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Mark Fischer: Sign the petition

Mark Fischer

I am a disciple of the "all politics is local" school, but this week I mourn the third anniversary of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. I see the consequences daily in gerrymandered legislative districts, outside influences in local elections and the 30-second soundbite politics in a nation and world with serious, fundamental and institutional challenges.

I don't expect Washington to change until the lobby system, the nearly unlimited flow of money to causes and the 365-day fundraising cycle for politicians can be reversed. Big-money donors (from both political parties) expect a payback in policy decisions. I live in a two-party household, and we get both barrels at election time. This is not political discourse. This is madness.

This week, a petition will be available to sign to amend the U.S. Constitution and overturn Citizens United. The petition will be available from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at Bamboo Market. The short- and long-term consequence of unlimited, undisclosed campaign money permitted by Citizens United is the loss of the individual voice in the body politic. Contact your senator, congressman, state legislator or news organization to speak your concerns. Citizens United is fundamentally anti-democratic and impedes individual freedoms. Citizens United allows the continued consolidation of power in the already powerful and politically connected, banks, insurance, energy, technology and health care. This is wrong. If you agree, speak up. Sign the petition. It's free.

Mark Fischer

Steamboat Springs

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