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Tourists brave a long line to buy first bag of pot in Steamboat Springs

The first bag belonged to 22-year-old Patrick Krenke, from Minnesota. Behind him were tourists from Maryland, Nebraska, Florida, Tennessee, North Dakota, Wyoming, Kansas, South Carolina, Arkansas, Montana, New York, Illinois and the District of Columbia.

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Recreational marijuana sales start Wednesday morning in Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs has entered a “bold new era,” City Council President Bart Kounovsky proclaimed Tuesday night moments after the license for Rocky Mountain Remedies was approved.

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First retail pot shop in Steamboat passes inspection, could open Wednesday

Acting for the first time as the city's marijuana licensing authority, the council will consider approving the first retail marijuana license for Rocky Mountain Remedies.

Wyoming State Patrol warns marijuana possession still illegal north of the border

For those in Northwest Colorado planning to take advantage of retail marijuana sales, make sure to stay south of the Wyoming border.

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Steamboat Springs police prepare for unprecedented era of marijuana sales

In just a matter of days, adults 21 and older likely will be stopping by Rocky Mountain Remedies to legally purchase recreational pot for the first time.

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Rocky Mountain Remedies' retail marijuana location inspected by city officials

On Tuesday, Steamboat Springs Public Safety Director Joel Rae led a group of city officials through an inspection of Rocky Mountain Remedies’ new medical and retail locations in Downhill Drive Plaza.

Steamboat City Council to consider retail marijuana stores as licensing authority

On Jan. 7, the Steamboat Springs City Council will call roll, then immediately adjourn and reconvene as the Steamboat Springs Marijuana Licensing Authority.

Colorado approves 9 retail marijuana licenses for Steamboat Springs

Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division has approved nine retail marijuana licenses in the city of Steamboat Springs, according to a news release.

Retail marijuana applications pass planning hurdle

At a Steamboat Springs Planning Commission meeting where two permits for retail marijuana stores were recommended unanimously, the biggest issue seemed like it was parking.

Steamboat's 1st permit request for retail pot store on Thursday's city planning agenda

City Clerk Julie Franklin said Wednesday that two other existing medical marijuana dispensaries are in the process of applying for a retail permit. Should all three succeed, they would fill out the limit of three in Steamboat Springs under an ordinance approved by the Steamboat Springs City Council in September.

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Steamboat dog recovering after 'bad trip' from eating pot

It has been more than a week since Hailey ingested suspected marijuana, and she still has not returned to being her old self.

Steamboat's marijuana laws differ from those proposed in Denver

As the busy winter tourism season approaches, Steamboat Springs police want to make sure those visitors seeking a Rocky Mountain high are following the rules.

Colorado passes tax on marijuana for schools, regulation

Those in favor of Proposition AA in Routt County reached 74 percent. Statewide, the tax was passed with nearly 65 percent of voters in favor with 71 percent of the vote counted.

Hayden seeking help staffing police department

Still an officer down, the town of Hayden plans to enlist the help of the Routt County Sheriff's Office. The Hayden Town Council is expected to formalize an agreement with the Sheriff's Office during a meeting Thursday.

Local marijuana advocate calls Department of Justice memo 'powerful' guidance

It still is too early for Kevin Fisher to give any high-fives, but the Steamboat Springs marijuana advocate was encouraged Thursday by a U.S. Department of Justice memo stating that the feds would not clamp down on recreational marijuana use in states where it has been legalized.

Recreational marijuana rules and information

  • • Colorado residents 21 and older can buy up to an ounce of marijuana at a licensed retail store.
  • • Out-of-state residents can buy up to a quarter ounce.
  • • Those older than 21 can share up to an ounce of marijuana with a friend as long as they're not getting paid.
  • • Marijuana can't be smoked in public or anywhere governed by the Clean Indoor Air Act.
  • • Ski resorts largely operate on federal land, where marijuana still is illegal.
  • • Colorado residents can grow up to six plant in their home, but the plants must be locked up.
  • • Drivers with more than 5 nanograms of THC in their blood can be cited for driving under the influence.
  • • Employers still can set their own drug policies and fire those who violate them.
  • • Marijuana is not allowed at Denver International Airport, and every jurisdiction in Colorado is allowed to set its own rules governing marijuana use.
  • • Recreational marijuana will have a 15% excise tax on the wholesale price and a 10% sales tax on the retail price.
  • • Medical marijuana will retain its lower tax rate, and the annual registration fee recently was reduced to $15.

Recreational marijuana stores

As of Jan. 8, 2014