Maury Schuessler: Think about the jobs |

Maury Schuessler: Think about the jobs

The city of Hayden is in great need of jobs, as is the country. If granted, Kum & Go's request to relocate elsewhere in downtown Hayden will add significantly to the tax rolls and create many new jobs — including jobs related to construction, building materials and government oversight the proposed project. The revenue alone will far exceed anything Hayden has seen in a long time. The downtown business from this project will provide much-needed revenue for at least a year just from the construction workers.

I would like to suggest that the Jan. 26 letter to the editor ("No to Kum & Go" by Patrick and Tammie Delaney) stating that the proposed Kum & Go project was a "mega-mart" and "truck plaza" was completely overstated, misleading and not at all representative of the project.

As with any good corporation, Kum & Go did its own demographic study of Hayden to see where its best business advantage would be. This proposed location was submitted to the town after the study.

Hayden, the town and surrounding area, should consider that this decision will have a profound and lasting effect on their future. It's all about jobs, jobs, jobs. Without jobs and revenue, there will be no history to celebrate. The town of Hayden must realize that history records those who embrace progress, not those who suppress it.

Maury Schuessler  


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