Mary Hilliard: Angels who play tennis |

Mary Hilliard: Angels who play tennis

I would like to thank the two cardiologists who were playing tennis at the Tennis Center on July 23 ("Tennis player saved from cardiac arrest," Steamboat Today) when my friend Harry Max went into cardiac arrest on the adjacent court. Their quick response starting CPR and then using a defibrillator supplied by Steamboat Springs Fire Rescue within a 10-minute timeframe are responsible for keeping him alive.

If anyone knows these two doctors, please pass on my heartfelt gratitude and a huge Texas-sized hug for saving my friend. Thank you to all the firefighters and the helpful bystanders. This is a wake-up call to learn CPR and to know where to find and how to use an AED. Just image if it were your best friend, father or husband whose life was just saved. My father was not as lucky to have had a cardiologist or two standing next to him.

I am happy to report that Harry is home in Houston, both safe and sound and as hard-headed as ever. I am glad angels play tennis, too.

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