Maynard Short: Columnists unbalanced |

Maynard Short: Columnists unbalanced

Citizens of Routt County,

Do you feel a little snobbish? Do you have a feeling of East Coast elitism roaming around in your brain? Do you have trouble talking to people outside the city of Steamboat Springs? Perhaps, it is because you are being "brainwashed" by The New York Times. Your local paper, the Steamboat Pilot & Today, has a fetish with The New York Times columnists.

Just look at the first half of January this year.

Jan. 2, Krugman, NYT; Jan. 3, Mark Bittman, NYT; Jan. 4, Cohen, NYT and Jonah Goldberg, Tribune Content Agency; Jan. 5, Bruni, NYT; Jan. 6, Friedman, NYT and N. Kristof, NYT; Jan. 7, Brooks, NYT; Jan. 8, Bruni, NYT; Jan. 9, Brooks, NYT and Clarence Page, Tribune Content Agency; Jan. 10, N. Kristof, NYT and Jonah Goldberg, Tribune Content Agency; Jan. 11, Gail Collins, NYT and Cal Thomas, Tribune Content Agency; Jan. 12, Krugman, NYT; Jan. 13, N. Kristof, NYT and Jonah Goldberg, Tribune Content Agency; Jan. 14, Cal Thomas, Tribune Content Agency and Maureen Dowd, NYT; Jan. 15, Bill Keller, NYT.

It appears that the Today has cut back on the faux economic policies of Krugman. Last year, the paper reprinted Krugman more than 100 times, whereas it looks like this year it will be cut in half.

So citizens of Routt County, you may want to pick up a local paper whenever you visit another city, to counter the brainwashing you are receiving from your local paper. Perhaps you might get a chance to read a viewpoint that is fair and balanced.

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