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Forewarned is forearmed

We were happy to hear about the state of Colorado’s new rules governing the packaging of medical and recreational marijuana products.

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Steamboat Springs marijuana industry continues to grow in 2016

Marijuana dispensaries in Steamboat Springs have sold almost $900,000 more in product so far this year than they did during the first seven months of 2015.

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Steamboat Springs School District drafts policy on medical marijuana use by students

Students with a medical marijuana prescription would be allowed to use marijuana on school grounds only under a strict set of rules, according to a new policy drafted by Steamboat Springs School District staff.

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Routt County's proposed pot tax too 'high' for Hayden's liking

State law prohibits Routt County from imposing an excise tax of more than 5 percent on pot, but the Town of Hayden, which operates under a home rule charter, is not bound by that limitation.

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Second marijuana grow proposed for Hayden

Two developers are proposing a second marijuana growing facility in Hayden.

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Marijuana decision the 'best compromise'

A local marijuana business owner has mixed feelings about a decision by federal officials related to the legality of marijuana.

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Oak Creek to consider marijuana ordinance

The Oak Creek Town Board on Thursday will consider an ordinance that would place restrictions on how residents grow marijuana.

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Routt County Commissioners hear law enforcement concerns on rural pot grows

Town of Breckenridge detective urges Routt County Commissioners to ensure they have 'teeth' in their regulations if they choose to allow marijuana grow facilities.

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Routt County Commissioners explore conditions for allowing pot grows

The Routt County Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing Aug. 8 regarding the possibility of lifting a moratorium and allowing marijuana growing operations in rural areas of the county.

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City Council votes down sin tax proposal

The revenue generated from the taxes would have been spent on substance abuse treatment and prevention efforts.

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Vote on rural pot grows in Routt County prepped for Nov. 8 ballot

County voters could see pot on ballot

The intent behind putting the pot question on the November ballot is to have a tax in effect if commissioners lift the moratorium and begin hearing permit applications for grow facilities.

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County has budding interest in pot

Looking only at grow facilities, no retail

Routt County officials have studied the policies of other counties that allow marijuana grow operations, as well as the experience of the nearby town of Oak Creek.

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City Council members express interest in proposing additional taxes on marijuana, alcohol

The Steamboat Springs City Council in November could ask voters to consider putting an additional tax on the sales of alcohol, marijuana and possibly tobacco in the city as a way to boost substance abuse prevention and treatment in the Yampa Valley.

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Hayden Town Council approves marijuana-grow facility

The Hayden Town Council on Thursday night gave the green light to the town’s first marijuana-growing facility.

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Colorado Agricultural Commission adapting to workload associated with rise of hemp and marijuana

Commissioner of Agriculture Don Brown firm on pot, pesticides

Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture Don Brown told a local audience June 8 the Department of Agriculture has been busy facilitating the growing interest in raising industrial hemp.

Recreational marijuana rules and information

  • • Colorado residents 21 and older can buy up to an ounce of marijuana at a licensed retail store.
  • • Out-of-state residents can buy up to a quarter ounce.
  • • Those older than 21 can share up to an ounce of marijuana with a friend as long as they're not getting paid.
  • • Marijuana can't be smoked in public or anywhere governed by the Clean Indoor Air Act.
  • • Ski resorts largely operate on federal land, where marijuana still is illegal.
  • • Colorado residents can grow up to six plant in their home, but the plants must be locked up.
  • • Drivers with more than 5 nanograms of THC in their blood can be cited for driving under the influence.
  • • Employers still can set their own drug policies and fire those who violate them.
  • • Marijuana is not allowed at Denver International Airport, and every jurisdiction in Colorado is allowed to set its own rules governing marijuana use.
  • • Recreational marijuana will have a 15% excise tax on the wholesale price and a 10% sales tax on the retail price.
  • • Medical marijuana will retain its lower tax rate, and the annual registration fee recently was reduced to $15.

Recreational marijuana stores

  • Rocky Mountain Remedies, 2750 Downhill Plaza #205, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 (970) 871-2768
  • Golden Leaf, 1755 Lincoln Ave. Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 (970) 870-2941
  • Natural Choice, 2835 Downhill Plaza, #205 Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 (970) 879-4420