Lynette Weaver: Wrong type of grocer |

Lynette Weaver: Wrong type of grocer

I am dismayed with city planners for even considering a Vitamin Cottage grocery at the location of the old David Chase Rugs and Furniture. That is like shooting an arrow through the heart of Healthy Solutions. We don't need that kind of competition in this small town. What we do need is a grocer at the west end of town, and not a specialty grocer, but a general grocer — like City Market or Safeway on a smaller scale.

Steamboat has two grocers at the east end of town, two natural stores in downtown, and now we could use another grocer at the west end. Curve Market, unfortunately, was premature, but now that our growth has expanded there is a definite need for a family grocery store, and not necessarily a health food store. Please, keep the city's needs in perspective.

Lynette Weaver

Steamboat Springs

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