Matt Enochs: Policy premise flawed |

Matt Enochs: Policy premise flawed

Put me down as being very disappointed in the new commenting policy on The premise that anonymous posters are somehow discouraging more people from participating in the comment section is — and I know it is only my opinion — flawed. I would estimate that 80 to 90 percent of the posts were anonymous. You guys just lost every one of those posters. I seriously doubt that they are going to now post using their real names.

It is your paper, and your decision to live with, but the fact that as I write this there has not been a comment posted in 13 hours, except by Scott Stanford, may be indicative of how this new policy will play out.

And if the new policy results in fewer people participating, what then did you actually accomplish? I predict that you will be revisiting this issue in the near future. Best of luck.

Matt Enochs

Steamboat Springs

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