Madeline Butler: Grateful to live in Steamboat |

Madeline Butler: Grateful to live in Steamboat

I have been reflecting on all the amazing blessings I have received since moving back to Steamboat Springs. I grew up in Craig during the ’70s and ’80s, and I have lived in numerous cities and towns in Nebraska, California, Arizona and Pennsylvania over the coarse of the past 34 years.

I always compared these places to my childhood home, the Yampa Valley, which seemed long ago and far away. I became a widow in 2010, while living in Pennsylvania. After five years of struggling to make it on my own and missing my family, I took the leap and moved back to Steamboat Springs.

I have been here almost six months, and I am thrilled to be here. During my first two weeks in Steamboat, my leg slipped down into a hole and I severely injured it. I had no insurance, but I hobbled around town long enough to find a place to live and I gratefully found employment at Sake2U Sushi Restaurant and the rodeo.

I was given immediate assistance by the Routt County Social Services Office. The ladies down there are amazing and treated me with great respect and concern. I was treated by great doctors at the urgent care center, mainly Dr. Rende, and I was provided four months of excellent physical therapy by Dave at Sports-Med.

In addition, the Steamboat Springs free bus has helped me out more times than I can remember. I am amazed and happy that the newspaper is free most days. I love how your newspaper prints positive stories, loads of activities for tourists and locals, and how the beauty of our valley is featured in daily photographs, sent in by readers.

I have been helped out a number of times by LiftUp’s donation center and food bank. Just yesterday I was given a beautiful coat by LiftUp. They also gave me ski-bibs, a hat and goggles. I was overjoyed and could not have afforded a coat like that.

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I was offered free classes, plus full-time employment at Casey’s Pond. I am honored to work in such a beautiful place, with such great co-workers and residents.

By contrast, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, had none of these amenities and opportunities. In my opinion, jobs were scarce and low-paying. It is one of the most obese areas in the country, and smoking is abundant. Full-time jobs are rare, a huge percentage of people are on welfare, opiate addicts are dying in the streets, suicides are rampant and the corrupt and out-of-control government preys on its own people. (The saying goes,”Come to Lancaster on vacation, leave on probation.”)

It is so refreshing to be back home. I love seeing the families, the athletes, the tubers, the tourists, the rodeo and the thriving community that does so much good. I can see that things have gotten busier here, and that some are annoyed by the traffic, but this town has so much to offer, and the people here are friendlier than most other places I have lived.

Tourists come from around the world because Steamboat Springs is such a special place. Great job Steamboat!

Madeline Butler

Steamboat Springs


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