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Lynn Kelley: Reverse 911 call uses

Lynn Kelley

I was surprised and disappointed to get a reverse 911 call during the weekend. I'm surprised because I thought it was only for true emergencies. This call announced the closure of U.S. Highway 40 for the bicycle race Wednesday. I just got a second call Monday afternoon. How is this an emergency, and why couldn't the public be informed another way?

I'm disappointed because I can foresee the Routt County Sheriff's Department using the service for all sorts of closures. U.S. 40 is closed for all sorts of events — Halloween or Winter Carnival, for example. I also am disappointed because at the time, there was a fire burning in Hayden that could have been the real reason for the call. Is this a case of crying wolf that we all will begin to ignore because it is so frequent?

Please use the reverse 911 for true emergencies only or explain why its use is for more mundane public announcements.

Lynn Kelley

Steamboat Springs

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