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Lynette Weaver

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Lynette Weaver: Green on hold?

What a lost opportunity. Our City Council still does not get the message. OK, so the “Green Team” didn’t go through the right channels and didn’t have the right timing, but the team sure made an impression/awareness on the rest of us residing in Steamboat Springs.

So many towns and cities are ramping up initiatives for their residents in promoting energy conservation. Every day, someone, everyone, is reading, hearing, conversing about the need to reduce energy consumption. This covers purchasing wind power, compact florescents, energy-saving appliances, improved heating, cooling, lighting systems, xeriscaping and transportation.

Now more than ever, our City Council and our county planners need to hustle on implementing energy-saving standards. An example is the continued approval of mega-size homes. Why are there no restrictions in place or being planned for these energy-guzzling consumers? The city of Steamboat Springs and all of Routt County need to think, plan and prepare for the repercussions of all of the residential and commercial developments being approved.

Considering a sustainability coordinator for 2008 isn’t good enough. It’s time to get priorities in order. Thank again about protecting this beautiful valley starting, now.

Lynette Weaver

Steamboat Springs