Steamboat marijuana business owner hits snag with Boston pot operations

After claims that a Steamboat Springs marijuana businessman lied on his resume, Boston officials have put a hold on Kevin Fisher's plans to open two medical marijuana dispensaries in the Boston area.

6 months in, marijuana sales are 'low impact,' a 'non-issue,' officials say

The roll out of recreational marijuana sales during the first six months in Steamboat Springs has gone smoothly, according to local officials.

Oak Creek sides against sin tax on pot

Steamboat Springs residents also have not been asked whether they want an additional tax placed on recreational marijuana sales.

Study: Visitors to Colorado drive mountain town marijuana demand

According to a study prepared for the Colorado Department of Revenue, about 90 percent of retail sales in "heavily visited mountain communities" come from out-of-state visitors.

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Marijuana sales tax data hard to come by in Steamboat Springs

The general answer, according to city officials, is that marijuana sales so far have accounted for a very small portion of Steamboat's bigger revenue picture. But the exact dollar figures never may be known publicly.

Moffat County commissioners place recreation pot question on November ballot

Moffat County voters will get to decide if they want to lift the county ban on retail marijuana this November. The Board of County Commissioners issued a ban on recreational shops and commercial cultivation in February 2013. But it since has been pressed to reconsider its decision by Kris Brannan, who wants to open a growing operation and a retail shop called Nisbeth Gardens.

High man was roughhousing with Rottweilers when he was bitten

What initially was reported as a man attacked by three Rottweilers turned out to not be so serious.

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Oak Creek residents learn about burgeoning marijuana industry

A group of Oak Creek residents Wednesday night learned how the town could benefit from Colorado's ongoing marijuana experiment.

Cannabis credit co-ops unlikely to gain traction without federal signoff

The most recent attempt by Colorado legislators to allow marijuana businesses access to financial services is a nice token gesture, according to those in the industry, but in reality will do little to change the status quo of secretive bank accounts and large amounts of cash changing hands.

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Maybell resident and consulting group plea for Moffat County officials to lift pot ban

Issue could go to voters in November

Maybell resident Kris Brannan wants to grow and sell recreational marijuana. Her first hurdle for getting into the highly regulated industry is getting Moffat County on board. She brought a petition with about 450 signatures to the Board of County Commissioners on Wednesday night as part of an effort to compel them to repeal their ban on the growth and sales of retail pot.

Commissioners supportive of extending marijuana moratorium

The Routt County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday gave its initial approval for extending the moratorium that forbids marijuana businesses from operating in unincorporated parts of the county.

Nanogram marijuana law tested with Routt County juries

In the past month, two Routt County juries have been asked to consider nanogram levels to decide whether defendants were too high to drive.

Steamboat Springs School Board denies expulsion appeal

The Steamboat Springs School Board last week upheld the decision to expel a 17-year-old girl suspected of possessing marijuana with the intent to sell.

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Local dispensaries implementing new packaging rules for edibles

In a constantly evolving industry, local marijuana dispensaries are implementing new rules that were signed into law by Gov. John Hickenlooper on Tuesday.

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Recreational pot sales commence at Lincoln Avenue location

Routt County residents and visitors now have a choice when it comes to buying marijuana for recreational use.

Recreational marijuana rules and information

  • • Colorado residents 21 and older can buy up to an ounce of marijuana at a licensed retail store.
  • • Out-of-state residents can buy up to a quarter ounce.
  • • Those older than 21 can share up to an ounce of marijuana with a friend as long as they're not getting paid.
  • • Marijuana can't be smoked in public or anywhere governed by the Clean Indoor Air Act.
  • • Ski resorts largely operate on federal land, where marijuana still is illegal.
  • • Colorado residents can grow up to six plant in their home, but the plants must be locked up.
  • • Drivers with more than 5 nanograms of THC in their blood can be cited for driving under the influence.
  • • Employers still can set their own drug policies and fire those who violate them.
  • • Marijuana is not allowed at Denver International Airport, and every jurisdiction in Colorado is allowed to set its own rules governing marijuana use.
  • • Recreational marijuana will have a 15% excise tax on the wholesale price and a 10% sales tax on the retail price.
  • • Medical marijuana will retain its lower tax rate, and the annual registration fee recently was reduced to $15.

Recreational marijuana stores

  • Rocky Mountain Remedies, 2750 Downhill Plaza #205, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 (970) 871-2768
  • Golden Leaf, 1755 Lincoln Ave. Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 (970) 870-2941
  • Natural Choice, 2835 Downhill Plaza, #205 Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 (970) 879-4420