Maybelle Chotvacs: To the Steamboat Springs City Council |

Maybelle Chotvacs: To the Steamboat Springs City Council

We locals are users of Steamboat Springs Transit's Yellow Line. It runs from the Space Station, once an hour, to Colorado Mountain College, then to the Hilltop area and back. It services Old Town, the old hospital area, Howelsen Hill, Fairview and other residential areas, including a day care and nursery. Some of these areas are part of the Yellow Line's on-call service.

We need the Yellow Line. We don't all have cars or other ways to get around. It takes a lot of time to walk to the main bus line, and carrying things like skis or groceries makes the long walk even harder — especially in hilly areas like the college and the old hospital.

Do you ever ride the bus? If not, try it. Then you will know what we would have to do if you cut the yellow line. Try walking the route.

Also, nine drivers will lose their jobs. That means families with no income. Unemployment already is high.

The locals deserve better. You do so much for the tourists and leave us short. You say the bus is too expensive to run. Well, you have the money to keep it going. We don't really have to have a new police station right now. Sure, it might be nice and convenient. If you can afford that, you can sure keep the Yellow Line going. Not everyone is going to patronize the police station, but we will use the bus system.

Don't cut the Yellow Line.

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