Lynn Abbott: Thanks, Bennet |

Lynn Abbott: Thanks, Bennet

— Did you get a call from Sen. John McCain last Wednesday? I did, as did many Coloradans "of a certain age." He warned me that the Senate health care bill would "cut $500 billion dollars in vital Medicare coverage for our seniors." He said I should lobby our Sen. Michael Bennet to co-sponsor (McCain's) amendment to send the bill back to the Senate finance committee. His purpose, of course, was to dramatically delay progress on the bill.  

I wanted to tell him that he can't scare me. I wanted to say that I already know the Senate bill will not cut any of my or anyone else's Medicare benefits. I also wanted to tell him that I know this bill will extend the life of the Medicare Trust Fund by five years. Unfortunately, his call was just a robo call, so I couldn't tell him a thing. Fortunately, Bennet could — and did. He introduced an amendment that made it clear that guaranteed Medicare benefits would not be cut as a result of the legislation.  

McCain's amendment to send the health care bill back to the finance committee was rejected, 58-42. Bennet's amendment was accepted, 100-0. Scare tactics didn't work. The positive approach wins again.

Thank you, Bennet, for standing strong on health care reform.

Lynn Abbott

Steamboat Springs

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