is very enlightening: "Although the South Routt School District, Oak Creek Police Department, and several residents support a town ban on the sale and commercial growth of medical marijuana, the Oak Creek Town Board is looking at forging ahead with revisions to the ordinance that was passed just more than a year ago."

In America we have a representative system of government, and at every level the representatives are voted in to represent the constituency's viewpoints and not their personal biases, choices or agendas.

One really begins to wonder just who the Oak Creek Town Council is representing.

Just how many medical marijuana patients are there in Oak Creek? Are there enough to justify a business that has the potential to be the largest marijuana grow factory in Colorado?

One trustee says "… but we've already started going down the road, and we don't want to ruin the lives of these people who have a lot of money invested in this town for this specific

reason." An unbelievable example of distorted logic.

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I wrote a letter to the editor one year ago about the sham of the Oak Creek Town Board's decision. It is now a situation where the unintended consequences are hitting Oak Creek with the full force of public awareness and a citizenry up in arms as to what is happening.

Over half of the Town Board members do not own property in Oak Creek, do not earn their living in Oak Creek, do not have a history of more than five years in Oak Creek, and they are deciding the future of Oak Creek based on a questionable business venture.

And they feel guilty? What about the second- and third-generation families in the South Routt community whose names populate the cemetery? Are they being represented by this renegade Town Board? I think not.

It is time the Town Board faced up to what its bad decision was and step up to the plate and stop it. Yes, it will cost more now legally than it would have a year ago, but it is their responsibility as a representative government.

I think the members of the Town Board who have backed this owe Oak Creek and the South Routt community a sincere apology, and perhaps a manifestation of that apology would be their individual letters of resignation.

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