Mackenzie Carnahan: Get out and vote |

Mackenzie Carnahan: Get out and vote

Are you going to vote? You should.

About 206 million U.S. citizens are eligible to vote, while only 146 million of them actually are registered to vote. Even more appalling, in the 2008 presidential election merely 64 percent of eligible voters actually voiced their opinion by upholding their responsibility to democracy and voting. Don't allow this country to be run by a government that doesn't represent the people and their ideals; show your support for democracy by accepting the privilege to express your beliefs by voting.  

Being graced with the pleasure of living in a democratic nation does not come without responsibility. In order for democracy to work to its greatest potential, the whole population must participate in government. You and I have the easiest way of contributing our part to government: voting.

By placing a vote, you are not only stating your opinions to government, but you are also helping your community, your state and your nation. Voting tells elected officials how you feel about education, public safety, health care, social security and many other important issues.

Your vote does not only represent you, but it also represents your children who cannot vote yet. Also, when you vote you are setting an example for the people around you. Showing your friends and family that you care about the freedom you are given is an opportunity that everyone should take advantage of.  

The United States is a nation of freedom. To gain the freedom that we all live with today, thousands have died fighting for our rights as citizens. Men and women have given their lives to ensure that you and I have a say in how this country is ran. As a voter, you are not only representing your opinion but also honoring those who have died in protection of your beliefs.

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Walter H. Judd said: "People often say that, in a democracy, decisions are made by a majority of the people. Of course, that is not true. Decisions are made by a majority of those who make themselves heard and who vote — a very different thing."

Government cannot represent the whole of America's citizens if much less than three-fourths of the population votes. The easiest way to make a change in the degrading government that is in place today is by voting for officials who represent your ideals, your beliefs and your needs.

Mackenzie Carnahan

Oak Creek

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